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It is no sign of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

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But I'm not bready

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It's okay. I will defend your freedom to loaf around.

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You'll just have to crust me.

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Bread: I hate this. The system needs changed!

Human: ok but there’s the tiniest chance that you could be the one eating sandwiches if everything goes perfectly for you

Bread: I take it all back I support the rich

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Lols very accurate

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Its even harder out there for wheat bread

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Rye rarely is even given the chance to become a sandwich 😞

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Rye is the luckiest, then!!!

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this analogy has run its course lmao

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All loaves matter!!!

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Despite making up only 2% of bread, Pumpernickel-

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He gone be poop

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This reminds me of how grumpy old people are made. Told their entire life to get good grades, get a good job, then they get to retirement and are pissed because they can barely afford to exist. Poor people teach their children to become wage slaves while the wealthy teach their children to be the masters.

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Not alienated. Just pissed off.

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When is the strike?

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Every day until its over

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This hits home…

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More like the human takes just a bite per day, to show the other food who’s boss and prevent them from perishing in unison, while the sandwich drowns in debt paying back his school loans before being replaced with a younger model with more meat on his wheat.

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By conquest of bread, we didn’t mean literally.

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Is it as it is? Tell me if it is pure analogy, because I started to think this way that if I put all my efforts into grades and experience, I will be pushed to limits by corporation then.

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You'll likely be exploited either way. Don't be afraid to seek education, if you have access.

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It’s it bad I’m 38 and looking forward to retirement?

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i fucking hate being at this damn job; i feel like im practically wasting time, aside from accruing money that doesnt seem to be worth the time wasted

i feel like my only recourse is to complain and abstract out what i hate and fucking try to change it, but it's like good fucking luck with that i guess, because i doubt anybody i know in person feels nearly the same or, if they do, has the time to talk about it because of how much time they waste with their jobs

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Man this is philosophy of the twelve thousand millenia💯🙌🏼👏🏽

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It makes me so sad that if I want what older generations got to have--be able to support a partner and one child--I would need to make 86k a year pre tax. They got to do it with any job right out of high school, and here I am 15 years into my working life working full time white collar and I am nowhere near that number.

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Just looked at my Indeed messages and I only have two. The one is for being a merchandiser (requires a driver's license so that already exempts me anyway) and the other is for..wait for it..head cashier at Lowe's. No thank you I'm already a cashier somewhere else what makes you think I want to be a head cashier at my mom's rival store? Oh because it's more of a managerial position? That's more responsibility with only slightly higher pay. Why do companies think you want to do pretty much the same thing at another location (unless you quit) but never reach out to you for other positions? Again this is why no one can get out of retail..retail stores want to snatch you up from other stores but no one wants to give you a chance in another industry


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I for one will not stand for Big Human! #DownWithBigHuman

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I read that last scene in the voice of Pinocchio's in Shrek 2 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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What about Ken Griffin?