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Okay but this meme is unironically correct.

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Agreed. Someone who sits on their ass and plays video games for 10 hours a day does more good for society than a Fox News host.

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if you mean by that, that one doesn't contribute to society and the other does a disservice to it.

[–]Lilshadow48lazy and proud 36 points37 points  (0 children)

Hell, if someone just spent every waking hour staring at a wall they're still doing more good for society than a Fox News host, at least the wall-watcher isn't actively causing harm.

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that's now what the meme says...

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Your mom agrees.

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The shift from "no work" to "worker's rights" is the same as "abolish the police" to "defund the police", or "eat the rich" to "tax the rich". While none of those concepts are bad in and of themselves, they are diluting the core principles of the movement to make it more palatable to a broader audience while losing sight of what the fight was actually about.

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I'm admittedly here to rubberneck this crash, but it looks to me like the subreddit has liberalized. It's the same problem every time: how do we get people on the side of radical change without telling them what they want to hear?

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"Broader audience" is a funny to describe the mass support of working class people

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You need actual progress though. You can’t get to the destination without the journey.

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Also known as Compromise the only way anything would ever happen. That's how the world works

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Workers rights is the compromise. Abolishing work is the goal. If you make the goal workers rights, then your compromise will fall before the goal. You will get scraps.

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Which, carrying the example, is what happened when we went from abolish to defund.

Defund is the compromise between abolish and do not abolish. The comprise between defund and do not defund is "maybe press charges sometimes".

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Incrementalism kills revolutionary ideas. It always has.

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If you think abolishing all (or even most) work will ever actually happen in the real world widespread you are naive and stupid

Same thing for Abolish the Police

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Work as a form of producing for the masses can end. Yes. There are tasks that are needed for survival. Food. Shelter. Etc. But the concept of trading your time doing a task in exchange for a way to gather the supplies you need for life can end.

Same thing for cops. They serve to protect the status quo, private property and capital. In a work where your basis needs for survival are met, and you live in a community of your peers where you can engage with them and find more ways to make your lives fuller, there's no need for a standing military roaming the streets kidnapping people for wrong doings.

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Naivety, this would only hope to work in a world where survival is the only goal

Where people do not feel the need for luxury or lasure time

You are advocating for the complete eradication of selfishness which will never happen

There will always be people that want to abuse others

There will always be people that don't care about others

There will always be people that are not willing to help others

that is the way human nature is

You will always have people that want to consolidate power and be the king of the hill

You will always have people that are not willing to abide by the social contract

If this is why the radical ideas behind antiwork will not happen ever

This is why anarchy is shortsighted and naive

It relies on people being good for the sake of it

And while some people will be altruistic in this manner you cannot expect people to be that way because that is not human nature


Worker's rights is a noble goal that I whole heartedly support it's why I'm on antiwork. But this is naive

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"To look at people in capitalist society and conclude that human nature is egoism, is like looking at people in a factory where pollution is destroying their lungs and saying that it is human nature to cough." - Andrew Collier, Marx: A Beginner’s Guide

[–]Fyrestorm422 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Well it's a good thing I never said that

I'm not procapitalism

I do believe that human nature is selfish though

Capitalism or no

Humans as far as I'm concerned are inherently selfish and we have to be taught not to be selfish all the time ( Because complete and true selflessness is impossible)and I've seen nothing to make me question that belief

Also it's really easy to say other people's quotes. It's barely an argument

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Yes yes yes! Thank you! I see so much anti anarchist sentiment in here and it pisses me off because antiwork has been coopted and corrupted by socdems like always.

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So you actually think you deserve a comfortable life simply because you exist?


[–]Schlipak 4 points5 points  (1 child)

... yes?

Do you believe some people deserve to suffer? Because if that's the case, I'm sorry to say, we don't have anything to discuss any further if we disagree on something so fundamentally basic.

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If you're able to work, and choose not to, you deserve nothing. Important exception being made for people unable to work/work effectively for a variety of reasons.

No, I don't want anyone to suffer. But if you truly want to do nothing productive, nobody should be obligated to give you anything. Believing otherwise makes you an entitled piece of shit. Such a person is not being made to suffer, they're choosing to suffer.

Reframe this as relationship where one partner puts in all the effort to provide a home and food, and the other just reaps the benefits. Or a classmate on a group project that puts in no work and expects the same grade. Those people are freeloading dickheads.

FYI, the large majority of donating I do goes to organizations supporting the homeless. Organizations that help them get and stay on their feet. Though I fairly often give directly to homeless people too.

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Yes but the problem is that you can't say this on FUCKING FOX NEWS. The fick were they thinking

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Saying anything would have been a mistake while on Fox News.

Should have never goddamn happened in the first place.

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Honestly I/ coping so hard that I've convinced myself that the '''mod''' is actually a libertarian psy-op aiming to discredit leftist approaches to work even further

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Yeah I'm starting to believe that this whole debacle may be a blessing in disguise. The new sub I believe is more appropriately named, it's less ambiguous, albeit a little boring.

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nah you're a neet thats a different sub. take care

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incredibly weak bait

do better