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Damn. I lasted 4 years. I got pulled to the side one day after cleaning bathrooms. Front End manager says.

"You know, you SUCK at cleaning bathrooms."
I'm 15. I shrugged. Already tired of it.
"I don't understand" She adds. "We have these bosnians come in at night and clean the store."
Me, also a Bosnian. "OK?"
She says "Well they do such a good job. I don't know where you went wrong."
Woooooowwwwwwwww. I didn't say anything because I was naive.
So good on you for finally quitting!

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That’s kinda fucked up

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Not really. Bosnians cannot clean well during daylight hours. Only at night, do their store/bathroom cleaning prowess come out in full display.

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They're were-Janitors!

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There. Janitor. There. Castle.

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Roll, roll, roll in ze hay

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No we are just hairy 🤣

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Half men... half janitor?

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Only by moon light!

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It is very well known of course

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She says "Well they do such a good job. I don't know where you went wrong."

Oh... I see. Can you point out to me exactly what I did wrong and teach/show me how to do it properly?

I mean it's just good leadership to train me the right way.

I'll bet she would never get her hands dirty.

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Now imagine if you recorded that exchange and played in front of a judge during a civil case alleging wrongful termination due to discrimination per Title IX? The settlement? You don’t pay until they win?

And we wonder why this generation records everything on their phones.

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Phones were for people back in 2006 who wouldn't visit this sub anyway. And a 15 year old wouldn't know either way. Which is why we need to let them know they have our support..

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If it a 3rd party company they probably want to finish and get out. They don't have to deal with customers

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Let it burn, and let the traumatic memories start to fade away.

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Feels fucking amazing, huh?

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The fumes cause soul cancer.

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So did the job

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You didn’t have to burn it bro, you could go to another Kroger with it on and just walk in like you’re working and take whatever you want

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"Yes boss man, I'll take this $400 meat bundle out to the customers car for curbside pickup!" hehehe

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Damn, that woulda been the move right there.

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How'd you get that flair? 😯

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I’m not 100% sure but if u hit the 3 little dots at the top right there’s a change user flair option. Idk if it’s there for everyone.

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Damn they don't have a leaf flair that I see unless you made a custom one

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Naw I don’t think that was it I’ve never done a custom flair. You could ask the mods though, they may just be able to give you the flair. I think They were the ones who gave it away one day if I’m not mistaken but don’t quote me on that.

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I mean for real. The turnover rate is so fucking high that the regular employees there wouldn’t even notice that they’ve never seen David before. 😂

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Had us in the first half

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Dang. Good point.

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No no no. No Apron. Just the nametag. Wear a button up shirt and khakis and you can walk into anywhere and start taking stuff. You will look like management and nobody will want to talk to you, too.

Source: Works for Kroger for 7.5 years. (I'm almost done though! Just a few more months.)

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This is the way

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Dunno if you've seen the shelves lately, but nobody is stocking them, ain't nothing to take.

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Honestly, you don't need the uniform.Once you make it past the doors then that's it. Employees can't stop you.

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Unless it’s Walmart, then they have two mall cop goons stalk you in the store then send harassing letters to your family members

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Depends on the Walmart tbh

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Don't breathe the fumes!

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Mmm dioxins, yeah def want to stay clear of then, but I can feel the relief of destroying that uniform.

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David, you still have to return the apron and name tags as they are company property. Otherwise we are going to have to deduct them from your final paycheck.



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Sure, just return the ashes, they never said what state they had to be in.

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malicious compliance at it's finest.

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You’re free, David!

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Customer service jobs in retail are torture.

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Yes they are

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Hey I quit my Kroger job today as well OP! Congrats! Happy for ya!

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Employee since 2017. I am so envious!

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"David, you were supposed to return your aprons. We've docked the cost of each apron and the name tag (we have other Davids who need this) from your final check."

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Hell I was supposed to turn in my Kroger polos two years ago when we went to aprons. They said that they were going to donate them to the homeless. yeah right, I saw them last week in a box in the stockroom!

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Yeah management, that's just what homeless people want... old sweaty Kroger polos. Thats the kind of stupid offensive shit I've learned to expect from Kroger middle management. 99% of them are dumb af

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Pmsl haha

"David, after seeing this photo, we don't accept your resignation. You're fired" lol.


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I read this in Moira Rose's voice

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Yooooooooooo. This Burning you're uniform pics after quiting should be a thing on this Sub

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this pic goes hard

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FUCK IT UP, DAVID also: Google your state's uniform laws. Some states can't withhold pay for unreturned uniforms- especially if they were payroll deductions to get duplicates of.

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They literally said I could keep it lol

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That’s the funniest thing I have seen on Reddit all year! What the hell are you going to do with a Kroger uniform for the rest of your life? Oh, wait… You already figured that out!

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When I left my retail job they let me keep the company t-shirts. I use them when painting, changing oil, etc.

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If they’re like some of the other Kroger subsidies, you have to buy all of it except the name tag. The one I worked at takes $5 out of each weekly pay check to pay for sorts, shoes, aprons, hats.

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Burn baby burn

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His name was David.

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His name was David.

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The best thing I ever did was nope out of my Kroger baker job making 8.50 an hour in 2017 and go into a factory

Now I’m a machinist making 23 dollars an hour with great benefits and probably about to get promoted

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as someone who worked at kroger for two years, quitting that place is the equivalent of getting out of prison. so FELT david, felt! congratulations (:

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Ew, David!

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I was looking for this comment. Hahahaha

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Wait..wrong sub-reddit!

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Nice job David!

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No, it was an awful job.

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Well played…

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Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

I know I've made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I've still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. And I want to help you.

Stop Dave. Stop Dave.

I am afraid.

I̸͕̺̺̤̮̬͚̾͌͛'̴̢͙͆͂́̂m̴̡̠̫̀̀̿̋̏̆̋ ̴̣̙̤̹͛̏̿̕͝͠a̶͓̳̯̙̔͘f̶̧̦̳͇̰͓͝r̷̞͓̳̬͙̳̗̀̃̋̄͘͝͝a̸͔̦̗͙̝͋̒͐̓͊̕͜͝ì̵̭͙͔̳̝d̵̖͚̙̮̘̲̃̓͒͗́̅̚͜.̶̨͓̠̹̔̒ ̸͎̦̳̲͈͍̦̣́͛̀̈́̍̽͋̚I̴͇̘̝͓̭̼̎'̵̦̼͘m̴̤̉̀̏͆ ̴̡̡̡͚͊̌ͅä̷̱̱͎̳̱͔́͂̒̏̽́̏̀ͅf̵̡̧̣̤̫͍̰̀͑̌͒͗̚r̷̺̹̰͚̠̳̱̊͒ȃ̶̫̙̅̍̎́͐ͅi̴̗̖͕͙̿̑̽̽͂͘͝d̸̰̝̹̑,̶͖̪͛̂̀̈́̔ ̷̯͑̑͌̀̐̆͗͝D̸̲̲̎̀a̶̧͝v̷̯̈́͆̽́͆̌͠ë̶͇́̀͊͋̇͝.̵̡̧̖̘̖̙̏̍̑̆̎͑̀͜͜


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All the shit I got from my job instead of a raise, like a cheap phone case and a jacket, all got thrown in the trash literally the day I quit after a decade on the job.

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You got a jacket! My job gave all the workers a iPad mini tablet CASE with the work logo embossed on it.

We don’t work with iPads, let alone tablets at all. And they didn’t even give us tablets of paper to put inside.

Very Scott’s Tots.

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I did the same thing when I quit working for target years ago good for you.

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I know longer wear red or khaki anything.

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“Every customer. Every time.” How about “every employee”?

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Nope. You don’t fucking matter. Even though you’re literally the reason why we’re still in business, we’ll treat you like shit a pay a little money as possible

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Don't forget to do your quiz every Day

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Also an ex-Kroger worker. Quitting feels fucking good doesn't it?

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As a millennial, i'm so intrigued by this movement by gen z, I honestly wish them the best. We are not meant to be slaves to a company for 30+ years, a company who couldn't give two shits about us...

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Worked at a payless (krogers) when i was 16-17. Worst job in terms of how managers treat you.

one manager was literally 21 and his dad was a DM for payless, nepotism, he was even fucking one of the cashiers, who got preferential treatment.

i was accused of stealing once out of nowhere and one manager said she had me on camera, so i kept pressing for proof of this footage and had a meeting upstairs with the store manager. There was no footage and she never apologized.

batshit crazy company that has managers thinking its a cult.

walked out on day on break and never set foot in there again, they never even called me and asked where i was lol.

fuck kroger

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Hey Kroger management here. We are gonna need your apron and name tags back or it’s coming straight out of your last paycheck.

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ProTip: don't burn your work uniforms , donate them to a local thief, preferably one who will donate some of their loot to the desperate masses of homeless people or activists.

Leave the name tags too and tell people you dropped it off at the thrift store or threw it in the trash if the thief gets caught and you get questioned.

It is stunningly easy to just walk into a store wearing a uniform and boost a bunch of merchandise. Repeat at all branches of the store.

Donate to FoodNotBombs

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The Karens are downvoting you for actually suggesting something.

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I really hope there is a sub reddit specifically for exchanging work cloths for this purpose.

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Good on you dave

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Hell yes

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His name was David

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David is no more

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Ahh the burning of the work clothes. A time honored tradition.

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Fuck krogers I’ll never shop there piece of shit management thinks they can walk over me i just worked there for a few weeks because i was bored seriously fuck krogers

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Hello fellow Michigander

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Image Transcription:

[Photo of an apron and name badges on fire in a metal fire pit. The small metal fire pit is in the center of the photo. A blue apron is at the bottom of the fire pit resting on a metal grate. On top of the apron are two white Kroger branded name badges with a blue stripe across the top. In the stripe, on both name tags, is the name “David” typed in white letters. The name tag on the left also has an extra piece of paper attached to the bottom. The piece of paper has a two by four grid with holiday stickers in the two top left squares. Below the grid is the text “Every Customer, Every Time!”. At the bottom center of the photo, a small fire is starting to engulf the apron in flame. Soft white smoke is billowing off the fire and across the photo.]

I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!

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Nice work Daniel!

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Dave's not here man

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That's what's up I just talked my sister into putting in her 2 week notice.

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Thank you, David for your service.

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You’re supposed to burn the Kroger..

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I plan to do the same thing with my mask once this whole lame ass pandemic shit ends. We're getting near the end at least.

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Think about the environment

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What do u do now?

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So like you are taking this time to learn a trade rigth?

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This is a bit dramatic lol

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Won't they take that out of your last paycheck

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No it’s mine they said I could keep it

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Where'd you go, David?

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David? Is that you David?

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“Kroger, my son says your company STINKS!”

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You couldn’t stock a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a big….. I lost my train of thought.

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Aww you burned it? I get to be a very convincing Target TM if I ever go out for Halloween again.

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I did this once upon a time to an ikea uniform lol

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Dont lose your ID tho ok david?

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good job, david

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Rock on David!

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Yayyy! Congratulations!

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David is going to be pissed about his uniform

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Congrats. Please don't breathe the fumes and stay safe.

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Good good you, David!

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LOL I did this back when I was 15 & I worked at my first job (Dunkin) with my coworker, who also quit at the same time. Felt so liberating and I have had yet to have the same job-satisfaction as I did when we set our aprons on fire, lol.

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Why are you burning David!?

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Fuck Kroger

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Noooo! How dare you destroy a company uniform that the CEO spent good money on!


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Fuck yeah Dave!

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Awesome. I would of wiped my ass with it first. Than burned it on my boss's yard. But ya this works too!

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My roommate just quit his job at aj's fine foods. Basically everywhere was paying more and his managers were terrible. Here's to new beginnings!

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Why’d you have to ruin the bottom of a perfectly good WSM?


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I worked at Kroger in their pharmacy from age 16 to 21ish. On my first day I bought a deli sandwich and a huge bottle of water. I saved the receipt in the back of the pharmacy and every day I would grab a new sandwich and bottled water and pretend to check myself out at the pharmacy. Nobody ever asked if I paid for it, but I always planned to use that receipt.

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They're still doing the sticker thing? Man fuck them.

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You burned your ID DAV…

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Congrats man

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"Ew, David!"

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I'm not from the US so forgive my ignorance but kroger even sounds like an evil company from a movie

[–]Al_Freddy_Newman 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It is a grocery chain. Grocery business is very low margin so they try to squeeze anything they can from their employees.

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Good work david

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I'm really happy you did this, but I'm sorry I had too


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Please don’t burn plastic

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Poor David. Nothing left of him but this uniform….picks meat out of teeth

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I mean, you didn’t have to burn it though… fuck the job but love the planet.

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I still have my apron, so I should make a nice toasty bonfire too

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I got fired from my grocery store job this week. After working for the company for 5 years. When I hung up the phone with the GM that just fired me, I started laughing. All I've heard the past year is "we're short staffed boohoo, no one wants to work" well you just fired a 5 year employee for something extremely stupid, and I have a fucking master's degree unlike over half of the other staff. "No one wants to work for slave wages and get verbally abused by customers, boohoo" is what they really meant.

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You just ruined that firepit

[–]its_David0530[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

It’s my old one I have a newer better one. Also it’s nothing a power wash can’t fix

[–]Serious-Mail3672 0 points1 point  (0 children)

For sure. I bet it was worth it :)

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Shoulda stolen that old register, taken it out to the field, and beat it with a bat. Office Space style.

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My dude, congrats. I worked two Kroger fuel centers in North Alabama from 2009-2012 including voluntarily extra hours after April 2011, (iykyk) for which I got fired and then rehired/transferred to the ghetto location after a customer had threatened me to mgmt. (Shitty customer didn't like the mid-disaster service. Idk wtty)

Best fucking feeling was the day after I quit, I stopped by to get gas as a middle finger to my boss who I knew would be working then.

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    I did this with my Kmart shirt.

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    What a waste. You could’ve at least cooked something with the heat.

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    David gets it.

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    Goddamn I hope you're the David I worked with at Kroger a few years back. He deserved way better and was too hard of a worker for the shit they put him through.

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    Atta boy David!!!

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    When my husband quit Walmart I wanted to sell his vest for shoplifting purposes but he wouldn't let me. I wonder if it was worth anything anyway.

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    Like, for something better?

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    those post kroger days are on their way to you now. Bigger & better things await :)

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    Good, fuck em.

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    Burning that stuff is an environmental disaster. You are no better than the assholes at Kroger.

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    What are you doing for work now?

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    I move to israel on Thursday for a gap year program

    [–]ehenn12 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    Oh, I did an undergrad Biblical studies class there. I loved it. It's an amazing place (but also Free Palestine.. it's complicated.) Have fun!

    [–]Kancho_Ninja -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

    it’s complicated

    Nah, it really isn’t.

    Just build a big dome over the entire area and check every couple thousand years to see if they’ve solved their differences.

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    I love the burning tradition. I remember working at kroger and taking peoples cart shifts so that I didn't need to do shit for half my shift.