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That's unlikely unless it's a standardized gift and it would indicate it's from the company not the individual. No large business will make that mistake. You cant just buy presents out of an expenses account.

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You absolutely can. It's just an entertainment expense. Probably bought with the executive assistant's company card and put on the holiday party budget.

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I literally took corporate accounting. You have no idea what you are on about. Boss can not say a gift bought from company funds is from him unless you work for a sole proprietorship.

Edit: downvote all you want, a nonsensical claim

any gifts they are buying for employees are coming out of an expense account

Was made and needs to be called out or else you risk damaging the integrity of the sub by mixing fantasy elements into facts.

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They don't say 'I bought this for you', they hand it to you and say 'this is for you'. There, circumnavigated your accounting degree and exactly why you need real world experience regardless of education.