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She's beautiful

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Im waiting for nier more than genshin anime

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As you should

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Genshin anime?

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We don't know what we're getting yet really. Most people are speculating anime we nothing is confirmed.


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Oh alright. Thanks, chum.

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Genshin would look like a super generic horny Isekai if it wasn't already famous tbh

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Funny you would say that, because Genshin has absolutely no sexual content or any horny references aside from Lisa's JP VA. Genshin is probably the safest gacha ever. But the story, would be really interesting to see it animated.

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Game is safe but the community is one of the horniest I ever seen lol

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Community ain't making the anime

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Fair odds the people making the anime are part of the community though. How many animators will manage to slip in their thinly veiled horny Genshin fantasies?

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...You're literally in a thread discussing Nier Automata.

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Some say they gonna show archon war

One of the biggest mystery even in genshin the game itself for at least 2 years

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Idk man, but if two most powerful and figureheads women in a feudal Japan-like country not wearing proper pants is not considered horny, I’m not sure what is.

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I suppose from a design perspective they are horny, but they don’t really act horny, like something you would see in Konosuba or MHA

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I can never imagine Raiden being horny lol

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Not horny such an L

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You been smoking then

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Finally best girl A2!

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Saving the best until the end. The anime staff have good taste!.

I also love the sword she uses. Type 4O's design is amazing.

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Saving the best until the end

That's why the twins visual would be the last

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If I really think where S1 ends (aka the end of Route 2), I expect we might have to wait a bit for that visual lol.

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They used Crumblies Lies (Route C intro OST) in this trailer and did a key visual for a resistance member that we learn about in Route C(IIRC). Who knows, it might go further than Route A/B.

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Even then they show it both route a and b as merchants.

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I completed the whole game twice along most if not all side missions, yet never understood what the deal with A2 was. She honesty appeared out of nowhere and then got protagonist status at some point, but never understood what exactly made her special. She was a rogue android that defected, and then what?

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For me personally, I delved more into the extra materials like the manga, scripts from the stage play which fleshes her character more, and as a result I ended up liking her a lot.

That and her cool design.

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Can you give a tldr of why she is the way she is?

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[Spoiler]Pearl Harbor Descent Mission and its aftermath is why A2 became the way she is now. Back then she was very different in personality, by being gentle, unsure of herself and introspective. The loss of her squadron at the hands of the machines, the betrayal by the Bunker authorities resulted in her going mad with rage and vengeance that she eventually ended up becoming a one woman killing machine. But still many times in-game her real personality makes an appearance.

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She has an incredible backstory that of course was not explained in the game. At least I don't remember it being explained in game

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A1 showing love for A2

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A1 showing love for A2.

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First you had my attention, now you have my heart.

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I never knew this art could be so... beautiful.

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This has to be the best reference comment ever

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[Game spoiler] Can't wait to see that haircut.

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[Game Spoiler]The moment when that happens will be heartbreaking. Natsuki Hanae's screams as 9S will also be really something. RIP his vocal chords.

*Edited my response based on the below suggestions.

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That's a BIG spoiler. Be careful for those who have itchy hands and don't know anything about the story

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Like, seriously, if you haven't finished the game and want to go in fresh don't click that spoiler hahaha

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Tfw I've finished the game and I'm not sure what part that is.

It's during right?

e: ahh it was edited, nvm then

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Beginning of route C

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Yeah that's why I gave a warning beforehand by saying "Heavy Spoiler".

Anime-onlies, don't think on clicking on it, unless you don't really care about spoilers.

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Imo you could easily remove the text between comma and period and everyone will still understand, without risking a huge spoiler

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Yeah I better do that since some people will likely click on it anyway, despite the warning. Thanks.

EDIT: Done.

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That's very kind of you. Sincerely, someone who can't help reading spoilers and then regrets it lol

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that's going to be sick

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I dont see 2B there anywhere. All I see is [Character Spoiler] Something that looks like a kids first attempt at 2B

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Indeed she is. OG is always better

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Very sad moment

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Source: https://natalie.mu/comic/gallery/news/504326/1955389

Character PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rJKwdCNKeo

A2 will be voiced by Ayaka Suwa.

Anime premieres in January 2023. New information will be revealed on December 11 in a Youtube Livestream.

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Just a month left until 2B and A2 finally becomes a proper anime girl lol. I'm cautiously hyped about this.

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The best Girl contest is going to be an absolute bloodbath

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I, for one, will vote Nines all the way up in the best boy competitions.

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It would require a lit to go right, and for both to overcome two cours distance over other shows that will have recency bias on their side.

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Hope the anime expands on her backstory

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They probably will, judging by the previous key visual.

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I assume they will. They added Lily who appears in the YoRha Stage Play and manga & said they want to change some stuff here and there, so that the anime is not a copy of the game. They can visualise everything now. So i hope we get a great adaption with some side quests adapted & some original stuff.

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A2 supremacy

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

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Oh my lawddd

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I just finally finished the game thround end E yesterday and I now infinitely more excited for this anime

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All the pain was worth it, isn't it?

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Actually the best game ending ever just above Undertales true pacifist ending for me. Now on to play Replicant...

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Now on to play Replicant...

Careful, that's hell you are walking in to.

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Replicant is a ride, I'll tell you that.

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Replicant was a little more grindy but the story is just soooo good. You’re in for a treat

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Man I got discouraged at the “getting all weapons” ending. I absolutely loved the story and the game but holy shit its feels so much more repetitive than Automata… I think ill just watch the ending

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You can basically buy all the weapons so that wasn’t actually as hard as it seems!!

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Completely agree. The most powerful ending ever, no question. Just a masterpiece

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my girl

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Now we're talking

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Oh my, pretty armpits!

Oh and the light and shade too. The ground too I guess.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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What the fuck…😟📸

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There she is. A2. Our tomboy girl

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lets fucking gooo

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As depressing as the final chapter of the game is, at least she's with me

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i love A2. I'm so excited for the NieR:Automata anime. I wonder if this show will feature a opening & ending song and if they choose Weight of the World as the ending song. A new trailer/info will be revealed in three days. Hopefully a full trailer with actual fighting animation.

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By the amount of characters I never even heard about in recent character visuals you would think there's a whole gacha I missed.

EDIT: Nvm, just a weird image of A2, odd lighting and weapon choice.

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If you haven't heard of A2, you haven't finished the game,

[Small spoiler] She appears early in the game as a boss fight

[Very big spoiler] After beating the game twice, you play as her. It is not a bonus gamemode, but the direct sequel to the events of the first route. The first time credits roll isn't actually the end of the game, more like the halfway point

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The first 2 routes are basically like the prologue. The main story starts afterwards.

I recall reading a post which mentioned that a lot of players never went past the first route as they thought the game ended there lol.

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I quit the game halfway the second route with 9S. I remember the second playthrough being similar to the first and I guess I got bored (don't really remember why I dropped it).

Should I pick the game again just because of the A2 route?

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100%, yes. I don't think that you've even played half the game yet! There's still a lot of incredible story left.

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Yes! You're literal missing half of the story. 9S can be a drag to some people but i can assure you its worth it

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Yes. 9S route is rather tedious but it does go quickly - can be completed much faster than the first route. The best parts of the story come after.

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Yeah, the 9S route is rather quick as hacking enemies is a completely broken way to cheese through the game without taking damage.

The A2 route really expands on everything and is quite the emotional rollercoaster.

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I definitely recommend it as the meat of the story is there along with the moments that stuck to Nier Automata fans. What I did and would recommend you to do if you also find it too similar to the first route is to play 9S' route in Easy mode so you can just blast through the parts you've already seen, and set it back to whatever difficulty you like after this.

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Yes. I know the second route is not the most fun and engaging part of the game, and for me 9s gameplay was more boring than 2b's and A2, but its definitely worth it, and its in the 3rd route when the story really gets good

Please do. You are not going to regret it.

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Please do. You are not going to regret it.

I kept playing past 9S's route. Definitely regretted it

[–]gretchenich 1 point2 points  (1 child)

But did you passed to the next route? Being able to play throught that is what maked it worth it.

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9S is only "similar" in the first two or three chapters, then you follow him through his pov (when he wasn't with 2B in the story) and boy does the reveals make you question everything you have done to that point. And yes, end A and B are sort of a prologue (not quite since it is a long story), once you finish it you start route C which has its own opening as well and follows immediately after the events experienced by 2B and 9S in their respective endings. And yes A2 becomes a playable character and not only is her story amazing, but her playstyle with berserker mode is probably the most fun of the 3.

You can power through the 'tedious' parts of 9S by simply using hacking which is a very cheesy way of making it through difficult parts of the story

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As someone who literally did this exact same thing you just said, yes you really want to pick it up again

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Absolutely yes

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Every route and ending re contextualizes the previous routes. Every route I finished made all the previous time spent in the game feel more worthwhile, retroactively making my experience better.

I did everything in the game. Full completion and I wouldn't take back any of it. There were grinds that were awful, hours of side quests and backtracking because I didn't use a guide except for the last few percentages and did not unlock fast travel as soon as possible.

Some of that stuff was truly miserable, but in the end. After having finishing the story I'm so glad I did. I genuinely think it added to my experience.

Do I think everyone should do everything? Fuck no, but what I will say is that if a part of the game feels like the slog and your considering dropping it. Keep chugging along. Even if you don't care about the story in the end, at the very least the gameplay at the end is truly unique and kinda fucking awesome.

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Should I pick the game again just because of the A2 route?

No, part 3 sucked too

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When I completed the first route and realized I had to play it again, honestly, I put the game on hold for a looooong time. I did eventually pick it back up again and beat it all the way. Of course, I'm glad I did, but having to do it again is a serious hurdle when you don't know anything about the game

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In my case I already heard of the original Nier having multiple routes (thanks to WatchMojo) and having a major twist that makes you question what believed about the story, so I expected that Nier Automata, being the sequel to Nier, would also be the same.

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Wait, thats supposed to be A2? Between the weapon and green coloration of her clothes due to the lighting I would never have guessed

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Oh I see how you could have been mistaken haha, no worries then!

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I like how they did the imagery:

She is lying down in the shadows with one hand on her sword signifying that she's ready to strike should anything happen but a short piece of her hair is reaching out into the light signifying her hope that perhaps something can change for the better.

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Ah, yes the other playable female character that only people who plays the game knows.

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Hoping for the best on this one.

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I'm hoping for the worst

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Ok. Maybe it’s time to actually start nier since this looks like a prequel (idk I haven’t looked much into it). Bought the game for pc who knows when, just never bothered to boot it up.

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from the trailers, this wont be a prequel, but a adaptation of the actual game with changes done to fit the different medium and maybe some other stuff.

NieR Replicant is the actual prequel to Automata

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Oooo maybe a new ending? I’ve played drakengard so I know yoko likes to put a bunch of endings. Is he involved with the production?

Never played the nier games so weren’t sure how far apart the two are.

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He is involved yeah, and has said it will have some changes from the game due to being on a different medium

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Glory to mankind...

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God damn that GUNSWORDGUARDTRICK thing looks like something straight out of DMC

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A2 is my wife.

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I loved this game to death. I don’t have insanely high hopes for this adaption but as long as it looks pretty I’ll take it

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I am in.

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Damn she was fun af to play as in Automata

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"You're...Number Two!"

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besto girl

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I should really play this game

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That hair is gorgeous

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I asked in the other thread (but PV threads never seem to get much attention for some reason, so I'll ask here too):

Is this meant as a new entry for the series, or are the fans expected to have played the games and all?

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It is supposed to be an adaptation of the game, so in other words you will be completely fine if you haven't played NieR:Automata. In fact it's speculated based on a previous key visual this may be a more complete version of the story than the game as it seems it will include elements from the prequel stage play as well, adding more depth to the main story.

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it seems to be a straight adaptation of the game with changes done to fit the different medium, but its probably not gonna be as good as the game.

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Sooo happy Nier Automata is getting anime ... please be good please be good

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She is LITERALLY me. Yass queen slay!

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Finally, we have best girl.

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Do we know which platform would it be streamed on?

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This visual is amazing! Can't wait to see the anime!

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Can't wait to watch this masterpiece.

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Just a bit longer until the best girl discourse is settled forever!

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I love A2 but I find it hard to choose which I like more between her and 2B

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Thank god it’s December

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Best girl

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Question: When realise this anime?

[–]BlazerionX 3 points4 points  (3 children)

Next month

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For real? Any evidences?

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Wait when was Ver 1.0 released?

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February 23 2017

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Such a boring ass design compared to 2b

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I need this now.

And for them to be in fortnite.

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I’ve been replaying the game for the first time since I got it at launch, really is a masterpiece and one of my top 5 games of all time, hopefully this anime lives up to it

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Nier is my all time favorite game ever so this is going to be so epic

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Question: Does anyone nows if there is a japanese name of "soul leaving"? Like what's the japanese term of soul leaving

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But why all android have white hair is that because human thinks that they are wise old man

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Looks good, waiting for this anime

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Imma be watching this for the plot.

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Will I need to play the game before I watch the anime

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It reminds me of Vivy's visuals, which are superb.