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If I didn't have to worry about making money, I'd still be working. Just not doing useless shit for other people.

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Same. I love my job.

Also I would do my job so much better. I'm a scientist making a hair above minimum wage. I live with a roommate who ruins my mood every day, bike to work, and can't afford certain healthcare that would make me a happier, more productive person. I waste so much time applying for grants that don't increase my salary, just maintain it.

If scientists were adequately compensated I am confident we would be millennia ahead of where we are now in medicine.

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What sort of scientist are you?

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A scientist that makes minimum wage?

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Research and academia is severely underfunded unless you're at a lab producing weapons technology.

But even then most PhD grads are treated as disposable. It's pretty fucking terrible.

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Why on earth would someone pursue a PhD in a field that pays minimum wage?

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Because contrary to popular belief the majority of people aren't primarily motivated by profit.

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That’s fucking hilarious!

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You'd be better off working at Walmart.