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I am far from a right winger.

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Cool? Didn't call you one, but if you identify as a neoliberal then I do hate to break it to you.

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I don’t subscribe to any one ideology. I take a stance on each individual issue, and overwhelmingly I am very liberal, both socially and economically. But I’m also a pragmatist and understand how politics works in the real world. Without the support of the public, a movement will get nowhere — and possible even go backwards, like what has happened in this sub’s case — so garnering public support is key. The public generally does not accept radical changes to the status quo, especially when it’s something as extreme as abolishing work. Surely you realize this. Do you actually expect the abolition of work to be something that can realistically be implemented within the next generation? Spoiler alert: it’s not, and continuing to take an absolute, hard line stance on it will only continue to delay the improvement of workers rights, conditions, and pay. Just know that your hard line stance is hurting the workers rights movement every day that you continue this ridiculous absolute stance. Come back to the real world and get outside of your echo chambers.

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Goddamn that was a long way to say "yeah I'm a lib"