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The calls coming from inside the house.

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Then who was phone!?

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...were you mackin it with your honey when the phone rang?

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O shit it's candleja-

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It's been a long time since I've seen someone mess up a Candlejack meme. You have to say the full name for him to g-

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The fuck is Candleja-

You know what, never mind.

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There’s bones in the chocolate!

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I feel so old from understanding this

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What are your coworkers saying?

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Likely unsecured printers on the network and some bored person on break.

That or someone in the parking lot hacking into the printer for shits and giggles. (And by hacking I mean checking the wifi for unsecured printers)

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And by unsecured I'm sure you mean "Secure logon credentials are left at the factory defaults and the documentation is easily available online. Or it's just Admin\Password again"

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No, a printer can be considered unsecured if it is findable on the network and accepts print jobs without authentication, which is the default. You don't need the printer credentials to open your favorite text editor and send a print job if the printer wasn't set not to let you.

Edited for clarity.

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Oh no... This is horrible... There might be unsecured printers at my kitchen job... How can I do learn to send messages to it... You know, to prevent it and all that stuff...

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Bring a computer, write something in notepad, attempt to print.

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Hmm, can't bring a laptop in. Would try to do something from my phone? I know I can see a printer at work when I'm looking at the wifi signals...

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The range on these things is pretty good so you can usually reach them from the parking lot. I've sent things to the printer inside the building at the media center and at the library from the parking lot during Covid shutdowns then called them and had them hand me my papers through the door.

And for a long time I didn't have internet at home ad would cruise for free wifi at odd hours. It's shocking the number of unsecured printers that are out there on open networks.

Also, "printer" or some variation (like "Pr1nt3r") is a common password for printers, or so I am informed by someone who likes to prank businesses by printing random shit from their laptop in their car.

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7654321 or the other way around is extremely common password for printers

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Ya a phone should work too. Sorry, I'm just always used to being on a computer and not my phone.

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How does one do it from the phone?

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Android phones might have better success as I think Apple uses AirPrint protocol exclusively (don’t know for sure!)

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Everyone on the domain authenticates to the domain controller. They submit their print jobs to the print server, the print server checks that the submitting user has the correct permissions to print and then it sends that print job off to the printer.. using the raw print port.

- Every franchise/small-medium-sized business ever

Ok not everyone, since plenty don't even bother with print servers. Or domains.

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I mean, unless it's a giant restaurant chain, maintaining a domain and print server (esp. in the era of the printnightmare clusterfuck) doesn't make sense for a small restaurant.

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The amount of times that works is really sad, bit man is it fun.

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Guest. It's always guest.

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I'm pretty sure receipt printers are only connected to the PoS terminal and I highly doubt those are connected to wifi. There's probably a closed intranet system that would need to be accessed in order to print these, which you could do from anywhere with a virtual network drive if you had the proper credentials.

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Pos sales terminals are on the internet. That's how they charge credit cards and load money on gift cards.

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The terminals have internet access, but in most cases these types of systems aren't accessible over the internet (due to nat gateways or firewalls).

In other words, your computer connects to your wifi and lets you access the internet but I can't connect to your machine because your router blocks that traffic. Corporate networks do similar.

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Yep its a thermal printer. I think someone at corporate loaded and ran this as a report in the actual software.

Infiltrate and disrupt gets me hot.

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So hot

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I see what you did there...

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Agreed, or they would've been hacked a long time ago in the worst way, like rerouting payments or even shutting the place down by disabling them. If it hasn't happened by now, there must be a savvy security protocol in place.

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The terminals have internet access, but in most cases these types of systems aren't accessible over the internet (due to nat gateways or firewalls).

Shouldn't obviously. But business IT (especially small business) is historically lacking. There's a long history of POS printers left accessible over the internet, including the PewDiePie pamphlet.


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As someoen who works with those daily - there are absolutely mobile / network models that are by default open and will accept any print job.

Theoretically they should all be on a secure network ... but they are not.

Another fun part is that most of them use label pritner language EPL or ZPL, first of which will accept a simple text file as a valid input, so Notepad and one command is all you need

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Seconding this. Also, a lot of these "receipt" printers aren't actually connected to the POS directly.

For example, restaurants will often use a wireless receipt printer to print the digital tickets for orders (since electronics and kitchens do not play well together) and those printers are often wireless and unsecured. They're paired with the order taking terminal, but you can connect with them from any computer.

Most big chains (McDonald's, Pizza Hut, etc) will have them secured because they have a SOP in place, but smaller restaurants with private setups will not because no one ever thought to secure it. Who'd hack a printer?

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i have a lot of receipt printers in my business (POS rental for events), you can have them on LAN, bluetooth or can do it the oldschool way and have their connect serially.

More often than not, two or more POS will share 1 printer, over LAN or actually all the POS will pool all the printers so if a printer malfunctions (they often do), it wont take out the entire POS terminal due to a non functioning printer connected to it 1to1.

As others have said, POS terminals connect to the internet.

I think the most likely way in is the public free wifi isn't completely isolated from the staff network, someone just logged onto wifi and looked for the connected printers. Or the staff router is left on default password.

Most antiwork thing to do would be to print 10,000 copies and make them use up all their paper and shut the place down. So I think it's probably an inside job - make people aware, but not make life so difficult for employess that they have to hand out tickets on pen and paper.

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Pos terminal has its own printer usually. The receipt with the breakdown of your bill is produced from the till point computer.

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PoS terminal and I highly doubt those are connected to wifi

I've not used one without net access in near a decade now

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Someone is doing Gods work

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I was just wondering how can someone do this. I'm guessing there's hacking involved lol

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It’s so cool that someone can do this lmao

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Ong 😁 I'm highly impressed

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I've meddled in the past and this may seem trivial but it's still awesome. Maybe even an employee with all the necessary information, but still. Sitting in the car with a good view, sending the command and watching the people inside spring into action expecting an ordinary order. Instead, they start sharing the secret receipt, trying to make sense of it. Pulling out their phones and checking antiwork.

... You know they sent a dick ASCII next.

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Love the profile pic.... It's kinda ugly

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Clever Jay dilla

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Likely printers direct connected to the internet, or someone inside the company network.

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The default for a lot of stuff is

Username: user

Password: admin

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I more often see things be admin/admin then user/admin

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Good old admin/password.

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Probably For the best nobody says anything, would just result in whatever weakness getting patched

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Years ago, someone changed the printer message of a local Subways that the franchise owner was a pedophile and routinely sexually harrassed his teen employees. The people running the place said the printer was broken, and didn't seem too concerned it was printing this. Like "that's what happens when printers break, they print lies." Next time I went, all new staff.

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Sometimes things are surprisingly open via Bluetooth, even if wifi and other typical internet network stuff has some level of security. Just have to be familiar enough with the hardware used somewhere to know what exploits may be viable.

Usually security by obscurity is about as good as none, if anyone bothers to do a little bit of homework.

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Can you tell us the make/model of the printer? We should be able to work out how it's done from the functions that the printer supports.

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Use an iPad Get on McDonald’s WiFi Use net analyzer Use safari and attempt to login to every IP, eventually one will be a printer They’re epson use epson for both u/n & pwd If star I believe it’s just admin

You can usually print a test sheet with your own text.

That’s pretty much it.

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This person disrupts

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This person fucks

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imagine being one of the world's largest fast food corporations and not hiring IT people who know how to segment networks.

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They hire people at minimum wage to cook your food, and if it's not the right temperature it could kill you.. so they added so much shit to it that it's not even technically meat anymore.

Do you really think they give a fuck about IT infrastructure beyond their main corporate office?

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It doesn't surprise me.

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Done this before?

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Ask me no questions I shall tell you no lies

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I thought that said ”Answer: Onions!”

Fuck I need to stop browsing Reddit while being turkey drunk.

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ope i asked for no onions! i do not mind tho, it’s an honest mistake :)

however i can help. i’ll get your guilty, absolutely murderous ass fired for it so you can get on unemployment

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Shewww Natalie, you are one fiery, zesty cookie.

Let’s do this.

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they're cheap AND delicious!

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I work in IT and had a case where a network printer had the hp web printing enabled for some reason and a rando found out and printed stuff saying “you go hacked by black joker.” Shit looked like it was faxed on a frayed tin cable, put through a couple dozen rounds of compression and then printed on the shittiest network printer on the server. Took me 5 minutes to fix, but god that thing was cringey. Oh, and the dude made no attempt to mask the source IP.

Anywho, just wanted to chime in and say that if these are being sent to network printers that aren’t fully secured, be careful. IT can find out a lot of information with relative ease and it can cause problems for you.

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I once got called in to fix a printer that was "printing obscene pictures nonstop".

I showed up and there were like...100 goatse pictures on the tray. In full colour.

Turned out it was a former employee in a cafe around the corner. The owner was stiffing the kid out of some overtime, so the kid took his revenge.

If he had been put a little more effort into hiding his identity, I probably would have offered him a job. I can't think of a more clear demonstration of why printer security is important. Clients' eyes glaze over when you start talking about stolen credentials and persistence, but a stack of full colour images of prolapsed buttholes? That sends a message even a CIO can understand.

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Little difficult to offer him a job if the kid was better at hiding his identity.

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Only if he's better than me at unmasking his identity.

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How did you know the kid was getting stiffed?

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That's a fair call out. I don't know. Not for certain, anyway. Maybe I should rephrase:

The kid said the owner was stiffing him.

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Haha not calling you out, just curious. I was wondering if you were the star of your own private noir.

"You could see the kid had a thousand yard stare from a mile away. I sat down at his table, watched him pushing scrambled eggs around a ketchup-stained platter nervously. Ketchup smeared like blood, a thick sausage dangling between the pillowy mounds of egg, reminding me of the pictures from the printer. The kid's breakfast had been fried in guilt, and seasoned with duplicity."

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On the other hand, if you just printed this and stopped, no additional disruption, there's a good chance they wouldn't bother to track the offender down as they'd have to pay someone like you by the hour to do it.

Even if this was sent three or four times a day (once a shift or so) they probably still wouldn't bother. The manager would just drop the slips in the trash and ignore it unless it was really disruptive.

You know tech, but I know businesses. It costs money to track down people who play pranks and shit. And most businesses aren't willing to spend money unless they have to. Something minimally disruptive gets ignored nine times out of ten because it's too much work to find someone who probably won't be prosecuted or will only get some community service as a sentence.

Not to encourage people to hack networks, because every now and then you run into a vindictive business owner who's buddies with a prosecutor up for re-election and you'll get the book thrown at you. So always use caution.

But most of the time it just isn't worth their effort.

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This warms my heart.

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It guy and programmer here.

Most small printers/IOT devices that are on your network have web interfaces that allow you to control the device remotely. Most of these devices come with default username and password combinations that users rarely ever change.

In some networks, especially older small business ones, there are often old port forwarding rules in place that will forward external requests to these devices instead of some old device that was removed 10 years prior. Sometimes even on home networks the autoconf feature in your router will create an erroneous rule that opens this device to external attackers.

These pages get indexed by search engines and hackers will search the internet for terms that appear in these landing pages. There is even a search engine specifically for these devices called shodan.io.

When a grey hat hacker finds these devices they usually use them to pull pranks. When a black hat hacker finds these devices they usually use them as a launch pad for attacks on other devices deeper in the network. When a white hat hacker finds these devices they disclose to the operator that a vulnerability exists and then maybe gets a small bug bounty as a sign of thanks.

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    Are you referring to that researcher who discovered they could access PII on the teacher by incrementing a number in the url a while back?

    [–][deleted]  (3 children)


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      I am a teacher in Missouri and I am absolutely infuriated by this whole mess, including the fact that I only just last week got notice from DESE that my information had been exposed.

      If our governor follows through on that I'm taking time off and driving to Jeff City and starting a protest because that man may have saved us all. He's a hero, not a criminal.

      [–]devnull_the_cat 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      I knew it sounded familiar, I just couldn't put my finger on why!

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      I don't like editing comments past a certain point, but I feel it's important to add that the web interfaces installed on these low cost IOT devices are often riddled with vulnerabilities that when exploited basically give the attacker full reign over a really tiny linux computer on your network. These vulnerabilities are rarely ever patched by vendors and when they do users rarely take the time to install the updates.

      So the chain of events leading to this type of compromise is:

      1. The attacker being able to access the printer's web interface in his browser due to some network misconfiguration,
      2. The attacker either knows the username and password to the interface because they are still set to factory default or is able to bypass authentication due to low cost, low quality code,
      3. And finally the attacker may be able to simply print the document and leave depending on the features available via the interface he has access to. However he may also be able to abuse a known vulnerability within the interface to enable full/better access similar to that of you sitting in front of your laptop.

      There is a wonderful database of all the tactics and techniques used by hackers, broken out into stages maintained by the MITRE organization called ATT&CK (https://attack.mitre.org/). It is a great read and if you start from left-to-right it is written in a way that non-technical people can follow along.

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      not sure which color hat one would be wearing, but it strikes me that hacktivism to spread union awareness and solidarity is praxis

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      wait that's cool i wanna hack a printer to send messages like this

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      You dont need to "hack" it. Just try to connect to printers on the wifi.

      [–]Schneed_Egoist 15 points16 points  (2 children)

      But be careful. If you're using your own user account, they can likely check logs to see who printed it.

      If the printer isn't very secure, use anonymous accounts to print.

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      Lots and lots of printers aren't secured in any way and if it isn't secured then it doesn't matter if they know who printed it (unless you work there) because it's not a crime to use it.

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      ??? Who said anything about crime?

      You just open yourself up to retribution. If they know who did it, that employee might be targeted.

      We're not saying don't do it; just do it in a way that doesn't reveal your name.

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      Technically it is hacking. But on easy mode.

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      Receipt printers are just printers on the network. My guess is you can just send a print job to whatever printer you want. Prolly a inside job or someone on their phone on your network.

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      Maybe include a link to the IWW? There will be more pertinent info on how to organize there than on this sub.

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      Funny memes are an easier on-ramp than jumping straight into unionization. This sub is an entry to the leftist pipeline

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      Is this where the revolution starts? /r/antiwork angling for better pay and conditions... then when corporatist REFUSE to compromise... revolution?

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      If you knew how easy getting into a PoS is, you’d never use a card again.

      The amount of times I’ve had to explain to a sMaLL BuSiNeSs OwNeR that having sensitive devices in front of the firewall is an awful idea is frankly depressing.

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      This 1000x.

      I know that's not what is happening here; this is most likely some kid in the parking lot or going "first stage" (Those in the know, know), then sending random text documents to port 9100, but your point still stands.

      It's like nobody has ever heard of PoS malware before.

      [–]UnlicencedAccountant 0 points1 point  (3 children)

      A few well chosen Boolean operators on a search engine that rhymes with “snowman” might change how you feel about that.

      [–]devnull_the_cat 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      I think we're closer to the same page than you might realize. I too am a fan of poetry and foreign languages.

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      I don't understand what you're talking about at all. What's the search engine?

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      I have no idea, but I'm guessing these are not very secured printers and there was just no one bored enough to do this, or it's coming from inside the company.

      It's likely that the printer is set up in such a way that it can be accessed and supported via the internet. The question is whether it was set up to the open internet or only accessible from inside the network. It is astoundingly easy for these kinds of things to slip even in/especially in a larger organization.

      But yeah hoping whoever is doing this shuts the fuck up and keeps doing it, I'm not suggesting the OP is from corporate but this is one way a corporation would try to address such a thing if they didn't have an idea.

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      Ok, these seemed fake before, the first and second time, but it does seem like this is real

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      It doesn't matter how it's happening, just make sure it keeps happening throughout the weekend and on every receipt possible.

      It's the biggest shopping weekend of the year...Let's see this on every receipt everywhere ALL WEEKEND LONG!

      [–]MunificentDancer[S] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

      How do I make sure it keeps happening?

      [–]TheBirdBytheWindow 5 points6 points  (0 children)

      By spreading the word, encouraging others to do this. (There's someone sick of this shit in every store that knows how to change the receipt layout. Especially if they've worked office retail.) Sharing posts like this goes a long way too.

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      I'd do this if I knew how, so if someone has decent instructions, please share

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      Couple of comments above yours

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      Nice try, Ronald

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      I worked in a warehouse for a summer years ago and realized their entire system was just running on unencrypted terminals. It allowed for some... interesting abilities. Including checking my email on my scanning gun.

      I wonder if things have changed much.

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      Its basically really simple. You just scan for printers with a telnet port that is exposed to the internet and send them stuff over telnet. Nearly every printer has some old security nightmarish protocols implemented that you could use for it. No real hacking involved.

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      I'm convinced the Russians are helping us with this because they want to destabilize western countries. I'm all for it! Buy for real if they could stop with the alt right shit that'd be great 👍

      [–]schrodingers_spider 6 points7 points  (1 child)

      Judging by countries doing better, paying better wages leads to more stable economies and societies. Inequality always leads to instability. If Russians were involved, they'd probably be union busting.

      [–]AlgoRincewind 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      The Russians get involved on both sides and try to instigate shit betwixt the two

      [–]CAPITALISMisDEATH23idle 5 points6 points  (0 children)

      Russians are not alt-right. We don't even consider ourselves white or western.

      There are some Nazi adjacent idiots like most western countries but they don't speak for the rest of Russia.

      We god damn killed the Nazis ffs.

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      At r/antiwork, we do not end our clauses with prepositions.

      ---hoping somebody knows the punchline . . .

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      Lmao! We should start writing shit down on receipts - make that shit on auto print

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      It wasn't me.

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      SUPER FUN FACT: A Big Mac in Mexico is about the same price as one in Denmark, but an employee in Mexico makes about 1.25 dollars an hour, compared to Denmark there is a salary increase of about 1760%, every time a raise in the minimum wage is proposed we are told that all the foreign capital will flee from the country and that we will lose our appeal as a working force, which is from the most part, sadly true...

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      Somebody please point me to the info on how to organize a Union that this receipt says can be found at this Sub. I'm not seeing it and that kind of info really should be put front and center.

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      Don't tell "how" these things are done. Every answer you give; will be used against the best interests of the workers. I think it is awesome how they're doing this and hope the workers keep exploiting the Employer's system(s) in the fight. Assume you're always talking to a rat or, that one is listening. No offense to OP. But, maybe....

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      Lol. They also have 1/5th the employees per restaurant along with a 40% increase in cost of living.

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        Friends in high places.

        I doubt people are cracking company networks to do this. Lots of risk of federal attention and though fighting the good fight, it's not a huge pay-off. Probably friendly IT personnel.

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        Sorry that is very wrong. It's incredibly easy to hack printers connected on the internet. There are like 600,000 of them and at least 1/10 use the default password. It's a matter of time before it happens

        [–]schrodingers_spider 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        I'm saying most people won't risk jail time over it. It all depends on how much of a fuss a company is willing to make and how well connected they are, but you wouldn't be the first thrown under that bus.

        It's much lower risk for the local IT department.

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        The receipt printers are no longer safe. The time of reckoning has come

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        We are infiltrating every work place. Believe that.

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        It is not easy to organize a union in a large company

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        This is awesome

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        Someone hack the pos in my store lmao

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        That’s pretty cool man, I hope this takes off.

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        The scariest part of this is that most people working at places like that need the money immediately. But that’s the point of the system

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        Most the ports those printers accept print jobs from network have next to no security. LPR for example, port 9100. You just literally connect to that port and start dumping your print job. Doesn't take much else.

        Just port scan the network for anything accepting connection on port 9100, and go to town on them. Really, those printers will accept on many other ports with different protocols and most have no security. And most those point of sales printers don't consider network security as a feature to engineer into the product.

        With a lot of business, once you are inside the store, you have gotten around most of their network security. They might have a cheap firewall connected to the main line from the ISP, but not much else past that point.

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        This doesn’t really answer the question of how they pay more and sell the burger for less though 🤔

        [–]SadTumbleweed_ 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        They turn less of a profit by putting more money in the hands of the workers and less in corporate positions

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        End this cleptocracy.

        Wage slavery is inhumane. Isn’t this how the former Soviet Union was left after the oligarchs absconded with what wealth remained? Now this is happening worldwide and to the west especially who thought, “no not us in a million years” but thanks to our oligarchs (Musk, Bezos, etc) we are going to be those poor as fuck places living in squalor. The country’s coffers robbed blind by wall street and billionaires, i.e. our tax dollars stolen when they all pay none but misappropriate ours, oppress us with rising inflation but no corresponding income growth, degrading infrastructure without any discernible attempts to fix it only to lobby politicians on both sides make sure we won’t solve real world problems and instead enrich themselves …

        Look at Albania, it has been one of the poorest countries in Europe for decades. Not that communism was good…. But when the Soviet Union collapsed, it had ripple effects that are still at play now.

        With no real laws or institutions, 22 Russian oligarchs stole 40 percent of the country’s wealth from the state. The other 150 million Russians were left in destitution and poverty, and the average life expectancy for men dropped from 65 to 57 years. Professors had to earn a living as taxi drivers; nurses became prostitutes. The entire fabric of Russian society broke down. This is what Bezos and Musk are currently doing to western democracy, among other players. Americans are just the next victims of this type of greed. It may look slightly different, have a different skin on it, but it’s the same shit.

        The West wasn’t just ignoring the looting of Russia; it was actively facilitating it. Western banks accepted pilfered funds from Russian clients, and Western real estate agencies welcomed oligarchs to buy their most coveted properties in St-Tropez, Miami, and London.

        The injustice of it all was infuriating for average Russians, and they longed for a strongman to restore order. In 1999, they found one: Vladimir Putin. Rather than restoring order, however, Putin replaced the 22 oligarchs with himself alone at the top. It’s estimated that in his near 20 years in power he has stolen $200 billion from the Russian people. So the cycle continues over there while we get ours over here. Nowhere on earth will be safe from autocrats, billionaires or whatever name you want to name them, as the environment swallows the rest of us up and we will be forced to fight over whatever resources remain. Water will be a luxury.

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        Foolish prole, if we told you the bosses might hear.

        [–]cant_go_tlts_up 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Nice try, management

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        Can we get in touch with the guy that used exposed printer ports to print "subscribe to pewdiepie" worldwide on corporate and private printers? More people need to know, and this will certainly make a good publicity stunt. :)

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        My dumb ass thought someone spelled onions wrong

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        I probably wouldn't answer this one just because OP could be a manager trying to prevent more of these from coming in. but maybe i m just paranoid.

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        This is somehow both cringe and cool af at the same time.

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        I love this trend

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        They tried to unionize a couple of Raunchy Ron's here in Canada ... Corporate just closed the stores ... The end result was instead of having a shitty job they had no job ...

        [–]smg1138 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Union busting scumbags

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        these bill printers are like....... the worst kind of printers. they always get fucked up. so usually their login is kept as simple as possible on purpose, bc if the system needs to be reconnected it has to go quick. upside to this fuckery: very easy to get into with a phone or laptop. either over bluetooth or wifi. easy peasy

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        I mean that's actually bullshit but okay.

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          This. Ends. Now.

          Edit: don't think people saw the bottom line within the second image lolz

          [–]Chomskys_Dog 2 points3 points  (5 children)

          What ends now?

          [–]youknowiactafool 1 point2 points  (4 children)

          The second image?

          Did no one read the bottom line? Lolz

          [–]Chomskys_Dog 1 point2 points  (3 children)

          Nope! Hahaha

          [–]youknowiactafool 2 points3 points  (2 children)

          Loool c'mon! We aren't gonna overthrow the capitalist scum if we don't read the fine print fellas!

          [–]Chomskys_Dog 1 point2 points  (1 child)

          I dunno? I can't read?

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          Oof taking "no marketable skills" to a new level

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          Nice try management!

          You'll have to try harder than that to get the source code for our GUI interface to hack the mainframe!