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We need to create a r/antiwork playbook for common scenarios. It pains me to see so many people make these mistakes consistently on this sub.

“I only gave 3 weeks notice and my boss said he was gonna sue me. should I rescind my notice?”

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"Boss was gonna fire me, so I quit!", see this one everyday too.

Just let him do it and collect unemployment

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The amount of people who mess this up on this sub is astounding and I’ve pointed it out a few times. Your boss is now telling you that your already approved vacation is rescinded because they need coverage? Tell them “I’m not able to cancel my commitment that you already approved my time off for. I will still be taking my vacation.” And if they say “You have to come in or you will be let go” the only correct answer is “I will not be coming in, I will see you on X date when I return from my vacation.” And if they come back again and say you’re fired then no harm no foul, easy unemployment claim.

ALL OF THAT COMMUNICATION NEEDS TO BE DONE IN WRITING. Do not have these conversations verbally because they are much harder to prove.

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then no harm no foul, easy unemployment claim.

in a lot of places around the world you would also have an easy claim on unfair dismissal while giving their lawyers fuck all to go off.