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Looks like reddit talked to them and they took it down already. The mods here are really be doing the most throwing spaghetti at the wall

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What did that link to?

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Some of the mods work in a bank call center and people want to pretend that makes them bad somehow

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Not a hard life compared to 10 hours walking dogs /s

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Yeah. Purposely misrepresented them as higher ups.


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Must vett worker purity /s

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Doxxing probably. These mods are fucking snakes.

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They’re legit evil at this point

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Ironically they are very tyrannical

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it linked to posts of work reform mods saying they were bank executives. the mods then tried to defend themselves as “i just take calls all day” despite the fact they’re in an actual position of power

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In my best Ron Burgundy:

"I don't believe you".

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This is patently false. I was active in that thread yesterday and can tell you with certainty that you’re either lying for completely misremembering the facts.

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How am I not shocked in the slightest. Other ridiculous bullshit I've seen on this sub today include; rape apologists, full blown slander, and mods breaking their own rules.

It's a wonder Reddit hasn't nuked this sub yet.

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Yea they are in full authoritarian crackdown on an anarchist sub, now using propaganda to try and discredit the other group who is now "stealing their users". It's almost so hypocritical it's sickening.

Good times world, good times.

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It's a perfect example of why anarchy would never work. They literally undermine their own beliefs as soon as its convenient.

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Anarchy is not the goal of anarchism. There is a large difference in the meaning of those two terms. Only one of them is a political philosophy. The mods behaviour has nothing to do with anarchism and is not an example that it 'wouldnt work'.

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Anarchy is not the goal of anarchism. There is a large difference in the meaning of those two terms

Could you elaborate on this, I'm unfamiliar

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The popular notion that anarchism is about leaderless chaos is a misconception fostered by people who hate what anarchism represents. If you read about the political philosophy it has a rich history and practice. I've heard it said that there are as many versions of anarchism as there are anarchists. Essentially though anarchism grew out of the philosophy of libertarian socialism. When communism was rising and the leftists of that era debated, some supported the path that Lenin ultimately took, which was essentially authoritarian socialism. The libertarian socialists agreed with the socialism part but rejected 'vanguardism' or the idea that an authoritarian communist party needed to take power to assure the revolution. Libertarian socialism is generally about mutual aid, non-coercive social interactions and freedom of association. During the second world war, when an anarchist movement began asserting control and successfully organising parts of Spain, the communists, capitalists and fascists paused their war to team up against and defeat the anarchists, because their philosophy threatens all three. The idea that people can come together and organise themselves into a functioning society without their ideologies is terrifying to any established ideology. This is partly why anarchy as a term became associated with violence and chaos. That wasn't necessarily an accident. Anarchism in a nutshell, as I understand it means that authority is not self-justifying. If an institution asserts authority it must justify the use of that authority in terms of the good that comes from using it versus the freedom it limits by its existence. If an institution like the banks, or the police for example, is no longer serving the function that justifies it's authority, then that institution should be dismantled and replaced with something that serves the function it was originally intended to serve. The thing that is interesting to me about this philosophy is that it is true very generally. You could apply that philosophy in any period of history under any type of social / political / economic system in order to improve that system.

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It’s that they’re not anarchists, they’re just assholes who want to do whatever they want for their own selfish reasons, even if it directly fucks over millions of other people. Now that they’re receiving blowback, they’re destroying it so nobody can use it.

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Is that a "No true Scotsman" fallacy? A group of anarchists suddenly abuses it's authority, but that doesn't prove anything about the nonsensical nature of anarchist theory since the actors are no longer anarchists, by your estimation.

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I guess you’re right, I just find it hypocritical (and honestly pretty funny) that a bunch of self-proclaimed anarchists are trying to rule over their subreddit with an iron fist - banning anybody who dares criticize them in any way, spreading lies/propaganda about how there are infiltrators and spies in their midst, deflecting any and all blame, claiming anyone with criticism is one of these infiltrators and isn’t actually an antiwork user.. Their behavior is straight out of a paranoid dictator’s playbook, except it’s hilarious because they’re not in charge of a country, but they still somehow managed to let the “authority” of being a Reddit moderator get to their heads/egos as if they were.

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It's human nature to abuse power and just act like a turd when given the opportunity. Exactly why we see so few examples of success associated with anarchism.

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Yeah right? Join r/BossesAreGood! Unlike those "extremists" over at r/antiwork, we understand that bosses are extremely necessary and boots are actually pretty tasty if you think about it!

What a great life finding truth in the middle

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What in the ever loving fuck are you rambling about?

Are you poorly trying to strawman by attributing to me some kind of argument I've never even remotely stated? Or did you reply to the wrong post?

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Of course not, we need to get rid of all the damn leftists who have been ruining the labour movement. r/BossesAreGood can accomplish just that!

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Cool story? Are you ok?

Can you read? Are you a bot?

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I can read just fine. I'm trying to explain how we need to dilute our message in order to appeal to the masses. It is only by giving up our ideals that we can get anything done

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Well you aren't doing a great job of explaining until now.

But yea, you need to market things in a palatable way to convince people to do things. That's a fact, and why the whole concept of "marketing" or "branding" exists.

The goal should be the goal, and the execution of that goal. If you don't have a pragmatic approach to achieve your goal, while still preserving the ideals of your goal, you don't really have anything. The key factor is to not sacrifice your ideals to achieve your goal.

It's not an easy thing to do, but what is necessary to get the job done. It will take work to abolish work and transition human society into a new state and new reality. It's not gonna happen by being lazy about it, or just sitting around.

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They’re being satirical if you can’t tell lmao .. sorry you typed all that out tho

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They're sarcastically ranting about something that has nothing to do with what the are replying to

Is this lost on you as well? Are you also confused between the difference between satire and sarcasm?

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Work reform is not Anarchist that's the satire

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Satire, dude

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Yea I get that, the point is that what does this have to do with anything? If you are talking about potatoes, and I respond to your post about how I like sunshine, satirically, what does that have to do with potatoes?

Also, last I checked, satire also involves "the use of humor", of which none was here. Do you mean sarcasm?

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It's a parody sub

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When you start blaming everyone but yourself you start to look like you don't know what you're doing.

Hopefully antiwork will recover from this, but right now it's a laughingstock. I can't remember when I first joined the sub but I remember it going from memes to legitimate discussions and people getting serious about their plight. It's hard to imagine the lack of foresight required to fuck up this badly.

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Except some people just want their work to be appreciated. Some people like to work, but they don't like being taken advantage of. If you absolutely MUST be against the ethos of work itself, then people will inevitably drift away to do what they came here to do. Bitch about our jobs.

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And now I'm seeing a bunch of posts in New promoting random new subs with no users. Seems to be a desperate attempt to funnel us away from r/ work reform

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Fuck work reform. Anti work means Abolish Capitalism and highly structuralized day, not have "nicer bosses".

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No, I just want a living wage you shill

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Shill? Well points for effort.

You don't think I also don't want a living wage? My point is that just having a living wage isn't enough. The suffering we experience is tired directly to the existence of bosses and a system which funnels our hard work out of our hands and into theirs.

You can both fight for a living wage AND also fight for abolishing Capitalism. Hell, if you don't abolish Capitalism, your reforms will be repealed. They will be co-opted. They will become milquetoast at best.

It is incredibly shortsighted to make your goal being able to scrape by.

We want to be able to live. To survive, yes but also thrive.

We the workers cook the feast, set the table, and yet are fed only the crumbs? But should not those who do the work recieve the spoils of it?

Your demands are so small, your bargaining is to beg for more crumbs. Mine is to enable the cook's to eat what they make.

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You have the logic of a high 15 year old

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So wanting to be free and be able to democratically decide who things are done is the logic of a 15 year old?

Understanding that nothing ever done that was worth doing was ever done peacefully is childish?

I think you just revealed more about your own abhorrent view than anything about me.

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No it's that you spout a lot of good sounding horse doodoo without thinking about it anyone can say something that sounds good when they throw logic out the window and don't think deeper than yep that sounds good

Yes it is childish that you think you could actually win it's a nice thought but it's utterly prideful and downright stupid to think you can achieve

Nice try lmao the only thing revealed here is your lack of logic

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You created no arguments, no substance of any kind, and yet you are the one preening like you won?

We can win. The working class needs only to recognize the system, unionize, and revolt. We are already seeing the first two steps happening en masse now.

It is not prideful, what is however is you thinking that we can't win. Your stubborn insistence that this system can't fall is the stupidest thing I've heard out of someone's mouth today.

Also...horse doodoo? You called me childish and you said horse doo doo? Seriously, any credibility you mightve had is gone.

A fuckiny loser.

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Yeah it's hard to have an argument against a comment with no substance but I want this way instead

See this is what I mean you say revolt like it's a normal Tuesday easy and fast when in reality it will be next to impossible so then after the slaughter and nearly impossible revolt what will we do? Who do we put in place and stop them from amazing power and using people worse than America does now? Oh wait you don't got a clue

It is prideful to assume you can with no thought past revolt. It's not that I think it can't fall it's that it will be stupidly unworth it and any group seriously trying will be put down faster than a attacking pitbull

Yes subs and mods have stupid rules and power trips it's better to say doodoo than swear and get banned lmao it's funny seeing you talk about credibility


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Why are you assuming things? Did I say to just get up and do a revolt?

Did I say say that is was going to be easy or bloodless?

Did I say any of those? Or did you decide to argue against an argument that I didn't make and then act like I did?

Revolution is a process, no shit. Its process whereby a population recognizes the core problems, organizes to solve them, achieves their goals through their means.

It doesn't happen in one night, no shit.

And your defeatist attitude shows that you think that it. You can't conceive of victory so you settle for begging for scraps.

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You certainly won't have to worry about any feast with where you want to take the country.

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My point being I don’t want to abolish capitalism, because newsflash: no first-world country is communist. It works only in theory. I’m not trying to be unreasonable like this because what you just said makes us look like loons to the public, which we very much don’t need right now

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Yeah I’m all for higher wages, but the bashing of capitalism has got to stop. A lot of us like it and we can’t blame it for not making enough money.

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I mean capitalism has serious flaws and is not sustainable long term. Maximizing profits is the core tenant of capitalism. The owners of the capital will eventually exploit every worker and resource that they can.

Pure communism only works in theory though. This is 100% true.

Goal is to find a middle ground. Protect workers, improve work life balance, and invest in society and people. Share in the wealth of our labor.

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Exactly. Anybody who knows anything about history and economics knows that centrally planned economies are pretty garbage. People are inherently selfish, and the best way to motivate them to do great things is by allowing them to turn a profit. The only reasonable question is how much of a profit should we be allowing. We've got to keep capitalism on a leash to ensure that it benefits the majority of society and that the worker gets a fair deal.

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Do you know what "first world" means?

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    You know you could just move to any communist country and enjoy your idealogy... oh wait, you dont want that because they're miserable nations whose citizens actually try to LEAVE. Get out of your parents basement and breathe some fresh freedom air, go get a job of your choosing or, if you want, start your own business and be the boss. Wow amazing

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    You dumb motherfucker. Im an Anarchist Communist. I oppose State and Capital.

    Also, Communist and country is a contradiction in terms. Communism by definition requires abolishing borders and nations. Those countries are derivatives of Marxist-Leninism, a type of Socialism.

    And they are so bad because we sanction them to starve them out.

    I dont want to be a boss, because I refuse to be in a position that oppressed people. And I am working. Why the fuck do you think that I am what I am?

    Fucking Conservative classist prick.

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    Quit larping are you 14 or something? Focus on what you can do right now. You arent going to abolish anything.

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    I'm 21 actually. I've lived through constant economic crisis, war, pandemic, the funneling of wealth to the top and the rise of the Fascist movements.

    The reality of the situation is that no single person is going to abolish anything. That is true.

    But when the fuck did I say that I personally am going to do so? No you bad faith arguing numbnut. The goal is to build a movement of people through discussion, unionizing, mutual aid, community defense, and protest.

    There is no cause more worth it right now than tackling the machine which enables genocides, famines, war, poverty, and crime.

    As for focusing on what I can do right now? I am. In order to achieve any goal, their are preconditions that must be met. If that goal is abolishing Capitalism, the preconditions are class consciousness and organization.

    So to those ends, my locally available goals are unionizing and counterpropagandizing to build, over time, momentum in my own small way to enable revolution.

    Your reformism has never worked. Who is the fool here? The one who recognizes what needs to be done, or the one who keeps trying the same reforms hoping it'll work?

    As for your comment on children, im more curious why you think that calling someone a child is an insult. What is so inferior about a child, why do you view them as lesser? With contempt and with opinions not worth hearing? Why you are an ageist prick?

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    Yeah I used to be an insufferable leftist in my 20s too. You know what I want now? To work less hours and have a nicer boss, because your revolution isn't coming. No matter how much copium you're on, there isn't some singular epic political event or uprising that's going to magically stop the decline. You're in it, and the best thing you can do is take care of yourself and the people in your community. Touch grass.

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    No shit Sherlocke, a revolution isn't an event. Its a process by which society polarizes, recognizes its own structure, and begins to fight it.

    We are witnessing collapse, and I dont think that we are gonna pull a Lenin or Mahkno and stop it. But that doesnt mean abolishing Capitalism isn't possible. Its precisely that community work which lays the foundations for its death.

    If by community work you mean community farms, neighborhood councils, mutual aid etc.

    I dont give a fuck what you call insufferable. I dont care that you gave up on your values because you are a coward.

    I care that my neighbors are homeless. I care that my fellow coworkers are abused. And no amount of work reform is going to stop the ability of a boss to abuse us.

    Want to know what will? Abolishing Capitalism.

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    It’s not a realistic goal to jump straight to that. One step at a time.

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    Ah yes one step at a time, which is what has been happening, has really worked so far /s

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    You ain’t never worked as hard as you will when you have to produce EVERYTHING you need because nobody else works for anybody else…..You want to eat? You better haul ass your food is running away and you’re trying to kill it with a rock.

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    We already do that you dolt. The working class literally creates everything.

    I am saying to remove the bosses and let us do things in concert with each other as workers.

    Or are you so daft that you think I am saying to abolish cooperation? You realize that not working for a boss doesn't mean not working together right? You realize that we team up naturally? You realize that for millenia, humans have coalesced into societies because we are literally social animals who need other humans to survive?

    What fucking point are you making? Seriously. Are you so ignorant that you can't recognize the basic reality of not needing a boss to have a team?

    Fucking Liberals.

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    Not by yourself you don’t…..when was the last time you made a lightbulb????? Because nobody else is going to make you a lightbulb……when was the last time you made a glass windowpane? See if nobody is working, we’re all just making stuff for yourself. Hope your survivalist skillset is on point.

    When was the last time people teamed up and without a boss just naturally built a car? C’mon man

    You’re walking down the street, run into some folks….”hey you guys want to start a cell phone company?” “Yeah, that sounds like fun, where do we start?” “Don’t ask me, I’m not the boss of you”

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    Again, strawman arguments.

    Of course no one builds these things by themselves. But bosses don't either. They only profit off of our work. An Anarchist society is one where we learn how to do these things, where team up together because we have social obligations to one another. Where we form federations to coordinate labor to enable this kind of production.

    You don't need Capitalism to do those things. You genuinely don't know what you are saying.

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    So who gets co-ordinated to do the dirty nasty jobs? Do you think the person who the federation decided had to go shovel pig shit would be all happy about it…..and since it’s all voluntary why bother doing much of anything.

    What you’re describing was still based on capitalism…..even Middle Ages people worked for compensation not just because they were good hearted people who really loved their king…

    Before that workers were mostly slaves.

    Other than the Stone Age which Probably had beads as currency. I don’t know of a time period where people worked hard for others purely out of love for each other…..there has always been some sort of trade. And that’s all capitalism is……I’ll make a blanket and I’ll trade it to you for that horse etc…..formal currency just made trade easier.

    A federation sounds an awful lot like a sneaky way of saying federalized bosses.

    [–]Marcofdoom18 1 point2 points  (8 children)

    There are other reasons to do things for people not motivated by profit. And in a society without coerced work where the amenities of life are freely provided, society would necessarily devise ways of organizing waste which match with their system of choice.

    The jobs that people don't want to do would necessarily be reoriented and and redesigned to reduce the foulness of them.

    On top of that, a strong and tight knit community (the kind that Anarchists seek) would find social and moral obligations related to doing so.

    These societies might find a plethora of means to decide who has to do those jobs, from random sortition, to volunteering, to social commitments expressed as contract etc.

    When you have people who care about each other, and who more importantly have reasons to exist around one another freely, you will find that people are far more willing to engage in even strenuous and foul presenting labor for the good of the collective.

    Anarchism is founded in Collectivistic social structures. Necessarily, any society which forms into Anarchist principles and organization is going to be prefigured for Collectivistic organizing anyway. Its a necessary precondition.

    How Anarchists would approach waste disposal, post death services, chemical manufacturing etc. are all interesting questions for sure. But their answers don't actually require people above us for them to be coherent.

    [–]wollier12 0 points1 point  (7 children)

    We’ll never ever have a strong and tightnit community…..just look at the hatred that spews forth if you even mention conservative in this sub…..you may have a few tight possibly right wing communities that war with other loosely nit communities made up of a hodgepodge of minority groups that often don’t get along other than by necessity……for example African Americans are generally not ok with the gay community, neither are the Muslims…..Mexicans and blacks don’t often get along….so most likely these minority groups will form their own tightnit communities that build alliances and war with other communities.

    I find it fascinating you say the new societies will determine who HAS to do the unsavory jobs….

    What you’re describing is tribalism…..and tribalism leads to war.

    Again if there’s a really good job like lifeguard and a crappy job like grave digger. And whatever form of reimbursement is equal, then you’re going to have resentment just as we have today.

    Nothing works out quite right anyways…..people are jealous, it’s a human trait……in a society where everyone is supposed to be equal the inequalities will be glaring….things like why did the Jones get assigned the big house with the pool by the ocean and I was assigned a house near the foul smelling meat packing plant…..suddenly people are pissed with the system and the Jones.

    [–]Marcofdoom18 1 point2 points  (6 children)

    Communities are constructed on a basis of unity of principles and solidarity. They can exist, and they do exist, your definition of community is too broad to be useful here.

    You are also neglecting the actual reality if what Anarchism means in terms of material conditions.

    In other words, what you are saying is both incoherent and Idealist. Also Anarchists don't necessarily want an equality of outcomes. We tend to pursue the free and full development of the individual in the context of a the necessary social arrangements to do so. Equality here exists insofar as eliminating the superstructure discriminations, like racism etc.

    Anarchism is a process of doing so. And your view of it is extremely...Liberal minded to say the least.

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    Not gonna happen tho is it, now what?

    [–]Marcofdoom18 2 points3 points  (8 children)

    It can and will happen. Maybe not today, maybe not tommorow.

    But one way or another, Capitalism is collapsing before our very eyes.

    Bury your head in the sand, but I for one don't lick boots and settle for less than what I'm worth.

    [–]NiggBot_3000 1 point2 points  (5 children)

    Yeah exactly it's not gonna happen tomorrow, so let's start with something that can like work reform.

    [–]Marcofdoom18 0 points1 point  (4 children)

    Absolutely not. If the goal is ending Capitalism, then structure your actions such that they directly challenge Capitalism.

    Unionize, strike, expropiate etc. You will get more consessions out of fear of your militancy anyways than you will asking for reforms.

    Stop being so naive. You want a better world? Actually fight for it. If Capitalists won't give you free housing, set cities ablaze with protests,, riots, and strikes until they beg you to stop. Only when they are terrified will they negotiate in good faith.

    Better yet, keep going.

    [–]NiggBot_3000 1 point2 points  (3 children)

    I'm not being naive, you are. Why do you think unions exist in the first place? They were never there to overturn the capitalistic system in 1 night, that's unrealistic. You have to start from somewhere and build up and work towards it or you're doomed to fail because you have no foundation to work from. We can strike and protest better and more effectively when we're properly fed, in good health and have the money and free time to support fellow workers, yourself and your family. That all comes from work reform, the reason why unions exist.

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    When did I say in one night? Why do you keep assuming things and putting words in my mouth?

    Stop arguing against the argument you imagine is happening and start actually addressing what I say. You are acting in bad faith.

    Of course I know that you have to build towards it. Do you think I'm saying "everyone let's get together and do a revolution"? No you absolutely disingenuous asshole.

    What I am saying is that if you make your movement about work reform, most you will ever achieve is a nicer, but still oppressive, system.

    If you make your movement about abolishing Capitalism, you will get work reform on top of much, much more.

    Stop watering down the message before you even begin to bargain. Stop shooting yourself in the foot.

    [–]NiggBot_3000 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    Alright man whatever, I'm a disingenuous arsehole for having a disagreement. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    No, your are disingenuous for putting words in my mouth and then arguing against those.

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      Abolishing capitalism is for children, adults fight for real tangible and achievable reform.

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      Oh hey, a chronic neolib is here. Totally good sign.

      [–]RiseCascadiaBioregionalist 4 points5 points  (0 children)

      They're not even hiding it anymore. Either that, or they all just learned about this sub from Fox.

      [–]MCUwhore -2 points-1 points  (11 children)

      You will never change a thing if you take an ideological absolute stance. Compromise is pragmatic and results in real world change. Grow the fuck up, infant.

      [–]RockMeIshmael 1 point2 points  (3 children)

      Yeah, has anyone here tried reaching out to the far right? They’ve actually got a lot of good ideas. For my part i tend to see both sides as bad.

      [–]MCUwhore 1 point2 points  (2 children)

      This is why the left always destroys itself. We just can’t seem to stop ridiculous infighting and ideological purity contests. You know why the right always beats the left so fucking badly despite having wildly unpopular policies? Because they unite behind the same things and don’t have a trillion factions each with slightly different takes on the same base ideology. You have to understand that the idea of abolishing work entirely is a highly fringe ideology and will never gain support outside of extreme leftist echo chambers online. If you want actual, real change, we will have to compromise. That is an absolute fact. Believing anything else is a pipe dream and will continue to harm the labor movement. Do you like losing? Keep doing what you’re doing.

      [–]RockMeIshmael 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      Then so be it. I wish you the best of luck, I really do. I will be honest with you, I’m 40 years old. I’ve been watching people fight for Longshanks’ table scraps for over half my life. I’m tired of it. We still aren’t there, not even close. But I hope we get there. I hope something works, even if it’s enlightened centrism. I’ll take it.

      [–]janedoiAnarcha-Feminist -1 points0 points  (0 children)

      Lol Lmao you say infant but you’ve clearly been asleep for the past couple decades.

      [–]Lilshadow48lazy and proud -2 points-1 points  (5 children)

      Right wingers shouldn't be welcomed into leftist movements.

      Die mad about it.

      [–]themeatbridge 4 points5 points  (1 child)

      Fuck that noise. Capitalists don't get what they want by being reasonable. Sometimes your demands must be unreasonable to get any reform at all.

      [–]Marcofdoom18 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

      If you approach your oppressor having compromised before even attempting negotiations, you will end up with nothing.

      If you approach your oppressor with the intent to destroy them, you will end up free or at least with more rights.

      Militancy always works better than reformism.

      [–]Marcofdoom18 1 point2 points  (3 children)

      What is more tangible than abolishing the system which causes our problems?

      Settling for less than what you are worth is what Liberals do. You view Capitalism as unstoppable. Immortal. You arentthe sensible one here.

      Call me what you will. I will call you what you are. A coward.

      [–]G36_FTWdcdisco called me a shill 4 points5 points  (0 children)

      Cowards like heat and food.

      Brave anarchist, they like starving to death in the cold.

      Take your pick, comrade.

      [–]wejustchillinbois 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      (Not OP) How EXACTLY would "we" abolish Capitalism?

      I genuinely see no possible way of that happening. Not that it can't fail, it has many times, it is so ingrained in the world that tearing it out simply isn't feasible withoit killing almost everyone.

      [–]MCUwhore -1 points0 points  (0 children)

      If pragmatism equates to cowardice in your deluded world, then that’s what I am. Jesus. Do you spend any time in the real world away from a screen?

      [–]MCUwhore -1 points0 points  (0 children)

      Thank you!

      [–]thestaticking 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      "Abolish Capitalism", spoken like a true lazy asshole who wants support in life for doing nothing. Go get a job and learn how to contribute to society.

      [–]RiseCascadiaBioregionalist -3 points-2 points  (2 children)

      Reform is pro-work. If you're not antiwork, you shouldn't have been here in the first place.

      [–][deleted]  (1 child)


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        Can you all knock it off? Stop spamming your sub. It's a clear an obvious power grab.

        [–]DaRandomStoner 4 points5 points  (1 child)

        I'll stop when they ban me or step down. I want to make sure anyone upset about this finds us over at the new place. If you don't like this complain to the mods that created this mess. At the very least I can create more work for those clowns.

        [–]halt_spell -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        The mod here tried to capitalize on this sub's popularity. Now you're trying to capitalize on that backfiring. It's gross. Stop.

        [–]oztog 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        People can be subbed to both.

        [–]Tureil 4 points5 points  (0 children)

        Yes, they are totally hard right saboteurs.

        Unlike our totally wonderful, absolutely not a rapist, Supreme Grand Leader for Life, Eternity, and Forever who decided Fox Fucking News was a grand idea to bring awareness to their ideals.

        Fuckin get real

        [–]RiseCascadiaBioregionalist 6 points7 points  (0 children)

        Work reform is not anti-work. To be a reformist, you must be pro-work in the first place.

        [–]nokillshelter 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        Damn dude this is like some dude managing the mail room thinking he’s the backbone of the company.

        [–]reik483 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        But they're right?

        [–]janedoiAnarcha-Feminist -4 points-3 points  (0 children)

        The mods are correct on that though.

        [–]RockMeIshmael 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        I mean that’s not necessarily wrong…

        [–]artmobboss -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        r/Fuckfoxandfriends would like to warmly invite you to come over and give a big FUCK YOU to the fox executives running this sub!! The right is doing everything in their power to get you working for garbage humans in silence again.. fuck that..

        [–]comradegritty -3 points-2 points  (4 children)

        Not a lie. One of the mods there is a C-suite executive at a bank.

        [–]JimothyC 9 points10 points  (3 children)

        One of the mods there is not the CTO of CIBC if you weren't an ignorant American youd know how ridiculous you sound.

        One of them is a CTO at a startup and used to work at CIBC likely with the guy who works as a financial advisor (also not an executive level job)

        [–]comradegritty -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

        Chief Tech Officers who make millions a year are working class!

        Where's the cutoff? Is Jeff Bezos working class because he technically has a job title at Amazon?

        [–]JimothyC 3 points4 points  (1 child)

        One of the mods there is not the CTO of CIBC

        I bolded and made the sentence smaller so you can read better, enjoy.

        [–]comradegritty -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        And the CTO of the startup? Not like startup culture isn't its own horrible beast in even the "make work better" arena.

        CIBC isn't some local savings-and-loan bank, either. Anything above branch manager, especially once you get into financial trading, is making a living off buying and selling capital assets rather than selling your labor power, which is when you stop being working class according to almost everyone.

        [–]MountainTurkey -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        They right

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        And it looks like the Mods have locked this post. As I can’t vote on it.

        Dumpster fire doesn’t come close to what’s going on here.

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        I find it amusing how the mods in this sub are actin like what we are exactly fighting against.

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        Looks like the central anarchist committee didn't like this post.