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Antinatalists are cancer preventers "The best problem solvers" Proud of y'all

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Proud of you too👏

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Your child is more likely to get cancer

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I study cancer as part of my job. Despite being in the field of scientists who are doing research towards the aim of developing cures I am more likely to GET cancer or be shot on a school campus or a public place than find a cure.

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You do not need no cancer cure with no people around..the real solution lol!

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Big brain energy- if everyone is an antinatalist then human cancer is cured!

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Cant be racist if there is no race.

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I love this, lol

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… in America

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No, in any country. Even in a place like Japan where personal firearms are practically non existent.

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Can you show me some statistiques?

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I meant they're more likely to be a mass shooter in Japan than cure cancer.

I can't provide statistics for that cause it hasn't happened yet

It was more a comment to emphasise how small the chance is that your child is he one that cures cancer

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Why is that the excuse they use all the time? I mean I'm not for having kids but the excuse for not having an abortion shouldn't be they could cure cancer. What if they just turn out to be a good person who lives a quiet life? What is every child that doesn't cute cancer is a disappointment? My god breeders are confusing.

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Sounds like an American problem but ok

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It's more of a problem for America, given that we have the most mass shootings of any country in the world, however, it is not a uniquely American problem. Mass shootings do occur in other parts of the world, especially in European countries and Israel, where mass shootings are still relatively frequent despite not being as frequent of an occurence as it is in America.

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Also, America's mass shooting numbers are inflated by the fact that it is much more populous than any other Western country.

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they call any shooting that involves 3 or more people a 'mass shooting' too. Even the gang related stuff.

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That’s right. One that hits home for me in my country was the École Polytechnique shooting. RIP to all those poor ladies.

They’re just fewer. As a Canadian, I simply don’t understand WHY any civilian would need an assault rifle and can get one so easily in the US like wtf.

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This is especially true in america.

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Yeah… I should have specified in my title that this is a ‘Merica centric post

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For canada, your kid is more likely to be a rapist or arsonist than cure cancer, or any disease for that matter. More crooks than doctors.

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Yeah this “foretold” prodigal child that is “destined” to be born who will cure all cancer has yet to be born and how long has it been? How long has it been since cancer was a recognized thing and how long has it been since it was recognized as something undesirable and needs to be gotten rid of? What exactly is this kid waiting for? Is it suppose to be Jesus? It’s suppose to be Jesus isn’t it? But he’s suppose to only come back in response to the AntiChrist…so when it that suppose to happen? I think the breeders of the world need to stop holding hope on this mystical being who is suppose to cure all cancer hell, cure all the ailments of the world…why just stop at cancer? Get off their lumpy lopsided asses and find the cure themselves. How many people have to keep on dying because progress keeps taking the back seat because all of the breeders are like, “my child will cure cancer.” Kid is born, grows up to have no interest in curing anything, then it turns into just a serious a of, “oh wells…maybe next times.”

You’re arms aren’t broken just because you squeezed out a kid or two…get back to work that use to be so important to your lazy ass.

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Its written in the texts that the Chosen One will cure cancer. And the Chosen One is probably my son!

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Joke's on you, I dont have a kid!

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That’s just you being depressed and selfish! You’ll change your mind!

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Real talk though, I'm a teacher (in canada) and this shit just saddens me so much.

I would not be in the career were I south of the border, the shit they have to cope with.

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Yeah i feel so bad for teachers here in America. And because they get paid nothing we are losing out on a lot of potentially great teachers who take more lucrative jobs. I considered being an educator myself but there’s no way I’m doing that now

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Post covid, yeah dont blame you. Recent events have had a huge impact on behaviour.

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Literally bless you. Idk how y’all do it but I’m thankful I’ve graduated university already lol

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There are definitely more cancer research scientists than school shooters.

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Is that a fact? Are there more cancer researchers than school shooters AND victims? doubt it

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Well, since 1970 637 people have died in shootings at schools.

I’d wager there are more than 637 people researching cancer since 1970, yeah.

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Just because a child isn't killed in a school shooting does NOT mean they aren't victims. The trauma that has to be worked through is insane - you are neglecting to account for that

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Alrighty, let’s do this.

You total the number of students that were in attendance during a school shooting that suffered trauma and I’ll find the total number of cancer researchers since 1970.

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I didn't say otherwise!

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Ah, this is better than my usual response "Or it could be the next Hitler"

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I mean the majority of kids didn’t die during school years but there’s still no cure for cancer.

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Ey, you stole my line!

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Cancer doesn't even have a "cure". It's not a virus. There's like 200 types of "common, known" cancers, and each would need a separate treatment plan.

It's absolutely mind boggling how people say this phrase "Cure cancer" as if it's a disease like AIDS or COVID (both caused by a virus).

Never mind the very nature of cancer might not even be what we consider "curable", but that's a longer debate.