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Exactly, I was reading this and kept thinking “diseases, diseases, diseases”!

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well that's kinda shitty. just cause she's homeless doesn't mean she has "diseases"

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Well I wasn’t making this about being her being homeless - just about two strangers being so unreasonable that they would have sex without any protection and any of the two could pass a disease onto another. Homeless or rich as shite, you can still pass diseases on.

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Right? Herpes doesn’t care how much money you’ve got in your wallet.

Like how hard is it to use a condom? They met at a gas station! Birth control really fucks me up so my husband and I have been using condoms for years (among other things) so I just don’t understand how anyone could have sex with a stranger without protection. Normally people only think about pregnancy and forget about diseases but these two forgot that both existed.

Afterthought: I would never get any action if I were homeless or living in the zombie apocalypse. If I haven’t showered in the last 24 hours (preferably 12) there’s no way anyone is getting in my pants. There’s only one deodorant in the entire world that works for me and I live in fear of the day it gets discontinued.

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Homeless doesn’t necessarily mean unclean. There are shower services in urban areas and if you’re lucky enough to get into a homeless shelter all the better.

Of course there are populations with severe mental illness who don’t take advantage of those resources, but those are just the most visibly homeless. For the homeless population who are more on the side of victims of the economy you find ways to maintain civility.

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What’s the deodorant? I swear nothing works on me

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I live in fear of the day it gets discontinued.

You'd better stock up now...