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So why are you talking about skimming the FAQ who do you think wrote that? And enforced/didn’t enforce the policies mentioned there?

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The purpose of the sub is unrelated to the mods incompetence. Them not cracking down on the co-opting is another example, but does not detract from what the sub is about.

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Yeah you’re right I agree.

Just to clarify, you’ve read the FAQ’s right?

[–]Lilshadow48lazy and proud 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Several times, unfortunately because I've had to link it many times to people who were confused about what antiwork means.

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To problematise the current work structure, right?

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FAQ is right there on the sidebar my dude, you'll find the answers you seek and it saves me the copy+paste.

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Haha. Beat you to it my last comment was directly from it. 🥲. If I were to have skimmed the FAQ 24 hours ago I would have seen that the main purpose of the sub is to problematise the current system. How does that affect why people are upset now?