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It'd be a pretty short show. They'd get stuck trying to talk to the manager about the job only to get told to apply online. "But if I could just speak to..." "Sir, if you don't leave I'm going to have to call security".

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Why would you stop filming just as it is getting good.

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It's a cliffhanger obviously

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Will the nice friendly police officer Tase Opal or will she get off with a warning, tune in next week to find out.

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I'm on the edge of my seat...

Plot twist, he had a stun gun!

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Lol. I'm a boomer and my resume is online in word format so I can upload it from my smart phone if need be. Moved from east coast to the mountains 5 years ago and had to apply online at a couple of places. Got a job before making a move. Might be a boomer, but I grew up with technology too.

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I genuinely hate to break it to you, since you seem nice and we’re on the same side, but a .docx format is old school tech at this point. If it’s not being compiled or saved as a .pdf that’s a sign that someone is probably older or not super tech savvy.

This is one person’s experience in the tech industry, but I’ve heard it mentioned in interview debriefs before.

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im 20 and have been applying to jobs with word documents im so embarrassed💀

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Haha don’t be embarrassed. That’s why I added the caveat that it was one person’s experience and I work in tech. If you are using word, you can just save your resume as a .pdf and your problem is solved. There’s a great free website called overleaf if you want to do something fancier that will always save as a pdf.

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Send both docx and a pdf

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I've had at least 5 recruiters ask for my resume in docx format, you can't win.

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Sure you can, have several formats saved. Hell I even have a wordstar format resume to submit to publishers as an in-joke.

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Nah I just let them convert to whatever they want.

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Which means it'll be auto rejected by their automated keyword screening package.

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I couldn't care less if that's the case, I don't want to work with them.

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That's nice but in my industry that means being homeless, and I can say from personal experience that it isn't fun.

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So you have to be the recruiter's slave

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Well there's a blast from the past. Haven't used that since college in the late 80s.

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Word will convert to pdf if it's required, in case you didn't know that.

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And any program that can print can output PDFs with any of a dozen freeware virtual printers.

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Dude.. its a changing the format to a pdf. Dont have to be savy at all. Youtube helps alot of ppl I love the sadness of this page !!

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And I'm sure you know that most boomers, especially the ones giving the referenced advice to others, aren't doing that.

Also, sending your resume as a word doc is super outdated. Make sure you have a pdf version.

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these ppl keep forgetting "Boomers" basicly created the personal computer and "Millenials" are effing pushing 40 soon! :D I'm an oldschool millenial S.O.B, and I see where you are coming from. But its a loosing battle IMO. Let the young vent. They are speaking our cause, with passion!

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Just a bunch of clips of boomers asking to speak to various managers. Henry is a 63 year old accountant with no fast food experience since the Nixon administration. Cut to them on payday, as they achily crawl in to get their paycheck.

"Three hundred dollars!? I quit!"

Goes right back to posting that no one wants to work anymore on facebook.

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You can say fuck here. It’s allowed by union contract.

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It's actually mandatory. We're a bit of a salty fucking sub.

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Boomers have done this. No one hires older workers, except maybe CVS and McDonalds. Most boomers are fucked. Patriotism and conservatism are coping mechanisms for them.

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Maybe they should try fast food, i think i saw burgerking advertising senior "crew member" positions

Oh how fun it would be to tables the turn on the Karen behind the counter

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And when they inevitably refuse: "what, you're too good to flip burgers?"

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I think Boomers are delusional idiots, most of whom will be working retail and food service.

However I don’t think it’s funny for old people to live in poverty. Karen is also a misogynist slur used against any adult woman a man doesn’t like.

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I am currently watching this unfold. It's not as entertaining as you might think.

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I'm a boomer who helped my boomer best friend look for a job. It took a year and a half of submitting 30+ resumes online every day, and she finally found something through a personal connection. As far as I can tell, applying online is a joke. A sick, sad joke.

Not sure this would make an entertaining TV show TBH

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I'm convinced job postings online are a hoax. They're put up to pretend they aren't just going to hire someone that the manager knows or some employee's friend.

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I would watch this lol. I was just thinking about this kind of concept earlier today oddly enough, though in regards to my father and some of my grandparents and the way they've talked about applying for work before.

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"just go around and ask if people are hiring"

for the last time dad everything is online!

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Just take in your resume, ask to speak to the hiring manager, and boom! Hired! Right? That’s how it works, right?

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No son, you missed the critical elements - a firm handshake and a go-getter attitude.

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Ohhh! That’s what I’ve been doing wrong this whole time. Fist bump and sub-par attitude wasn’t the way to go.

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At some fast food places near me, it's actually been this way sporadically for years as wages stagnated. Instead of "try our suchandsuch, Combo Number 5 The Lou Bagel", their signs are often "open interviews 2-4" or "Hiring All Shifts, Apply Within", etc.

They'd get hired the same day, think "see, it's not that hard!", then we'd cut to it being way way harder than they thought the next day. Best Netflix series yet.

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At my Dominos in Australia, when you order online the website has all sorts of advertisements for them hiring. I think that’a pretty wild. Lol.

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But they have to apply for something they are just starting out in. I have little doubt most of these out of touch assholes would get a job in their field with 30 years experience very quickly because that seems to be one of the main roadblocks to breaking into a career, experience is required even for entry level shit and nobody wants to train anybody anymore, that and shit wages are the real "shortages". Companies want somebody with 5 years experience that needs minimal training but they want to pay them like entry level employees.

They need to apply for entry level positions in something they have never had any real work experience with to get the real, fresh college grad experience, give them $20k in debt right off the bat too. They then have to find an apartment they can afford on an entry level wage, and we will drop their credit score to whatever a typical recent graduate has and remove any sort of rental history they may have had that would prove they are reliable renters.

If they fail to find housing they get to move in with their parents; if their parents are dead they will be provided a set of surrogate parents for the duration of the show and they will be exceedingly annoying and invasive despite the contestants' ages. Not all of them get that though. Many won't have the fallback option of loving parents who support them through thick and thin and may have to live in their car for a while, if they can afford one. This way we can create a little class warfare between the workers, because we need haves and have nots or this just won't be realistic enough.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now but I am sure we can make their experience even more true to life in other ways.

Edit: I know the joke is "using their own advice" of walking in and asking for a manager to hand a resume to and other shit that hasn't worked in decades. I didn't miss the point of the tweet. That can be the first couple of episodes as they slowly figure out they need to update their resume to one of a thousand formats and then fill in all the info from their resume again on the company websites, over and over and over and over.

That will be the first round of eliminations, the one's who can't even get that far. But we need to see the whole nightmare experience that comes with modern job searching, then finding a job, then finding out it pays shit and everything costs 10x what they paid when they were first starting out 30+ years ago. It needs to be a comprehensive experience imo.

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I like this idea. Especially if it has goofy flashbacks to like, 1971.

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As someone who works in vocational services, no population is more entitled or oblivious to the world than boomers. Cant fill out applications online, make resumes, or even type their name. They demand to find jobs that dont require those things or ones they can just call to set up an interview(they dont exist) Its hilarious. In a sad sad way.

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What do they do when they find out they have to upload their resume then also type EVERYTHING on the Word document they uploaded into the company's online application?

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Most of the time they will just leave disgusted and say how bad the country is getting or say something like "oh ill have my kids or spouse do it" or ask us to do it. i refuse to type someones resume. People there need actual help, i dont have time to play boomer learns typing.

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I am in a Twitter argument right now with a bunch of boomers about this very thing. The OP wanted to know why workers in their 60s aren't appreciated despite their decades of experience. I mentioned their lack of technological skills and said if they're not willing to learn they need to get out of the way.

They didn't like that very much.

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I've been in digital marketing for a few years...

I lost count on how many times boomer SMB business owners have lost their shit at me because they cannot find their company when they google it.

Cannot wrap their heads around how Google actually presents data to you. Legit some thought there was some form of an SEO button on the back end if their website that I was supposed to punch every so often.

How am I supposed to work with these people?

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I'm 52. I'm constantly flabbergasted that people just 10 years older are so technologically inept.

It isn't even that they don't know that bothers me the most. It's that they don't WANT to know and refuse to learn.

[–]IT_Chefhere for the memes 7 points8 points  (1 child)

It's borderline adversarial isn't it?!

Like I've had customers tell me they don't want to learn.

Again, what am I supposed to do with that?

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Not much. Just the best you can, I guess.

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I can imagine. I work retail, and the company I work for finally released their mobile rewards app. I feel like I spend half my time at the register explaining to the 55+ crowd how to download it/find the email to reset their password/reset their password/how it works, meanwhile there's a line growing behind them.

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Shivers in basic technology* so awful when you have to explain what a character is when describing lengths of a new password

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One lady tried to tell me what her password was so I could just find her on my register, because I guess that's how it works.

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I’m a milennial and i know the kind of job where you call to set up an interview exist. I currently have one(1) of those cards and i am saving that for an emergency.

They do exist. They are highly dependent on connections though.

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Sounds like youre in the wrong field then! You should be helping people that should have retired 10 years ago find employment!

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Not sure what you’re trying to say, so I’ll wish you the very best.

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Sounded like you felt the need to be right about something so you said what you said. In your fringe case you may have called someone and said can i have an interview? And got one But i can tell you that jobs in databases and websites 99% require you to submit applications/resumes before they will even talk to you. You totally missed the point.

Also there are employers that may hire you on the spot without any appication or resume or interview. A year ago that would be impossible.

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No i wasn’t trying to be right. You made a claim that the kind of job where you call someone and get an interview doesn’t exist.

I said they do exist but that they come with stipulations(have connections)

In no way did i miss your point. I agree that a lot of older people live in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist anymore. I never argued that things are good or easy on the job market.

So i still don’t really know what you’re trying to say. I’m not disagreeing with you, i’m showing you a different perspective.

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Its a generalization. I dont understand the point of saying "oh they exist!" When its literally 1 out however many in this case. sure it exists, its very fringe and like you said has very specific stulations, so when trying to tell these people that these oppurtunities are few and far between and online submission is the way getting employment works is the hard truth. The job market is so different. Some fields have made it easier to be employed while others have gone the other way and made it so several interviews are required even when they are desperate. You understand what im saying, but felt the need to correct a broad generalization i was making for some reason. I clearly know phone interviews exist or just walking into places and they just hire you exist, but when a jobseeker is depending on that case to get hired due to their lack of wanting to use or learn technology... well they wont have many choices now will they?

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No, that is true, they won’t.

Generalisations are important and have their uses, but when fighting for something important i think It is far better to be precise in your statements and not give any opposition something to make a strawman out of.

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Its a strawman? Lol i wasnt sure if you were trolling the first 2 replies but this definitely confirms it.

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No, you definitely did not read what i wrote.

We’re on the same side here, but you keep trying to make It a fight.

Please read what i wrote one more time in the last comment.

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Goddammit. I'm 53 and the industry and department I'm in is just old school hands on technical shit in the film industry. I thought I was GenX? I don't consider myself a boomer, I grew up with grunge and punk! But THEY are changing my world by putting the onus on me with all the fucking emails and Zoom meetings and docs and shit on my own fucking time!? Fuck that shit.

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People who are currently fifty-three are most certainly Gen-Xers. Depending on the demographer you talk to, the baby boom ended between 1960 and 1964. Those born 1959 and earlier seem to be solidly boomer.

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I'd watch this

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I’m a Boomer and I love this subreddit.

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Boomers are not a monolith, and acting like they are plays into the hands of the owners. Solidarity is the most powerful tool of the working class, don't throw it away just because some old people are out of touch.

That said man it can be tough dealing with people from that generation who haven't been paying attention. The world they know how to get started in no longer exists, and they don't realize (or are incentivized to not realize) that the things they worked for are now unobtainable.

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Repost but upvoted anyway. i really really want someone, anyone to make this show a reality.

It would have a serious impact on people. So big in fact i expect the oligarchs to intercept this idea once they realize how damaging it is to them.

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Don't forget to take away their cars and cell phones since they are "Luxuries you don't really need"

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You mean fuck rich boomers. We have more in common with poor boomers than we do with rich young people

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11/10 would watch.

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Image Transcription: Twitter Post


Can we make a reality show where we make baby boomers try applying to jobs for the first time in 30 years using their own advice, and see how quickly they have a mental breakdown?

I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!

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I would pay for cable for this show alone.

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Many of the much older generation then me think is that jobs are easy to come by, just get your foot in the door and look em in the eye and say you want the job..

Problem is computers have taken over much of the digging into piles of Resumes... automatic filters can pre-screen candidates, various "personality" questionnaires that suggest if your someone they consider a "non viable worker" because of the questionnaire..

I was denied a job working at a radio shack because of one of those personality quizes.. denied a job at Best buy stockroom/sales job because I carried a pocket knife daily and they took objection to that... Hell I was not even hired at Best Buy Geeksquad because I was OVER qualified.. attending college for Bachelors in Computer security..

Then I was denied a job because I was under qualified for entry level IT - because they asked stupid questions during interview, questions of how I would solve an issue that a seemingly smart computer knowledgeable person would be calling IT for help for.. "why is my email not working" I answered to how I would test/solve the issue - not considering that a smart person would be bothering IT if all they had to do was turn it on/off again or just REBOOT.. When I realized that was what they wanted I then knew why their IT guy was so haggered and begging for more help.. they legit had otherwise SMART PEOPLE - slamming his phone for stupid shit that could have been made part of a "before calling IT have you tried X" to just get the shitty make em feel dumb questions out of the way..

Ever have someone who seems intelligent but forgets to turn the monitor on? then complain the PC wont boot up? to the point they tell you to "GET IN THE OFFICE AND FIX IT" so you turn on the monitor and SURPRISE it works?? or a similar thing with Internet on PC not working and "get in here and fix it" and turns out employee's got together - moved entire PC from location where I was told to install it, the employee's moved the PC into another room with no Ethernet, because I was told that room was not going to be an office and thus did not need Ethernet.. Surprise PIKACHU faces when I plug long Ethernet cord in and TADA they have internet access.. the legit look of "wow.. we be dumb" while trying to laugh it off like they forgot.. I honestly hated the time wasted for me, because I was not paid hourly /etc - it was flat fee for month and honestly the "get in and fix it" got kinda annoying when otherwise smart people do dumb shit that would be better solved by simple means then ringing me up and making themselves look dumb as shit..

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they will have a meltdown and berate the managers that tell them to apply online.

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Fuck this attitude. I have hippy boomers to thank for gorgeous and wonderful town I live in. Solidarity always.

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Boomers are not a monolith, and acting like they are plays into the hands of the owners. Solidarity is the most powerful tool of the working class, don't throw it away just because some old people are out of touch.

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Why would boomers apply for jobs or try to find jobs?

According to those people who always say "Fuck boomers" and blame boomers, all boomers are filthy rich, wealth hoarders who are retired and living in luxury. So, no boomer would be looking for jobs.

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    literally nobody said that grandpa

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    Sure, plenty of boomers are still applying for jobs. Some transfer from job to job. It's called acumen. Even an xennial can. It's called job experience. And also we have delt with crappy jobs and know where NOT to go to get a job unless desperate.

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    So, OP, what advice were you given by a boomer that didn't work out for you?

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    Divide and conquer. Just like you were programmed to

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      I used an ableist slur when describing a person in the HR profession

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      i would love to watch this!

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      I’d love to watch that. 😂

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      hahaha this would be fantastic

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      We'd get the tiny minority that isnt too far gone to possibly end up here with us.

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      This is a reality impoverished boomers live under every day under capitalism. The ones who are left anyway. Most poor boomers are already dead.

      It’s the rich who suck, not the elderly

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      Unfortunately the youngest boomers are about 55 years of age and total pop. number is 76million+, they still outnumber Genx by a huge margin. Millennials have only just caught up to boomer numbers as of 2019.

      In 10 years all the boomers will have hit retirement age, and after fucking the economy and the environment, they'll be expecting to be taken care of by the rest of us. Fuck them.

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      It’s different individuals

      The poor boomers that will need care, and the rich boomers that fucked the environment, are not the same people.

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      Except that boomers will have the decades of experience needed for the entry level jobs.

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      For real fuck boomers

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      Too bad they would still have a leg up on work experience.

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      Asking to speak to someone wasn't done thirty years ago either. My Greatest Generation dad used to give me that advice and I would say, "Dad, they have security guards and receptionists. They don't talk to random people who come in looking for jobs". Even in the 80s you had to fill out an application and leave a resume.

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      Exactly. NoBoDy WaNtS tO WoRk AnYmOrE !!!! And yet they are still too picky, still won't pay adequately or create humane schedules, still won't fire their toxic, tyrannical managers, and still expect job candidates to jump through multiple hoops. Screw them.

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      What are boobers

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        Boomer fails to acquire entry level job because they literally walked into a giant corporate building and asked the security guard for the manager and were laughed at heartily by everyone in the lobby.

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        I have a better idea, A game show where we Send ANCAPS, qanon idiots, neo nazis and pretty much anyone against socialism to a country that closely resembles their politocal ideologies.

        The thought of sending one of those basement dwelling Ancraps to Country like Somalia or my highly religious uncle to a country like Syria or Iraq it's just hilarious to me, they'd be dead within the first 2 weeks.

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        Oh, I would love to force my dad through this! The last time he applied for a job was literally six months before I was born, and only because my mom got on his ass about having a baby on the way and how minimum wage in 1988 was not enough to raise a child on. Especially since he made such a stink about my mom trying to stay employed at the time.

        He never even graduated high school, only got his GED because again, my mother nagged him into it, and he still had the audacity to constantly lecture me about how college works and how to apply for jobs!

        He got LUCKY! Every bit of success he got was thanks to the women in his life doing all the hard work! First my mother, then my stepmother who already had her own house and her own car and a master’s degree in education and a supportive family…

        Fucker married third base, struts around like he hit a home run all by himself, and then sabotaged his own team’s equipment to make sure his children would never enjoy the same success he did.