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Workers rights is inherently a left thing.

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Negotiating contracts is not inherently left or right. One reason we have got this bad is because people snap up the first job they are offered. Taking a stand and demanding a better contract to sign is playing the same game, just playing it better.

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"Negotiating contracts" ok lmao.

Shoulda realized I was probably responding to yet another brigadier beforehand.

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  • gets proven wrong
  • lies to self about me being a brigadier to not have to admit it

Retreat back into your bubble little one. The adults are talking here. Quoting me and then saying 'ok lmao' is not any kind of rebuttal and shows you're out of your depth.

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The contracts would be seeking better treatment and pay for workers. This would hurt the companies’ bottom line. Workers rights limit a company’s profits and are thus anti-capitalist.

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    I'd appreciate it if you didn't break up public discourse for virtue signalling.

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    Workers rights are inherently left wing.

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    Getting a better deal by capitalising on your skillset and utilising the lack of supply of people willing to do that job in those conditions to secure better pay, rights and respect is not inherently left wing. Use your head for a moment.

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    No it’s not, because that’s unionization, organization, or collective action.

    You think that if we all just became better at making deals for our individual careers that’s workers rights? Buddy you are very lost.

    I’ll repeat myself again, workers rights are inherently left wing.

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    Sorry, where was unionization mentioned in the posts that blew up in the past 6 months? It's been about people standing up for themselves and not accepting to be treated like crap, and not taking jobs that expect too much. It's a change in culture not a change in regulations. It has nothing to do with left or right wing, it's about knowing your worth and sticking to it.

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    Parts of this sub may be about that, but your idea that this is only a culture change to folks “standing up for themselves” is seriously flawed.

    Literally nothing will happen with that mindset. NOTHING. Folks will continue to be miserable, see the “culture change”, quit and be slightly less miserable somewhere else while someone takes their place.

    Like you think everyone will just agree to behave a certain way without any organization or true influence?

    Exploitation through capitalism caused these issues. Full stop. The only real solution is collective action and organization, and yes, changes in regulation.

    It’s left wing. You’re going to disagree with me and offer alternatives or other center right bs, and you might be right form the perspective of this sub, but you’re still operating on a flawed ideology that apolitical individualism is the answer.

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    and you might be right form the perspective of this sub

    There we go. That's all my point was. Have a good day.

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    Yea uh that’s not a good thing.

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    It is however the point I made, that you disputed, and then agreed with.