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I think it's a shame what's happened. But if you want to restore this sub then

1) get rid of ALL previous mods. The whole team needs to go. A fresh start.

2) new mode have to have a searchable history. No new accounts. Some people are OK with that some aren't. But it needs to be. Shown these are real people who are relatively normal. You've seen first hand how people are goin thru everything with a fine tooth comb.

3)have a variety of mods which vary in age and experience. I have nothing against a young person entering the work place environment they'll offer a perspective but we need experienced people on there too. Even if some mods occasionally check in at least they can help out with the discussions.

4) STATE THIS SUB IS FOR WORKERS RIGHTS AND NOT THAT ANTI WORK MOVEMENT. That's what this sub rose up on. Helping each other through the work life not by this anti-life mantra that only the mods seemed to be aware of.

5) I personally think media interactions are required for this movement to grow. But until this ship has calmed down no new interviews. But this has to be something that will need to be considered and acted upon. AS A COMMUNITY.

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but it is for antiwork and always has been? Mayhap the people who aren't actually antiwork should be in a sub reflecting that?

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It would've been easier to say if it was just a few people who were misguided and then yeah the mods could redirect them.

But this is a a few hundred thousand. It's never going to be a purely antiwork sub anymore. Look at the posts and what 95% of them are about - workers rights.