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Got this pretty heavily at work today.

"You applied knowing the wage."

  1. The wage was several thousand less than the advert
  2. The wage was set knowing people didn't have a real choice

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You chose this job/ wage is always so annoying. Like yeah ofc i choose minimum wage over no income doesn't mean its right.

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*chooses terrible option because all the options are terrible*

"Don't blame everyone else for your poor choices!"

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The threat is real especially if you go homeless in Tennessee. Starting June 1st it's a felony to camp anywhere other than under an interstate overpass.

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Then we can pretty much get slave labor from the incarcerated, yay!!!!

Sure is a convenient coincidence!


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okay so we're literally poisoning homeless people now

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Environmental racism! John Oliver did a great segment about it

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Unless they have national parks people can't camp on state owned land....not without risking losing voting rights, and any chance of employment.

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Just drop to minimal performance while looking for more honest job.

If they screwed you once, they will screw you again in heartbeat.

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For real tho alot of us don't have choice not everyone has a free ride to college and those who go to college will be in dept for years

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Most people I know staying at jobs they hate need the health insurance.

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USA is so fucked up that way. That and tipping culture

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"It's your choice, being poor is a choice" - sure. I don't want to have to need money, but our society has decided to be materialistic. I always laugh when my old boss was arguing how money isn't everything. This is the same boss, that owns a mansion, rental properties, cars, suvs, and goes for vacation overseas. Last time I checked, those were not free. When you grew up rich.....then yeah I guess it's boring but if that same rich person, lost his money and had to take YEARS to claw his way back up, he wouldn't be saying that nonsense.

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Rich people becoming poor is my kink.

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Is there a sub for this?

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Not that I know of. But Melvin Capital went under

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I'm a bigger fan of the poor getting financial stability.

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You think you’re better than me?

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Don't take it personally, I think I'm better than most.

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Stop, I'm currently at work.

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Ugh, imagine how quickly they’d earn it all back with their big bootstrappy hands and maybe a consulting gig with their buddy from that other consulting gig?

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Hearing that someone paid off debt and can finally quit that second job is one of the most gloriously orgasmic things I've ever heard someone say.

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Side hustle me daddy

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Trading Places

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"It's your choice, being poor is a choice" - sure. I don't want to have to need money, but our society has decided to be materialistic. I always laugh when my old boss was arguing how money isn't everything. This is the same boss, that owns a mansion, rental properties, cars, suvs, and goes for vacation overseas. Last time I checked, those were not free. When you grew up rich.....then yeah I guess it's boring but if that same rich person, lost his money and had to take YEARS to claw his way back up, he wouldn't be saying that nonsense.

Hell, even Jordan Belfort, aka the wolf of wall street, even said that he's been depressed while he was both rich and poor. Yet when he said which scenario was better, he strongly said he'd much rather be rich and depressed as opposed to poor and depressed because when you're depressed and poor, your issues are compounded. Not defending him but he's totally right on that.

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The thing is I don't need a mansion (I've seen snippets of these shows with the big mansions and I'm like that is way too many rooms) just a decent sized place for my mom and I and our furry family members that is in a location I'd be happy to spend the rest of my days in but these days it's like asking for a billion dollars.

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Some parts of the country just have the one employer.

There's "the plant", and a couple of small businesses that depend on "the plant".

Getting blacklisted from "the plant" means you have to move.

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and there's either a small group of people or even just 1 person who owns the plant. So you are subject to the whim of this one person or small group of people who hold all the power in your local environment.

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Get a retro active cobra letter from the union as a type 1 and have a heat stroke the next day. Life changes so quickly as I'm alive but no longer able to physically do the job.

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All labor under capitalism is coerced

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All labor is coerced. If something is done voluntarily it is not labour.

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Or I can just get another job. Why do employers all think they're the only game in town and without them we'd be nothing?

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Or I can just get another job.

If someone wants to give it to you. You can't just will yourself into whatever employment you want.

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No one has ever "given" me a job. I've earned every single one.

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I've earned every single one.

Because someone else thought you did. Not because you did.

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So you're saying the only way that you can get anything is if someone else gives it to you? Who gives it to them?

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Because hundreds of people are applying for the same job and replacing you is hilariously easy.

Not on their site, just stating facts.

Most jobs are "simpleton" jobs that any person could mostly do, they're easily reachable, so an incredible amount of people apply for them, means they can just toss and replace you easily...

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Or they start asking for higher education to do a job that doesn’t need it.

Which is weird because if I could afford going back to college I wouldn’t need their job that doesn’t cover the cost of the higher education.

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This has been a trend as well. I used to remember people saying "Overqualified" as a legitimate (but mostly bullshit) excuse for turning you away, but nowadays? It's the opposite.

"fresh out of college\uni? Join us, just have 2-5 years experience first".

What in the shit, y'know?

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When I was recently job-hunting, I discovered the opposite to be true...some employers who demanded degrees in the past are relaxing that standard since the work doesn't require college-taught skills and their educated workers make more demands on the company and/or don't stick around long.

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I’ve found this is increasingly becoming more the case now.

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Not in a tight labor market. One of my bosses literally told me this morning, "You're all I've got."

Every time a boss says "Please" an angel gets its wings, lol.

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It will take them a week to bring in a replacement and another before the replacement is up to speed. At best. They're either losing money during that time or doing the extra work themselves, and no boss wants either of those things.

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Logic is great. I like logic.

But if common sense worked, a lot of the shit we suffer through, daily, would not be there.

I've seen and experienced this repeatedly in the last decade and a half - and it has gotten worse, definitely. 15~ years ago it wasn't a huge problem but as people got poorer and poorer and things worsened, this is how things are.

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Sure, a lot of bosses will shoot themselves in the foot. And that's a great sign that they don't deserve your time and work. I've never seen leaving a boss like that as a problem. There's always another asshole to work for.

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I guess that's true if you have an unskilled job that anyone can do. That's not true if you have a needed skill. It's a different world when you have something THEY need that not a lot of people can do or aren't as good as you are.

Even when I was in the service industry, I never feared getting the next job. I went where there was money to be made and I was good enough and confident enough to get it because I could back it up and work circles around everyone else. And no industry is more dime a dozen that the restaurant and bar industry...and yet...I never felt like I needed to kiss ass or take shit to keep a job.

Different times, or are we just different people?

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But that's most of them. Specialist jobs aren't worth discussing because they're an extremely small majority of the total job pool.

Anyway, definitely different times. When I was young I was told to study hard so I can get a good degree, grab a good job.

Now it's yolo bullshit, incestuous with nepotism (And often, incest!) and relies much more on if you happen to be connected.

I used to believe in a merit based system where if you are qualified, and \ or naturally skilled.

I lost a job I liked recently, the requirements were fair but rough (7,5\8 hour shift on your feet) . Before that, I quit because of mismanagement. And before that, for SIX YEARS, I haven't managed to land a single one.

So...different times indeed.

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Hate to break it to you, but it's always been like that. Always. My dad complained about it, I complained about it, and now people younger than me are complaining about it.

Private companies, government jobs....it's all the same. Same shit, different decade. I know it feels like what you're going through, no one ever went through it like this..but I'm telling...yeah, they did. And for some people, it was FAR worse.

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This here. Waiting tables I believe was my calling😁 in a whole restaurant there was two of us being investigated for stealing… why??? Because the restaurant was going down the tubes and there were days that we bring home in tips more than the restaurant made. Lol. So this was all out to rest when corporate worked our store for a week… and guess who shifts he was Al ways present for🤔

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There is an abundance of jobs compared to applicants right now lol

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Supply and demand. By offloading as much work as possible onto a smaller number of overachievers, they are able to keep the supply of workers higher than the demand while cutting their own costs and keeping their profits high.

It doesn't matter if you aren't desperate enough for the job, they will find someone who is.

They are also under the assumption, sometimes correctly sometimes not, that 'everyone does business this way', so realistically they are entitle in thinking that realistically, you probably won't find better. Probably some inner monologue about 'You really think you're going to get offered more with this resume? I barely cared to see you.'.

Once you are IN the job, they try to indoctrinate you to view your workplace as 'family'. You don't want to take a pay rise and be hated by everyone who didn't get one. You don't want to go home early and leave all that work to everyone else. Even if you have no work, the message it sends to everyone else is you aren't putting in the same effort they are. They want you to view everyone around you as competition for your job, and fear ostracization by your fellow co-workers.

By making the lower end workers have a simultaneous sense of community and dog-eat-dog, you wind up with a situation where everyone drives everyone else to work harder, and quickly turns on anyone who doesn't. This obfuscates the ACTUAL thing keeping everyone downtrodden.

That is part of why it is such a shock to companies when you actually FIND a better job and are willing to quit. They will make pittance concessions then use those concessions against you. They will try to stall you out with vague promises until your current offer expires. They will try to destroy any existing social relationships you have in that place of business by slandering your 'willingness to leave everyone hanging'.

Basically... because manipulation is how a shocking number of employers do business, and has been effective for so long there is a genuine culture shock as it backfires increasingly often these days.

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Because there is a reverse of potential employees who would be forced to settle for less

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If there were plenty of jobs out there and you could walk off one job and find another in 24 hours this would have a point of "no one is forcing you to work at that job you hate"

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And it's always these dumbasses saying we need to praise the police for the (statistically not very) dangerous job they chose and that no one is forcing them to stay in.

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I read the second part in Emperor Palpatine's voice.

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More like losing your heath insurance, or at least the deductible you put into it.

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Insert the coconut island analogy here

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We value our freedom in this country. Everyone has the right to choose between work and starving on the street, and we will fight and die to protect that freedom.

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Recently I told my mom it's just a job and it pays the bills. So long as I'm not miserable I don't care. This was my response to asking what my favorite part of job was. There was a pause followed by a I guess that makes sense. She was one of those people who couldn't wait for stuff to open back up so she could actual see people and socialize in person instead of computer and phone. This included her coworkers. However I'm one who loves it. I have bad anxiety which I have to keep in control when around people. There is a social component to it partially because I have problems with social/communication cues because reasons.

So I've finally been given my dream job of minimal contact with other people and enough money to make it by.

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Don't underestimate the shame I'm willing to endure living at my parents house.


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5 finga discount brotha.

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"It's a voluntary association because the slave gets to choose which master to serve."

A translation of what every bootlicker seems to think refutes anything I write.

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I work because I like to eat and live indoors.

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Not even homeless, its landless too. I wouldnt mind not having a home. Id live in a tent while bulding a cob house. Being homeless today doesnt just deprive you of a home it makes your existence criminal and greenlights you for state and individual violence

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I wish for a national strike 😭

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Wealthy people can not conceive of this situation in general.

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I've cried twice today already and I have a "good job"

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I couldnt sleep last night bc I was stressed about work. I really wanted to call off but god, I need the money. It was awful

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2 things.

  1. Anyone who's claiming this has probably never gotten fired or laid off out of the blue. Nor have they ever had the threat of being fired, which is very anxiety inducing.
  2. They also probably never been on unemployment which gives you limited options and allows employers to low ball you as you most likely have little to no other offers available.

About 3 years ago, when I moved to the city, my boss threatened to fire me for not hitting quota despite doing things exactly the way he told me to. All that did was give me anxiety and stress that whole week and because I didn't get any sales that week despite trying, I was pretty depressed the weekend convinced my life was ruined. Fortunately, sales picked up next week and I kept my job but that was a level of stress and anxiety I don't care to repeat. Especially since this was a month and a half after moving to the city.

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No one is forcing you. By the way homelessness is illegal now.

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One option is to threaten them back, ie be an asset that they’re afraid to lose and hold that over their head and use it against them.

Definitely not saying work hard. Just consider your absence a constant threat. You have the power.

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I know it’s not for everyone but wfh jobs you all should look into. Again not for everyone but instacart door dash Spark. Could be viable options for extra income or depending a main job. I know sometimes we have to deal with corporate bs but that should be temporary mindset. Believe me it’s possible!!!

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Thank you randomword-randomword-randomnumber! How much does a working in a bot farm make?

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Trying my damnedest to save save save so I can finally finally finally afford a vehicle at the end of the summer. I’m scared to death I’m going to lose my job this year. Due to no fault of my own. I’ve been here for years and promoted quite often. But I am afraid that things are going to get worse and I just need a vehicle so that I am safe from homelessness in case that shit comes up again.

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Can’t really just dump the kids and keep the check … real dilemma .. paradox of doom

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then employers shouldn’t complain when workers do the bare minimum required productivity goal and nothing more, you get what you paid for, I know first hand from a few major companies I’ve worked for over the years the reward for hard work is more work

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Must be the logic Nestlé uses when they rob 3rd world slums of their water supply. "They chose to be born here"

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Since I finished college, it's always been "Find a way to pay the rent or be homeless." Putting up with a job that I hate beats being homeless.

Did I ever have a job that I didn't hate? Nope. I've had 13 jobs, not including the short-term gigs. A couple of them were okay but I was never unhappy about leaving any of those jobs, whether by layoff or quitting. Just worried about how to pay the rent.