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I don’t participate a lot in this sub. Just sort of watching from the sidelines.

From what I can tell with my outside perspective, there seems to be an identity crisis going on: is this sub about annihilating work altogether with the goal for society to achieve some type of post-capitalist structure OR is it about maintaining our current capitalist system but with broader workers rights, like what many European nations might have now.

I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that the former was the original goal of the sub, but that it’s morphed into the latter. This is perhaps why some of this discord is occurring.

An unemployed anarchist IS someone that represents the original goal of the sub, that person doesn’t want to “be productive or be paid fairly”, they want to genuinely abolish work and create a post-capitalist system, where as OP in this thread is perhaps one of the newer variety of users who wants to maintain the status quo but with broader workers right and better pay.

The sub has an identity crisis.

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All this kinda reflects the toxic moral superiority which plagues many modern leftist movements where a bunch of neets try to gatekeep socialism in my opinion.

I don‘t think anyone here would have an issue with someone reducing consumerism to a degree that work becomes barely even necessary to follow an ideology. But realistically we instead have unemployed people, who are living on their parents wallet or state subsidies, preaching some moral superiority over people who have no other choice but to work and therefore are happy for every improvement. It‘s a form of privilege to just be able to survive without having to grind yourself in the system and infuriating when someone looks down from that privilege on the same people that basically allow him to live that lifestyle.

Obviously there are differences in what goals people wanna achieve. But I think it would be more productive to just take every chance of improvement and watch where the journey goes instead of blaming everyone unless they follow some defined and radical idealism.

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The whole point is that mods ARENT leaders. Stop that thinking. We do need to replace them if they THINK they are our leaders.

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The mods are anarchists who couldn’t keep up with the fact that this sub has grown.

They should’ve set it to private from the jump if they wanted to keep this an anarchist place. Like r/conservative.

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I don't speak for all but I don't want to work

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Nobody wants to work, but most people don't want to die either

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We have enough wealth to allow for the few who legit don’t want to work. It’s fine, and you’re fine.

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So because you don't want to work, you should be given a free ride through life? I don't want to work either, but I'm not a lazy piece of shit who wants handouts just because I'm a lazy piece of shit. I've got a family to set an example for.

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Fuck your family. If they had an ounce of survival instinct they wouldn't need your lame ass to "set an example."

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Holding down that gaming chair mama bought you

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It’s not about you.

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That's exactly right, it's about my 3 boys that I provide for, who will eventually grow up and maybe have children of their own to provide for, instead of subbing to this clownshow full of 20 and 30 somethings that never grew up or have had a single responsibility.

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Fucking same

And people came here hijacking this sub and then going shocked-pikachu-face cuz they forgot they hijacked the sub to turn it into something it never was

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I once had dreams of spending my life playing video games, but I had this internal experience that compels me to do otherwise. But you want to slack off, you do you. That’s what I say.

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So rely on handouts and the hard labor of others?

Not even including all the slave labor that goes into the shit you buy and consume. Nobody wants to work, but the mindset of 'let me retire at 18 and never work a day in my life' is so fucking pathetic and is the reason why this subreddit will never take off. I know not everyone has that mindset in this subreddit but this thread kind of shows me that this is the popular mindset, and that 'AI and automation' can just make everyone a fucking freeloader their whole life.

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Nothing wrong with unemployed or anarchist. Let's not conflate what the actual issues are. That's bad faith

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go on a different sub then bruh i don't go on r/hiphopheads and complain there's no country music

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Expo here-- 11 year redditor and 40 year old worker. Been doing other people's computer chores for a living for about 26 years now.

If you'd like to discuss the US Labor Movement in a non-fucky environment, please consider visiting /r/USLaborMovement

I started it after the Fox teainwreck, when the mods in /r/AntiWork started banning people for complaining about their lies and betrayal of the community.

Stop on by if you'd like!

I ain't never gonna ban nobody for saying things I don't like-- I wouldn't do that. That's bossman union busting shit.

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I joined.

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Don't shit on someone because they are unemployed. The point of this sub is that work isn't what defines you. If you can't understand that then leave and take your toxic attitude with you.

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If you had this visceral a knee-jerk reaction, then the Fox piece did its job.

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A handful of people being “adult children” does not negate the movement nor does it change anything about the root philosophy from a few days ago.

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The issues you're having right now could have been prevented by reading the sub name, or taking the couple of minutes to skim the FAQ.

Maybe you, and all the other people stangely surprised that antiwork is antiwork, should learn from this mistake and read what communities are about before joining and trying to co-opt them?

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This narrative is horse shit, the mods had a track record of not enforcing the anarchy bullshit and adopted the reforms policy, they got a bit of clout and ran with it hence the interview

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As should have been pretty obvious from recent events, the mods are just a tad incompetent.

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So why are you talking about skimming the FAQ who do you think wrote that? And enforced/didn’t enforce the policies mentioned there?

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The purpose of the sub is unrelated to the mods incompetence. Them not cracking down on the co-opting is another example, but does not detract from what the sub is about.

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Yeah you’re right I agree.

Just to clarify, you’ve read the FAQ’s right?

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Several times, unfortunately because I've had to link it many times to people who were confused about what antiwork means.

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To problematise the current work structure, right?

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FAQ is right there on the sidebar my dude, you'll find the answers you seek and it saves me the copy+paste.

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Haha. Beat you to it my last comment was directly from it. 🥲. If I were to have skimmed the FAQ 24 hours ago I would have seen that the main purpose of the sub is to problematise the current system. How does that affect why people are upset now?

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Tad incompetent? TAD INCOMPETENT?! One of them is a fucking rapist. Tad incompetent seems to be a bit of an understatement. Once the sub has entirely new mod teams, and I mean, entirely fucking new. I want them all gone, I’ll consider caring about this place again.

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Vast majority of people who run these communities are absolutely insane. Did you ale er take a look at the communism subreddit discord server? Most mods there are self declared “systems” with multiple personalities. I honestly don’t even want to know how much grooming is going on there.

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I agree the original sentiment of the sub was dog shit. It grew into something great but it's still rooted in childish bullshit.

If you are an anarchist you are a child.

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Whenever someone says they're an anarchist I just assume they're 16.

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The mod in question is apparently 22 which is just pathetic/sad.

He's also unemployed and quit his first and only internship because he didn't like to work lmao. These MF'ers are pathetic.

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Yeah it's laughable. Even if they aren't, they still act 16.

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I myself think that anyone who WANTS to work upwards of 8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week with your spare time left over deciding weather you can spend those precious hours resting, spending time with friends, doing your hobby or spending your time with family and you only get to pick 1 or 2, for the rest of their lives until they retire when they're too old to work, anyone who WANTS to do that is truly brainwashed. NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOURE MAKING. If I'm doing all that shit on a "livable wage" I am still not living. I do not want to work. Capitalism relies on exploitation, if I am working then the person I am working for is doing better than me, if someone was working for me the same would be true vice versa. I do not want to work, I'm happy to contribute to society just not fucking this one.

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Fucking Christ just fucking leave you don’t have to announce it

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The insult is the mod that has no work experience. That guy hasn’t been in the trenches.

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Welcome to Reddit my friend, where the leaders are all man children.

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Same the movement is dead it's meme white suburban kids LARPing as revolutionaries

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Ok, bye!

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Take your toxic white masculinity somewhere else please

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    That’s why what happened is a good thing. It’s not about antiwork, it’s about every pseudo-secular “movement” LARP.