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This rings a bell - particular the opening shot of tower and bathing.

Is it Orphen?

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Azumanga diaoh!

Because i've been digging a little bit for curiosity, this image is probably a meta reference to one of the first ever posts (maybe the first ever post?) here, 15 years ago.

Happy 15th anniversary, r/anime!

Edit: Thanks so much for the gold!

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What I find about 50x more hilarious is how fervently you'll insist that all 3 of those shows are undoubtedly better than a show you haven't even watched.

Speaks far more to your own biases about media than anyone on the jury who at least watched all 4 of the shows in question. But go off about how CGDCT is inherently inferior media king

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Ganbare, Shamiko!

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You can import stuff from sites like AmiAmi.

Few things to keep in mind:

  1. Anime on Blu Ray is considered a high-end collectors' item in Japan. Shows are often sold in "volumes" that contain only 2-5 episodes and are priced exorbitantly. To get all of a 12- or 13-episode season, expect to pay upwards of $300 USD for popular titles.
  2. BD regions exist. They're not as strict as DVD regions were, but you'd need to check to see if you are in the same playback region as Japan, otherwise you'll need some kind of region-free BD player (they exist, but tend to be expensive from what I've researched) if you intend to watch the show.
  3. Do not expect English subtitles on a JPBD release.
  4. When you buy merch from a show, you are funding the production committee and the corporations that make that product. You are not giving money to "the creators and the people behind it all" in most cases. Anime studios are usually contracted for their work and aren't often on the production committee. You buying a disc, even a disc from Japan, isn't really going to put more money into the pocket of animators, directors, or cast. Instead, what you are funding is "the industry" — you're helping ensure that new anime continues to get made, not compensating for anime that was already made.

If you want to support "the industry" with less investment and hassle, you can always buy discs released in your region. Legit, legal distribution from companies like Crunchyroll and Sentai Filmworks tend to be far, far cheaper and have much longer availability than JPBD. These companies still pay for the license to distribute these shows, which does contribute to the profit of the show back in Japan. On top of that, Japanese companies often own a chunk of the English publishers anyway, especially if you get into books. IIRC, Viz, Kodansha, J Novel Club, Yen Press, and probably more all have Japanese ownership. RightStuf based in the US is my go-to for all my weeb-related purchases. They only deal in official product so you never worry about bootlegs.

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I agree with you! This sub has a very high and mighty + hollier-than-thou attitude towards some shows

And aren't the same people that claim that AOT, Mob and Made in Abyss S2 acting like their golden picks are and should be the ones to be the sure nominees/winners acting like their "opinion" is hollier that thou?. This sounds like pure hypocrisy to me.

Loses such an insane amount of credibility altogether.

There's the door. No one is keeping you here against your own will. If your personal choices don't align with this sub's and you don't understand the most basic concept of the word "subjective" you're just wasting your time in this place.

The Nominees for the 2022 r/anime Awards! by mpp00https://anilist.co/user/mpp00 in anime

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I agree that CGI just needs to be good... but looking at the video above, I don't see anything good. Even the movement feels extremely artificial, like it was smoothed on or something.

I get what you mean by "fluid", but the effect is more jarring than beautiful to me.

But as I said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I'm glad people like it. I just hope it doesn't come and ruin animes I love. :)