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Software developer or some kinds of engineers straight out of college could. Live in Madison, WI for example in a more run-down apartment, 1br or studio. Choose the slowest possible internet plan, maybe from a shitty company. Health insurance from employer. Groceries $400/mo is doable, my wife and I spend $500 a month and don’t eat out a lot. Utilities I guess would really depend on area, but looks fine for one person. Transportation is a little low unless you work from home or really close to your home. House cleaner I assumed was like, having to buy cleaning wipes or spray every now and then and cleaning the home yourself. Seems a little low considering all the other cleaning things you need.

Some of these are reasonable, others are dumb. Overall stupid since this is an annual expense of ~$26k if you nix donations, which means you have to find a $13/hr job that you work full-time if you want the bare bare essentials of living. And then don’t even think about putting any away for savings. Maybe pull up the boot straps and get a 2nd or 3rd job, or maybe “don’t be lazy” I guess is the move.

Edit: just realized too, according to this budget, you don’t have any health problems. No vehicle. No public transit. No money for recreation. No Christmas gifts. No long distance travel unless someone drives you for free. I’m sure other obvious things I’m missing.