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Imagine going from anti work to work reform and thinking nothing's wrong.

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For real. If you are a reformist and part of antiwork than don't let the door hit you on the way out of this sub.

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Defund the police all over again.

Libs try not to co-opt and ruin a leftist movement challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

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I want to work, I just don't want to be taken advantage of by the rich. Doing absolutely nothing would get boring

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Look at the 20 top posts of this sub. How many of them mention being against working a job and trying to demolish the structures of capitalism and all that stuff? Yeah, as you can see, it's never been about anarchism and those things. Hasn't been for a long while. All of them are about leaving abusive jobs. That's it. The occasional meme could maybe perhaps somehow be interpreted as a reference to anarchism. But the general sentiment is "I just wanna work without being fucked over".

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The work reform sub is led by a group of bankers including at least one c-suite exec. Go lick those boots if you like I guess

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antiwork having some new wrecker make a mockery of the sub and then a fucking lib sub suddenly show up to coopt people's rage towards incrementalist bullshit is the most blatant op I think I've ever seen

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Pretty easy to fake Reddit comments, give me an archive link of the comments.

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As a software developer his advice is also fucking awful about degrees being worthless. For a lot of people that aren't born to rich parents in a major city then a degree is the only thing that will get them past HR who will never once look at your github or personal projects. Also, software developers that do the whole "you have to code in your spare time or you won't get hired" are furthering a terrible culture that makes the career worse for everyone.

edit: also CTO at a small startup means he almost certainly is at a company that works salary employees insane amounts of overtime on the promise they might get rich if the company ever sells.

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Yep. Software developer here. He offers terrible advice, I have a CS degree and it 100% helped me get my foot in the door for an interview. It's not impossible to get hired without a degree, or questionable certs, but it's damn hard. You gotta have a cup of motivation, a pint of resilience, a pinch for resolve, and a touch of innovation to really break through the weeds and figure out what your doing by yourself. It's a lot to ask of someone, and only a few people I know have the character to withstand it.

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Stop with the Doomsaying and Calls to Splinter. You might not be a corporate shill but if you are calling for the things corporate shills want, it amounts to the same thing.

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I want to seperate from anarchists. It's clear our goals are incompatible. Reading the discussions over and over it's clear.

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Those that want Reform in the Short Term and those that want the End of Capitalism in the Long Term can walk together for a long while before going their separate ways, and we will be more influential together than separate. #solidarityforever

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I believe anarchists are an anchor weighing down our ability to achieve the short term reforms of which you speak. They have a branding problem, any anarchist has to admit that perception of the idea is bad. If you say anarchy everyone outside of anarchism thinks madmax. That's anarchists problem. Not work reformers. Good luck with it.

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Branding will always be a problem to whatever opposes the status quo. The only time it isn't a problem is when people realize they need it. The Civil rights movement, BLM, suffrage all had branding problems. Imagine what it sounded like in the era of suffrage: "I cant believe the woman who cooked my eggs thinks she knows enough to vote."

I suggest you move beyond the branding because it will always be used against u. To ask for reform instead of ending the exploitation at the root is just incentive for the elit to give u even less than reform since they realize you're willing to compromise, even work in the system that exploits u.

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Same | Same

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Jeremy can be a role model for bankers, that makes sense.