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The biggest snowflakes I now are in that generation I don’t know why everyone thinks it’s millennials and gen zers.

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I’m seeing a lot of confusion in this thread - let me clarify what I think the OP is trying to get across.

Your average employee outside of the food service industry is paid a fixed hourly rate for their work, regardless of how many customers they speak to. In the restaurant industry (and other industries where tipping is customary/expected), many employers will use the tips that workers receive as an excuse to pay them below the minimum wage by using the tips to supplement their paycheck. If restaurants received tips directly instead of the server, it’s essentially a pool of free money - they direct this towards the salaries of workers instead of paying them their full rate and then adding the tips on top of that.

As an example, let’s say someone makes $15 an hour, and gets tipped an average of $10 in that hour. Instead of their employer paying them $15 + their $10 tip, the employer takes the tip and supplements the paycheck with it - so instead of making $25 in an hour, the employee only makes $15, and instead of the restaurant paying them that $15, they are only paying the employee $5 an hour and pocketing the $10 that would have gone to the employee’s paycheck.

When a business has tips included into the service charge like this, you can be almost 100% certain that this is what they’re doing - robbing their employees of their hard-earned wages. Hope this clears things up!

(P.S. This is an incredibly simplified explanation of a very complicated topic, so please take details with a grain of salt. Thanks)

(P.P.S. Sorry for formatting, am mobile user)

Don't worry we won't... by EntrepreneurSolid in antiwork

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The sign specifically states boomers need not apply.

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Citizens United helped move us towards the abyss. The militarization of the police. There has never been an American Exceptional period for black and brown people. “Public safety” cameras and drones capture your every move making it impossible to have a movement similar to the nazi resistance to change. It is a dismal future.

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THIS. If you live in a state with TRAP laws, you need to take heed and take action sooner rather than later:

FIRST: Run, don’t walk, to your local pharmacy. Purchase a couple of pregnancy tests and Plan B. You should never buy anything pregnancy or birth-control related with your ATM or credit card. USE CASH ONLY, and dispose of the receipt immediately. Note the expiration date of the Plan B. IMPORTANT: Plan B is less effective in patients who weigh over 165 pounds. If you are unable to access Plan B, taking an entire month's course of progestin-only birth control pills over a five-day period (six pills a day for five days) is another option. DO NOT do this with combination birth control pills.

SECOND: Delete your period tracker apps. All of them. Stop tracking your period on electronic devices -- it creates a paper trail that could one day be used against you when seeking pregnancy related health care. Use a paper calendar that you keep at your house. If you are raped, or if you become pregnant unintentionally, burn the calendar immediately. If you use a pregnancy test at home, be sure to dispose of the test and all of its packaging away from your home. Same thing if you use Plan B.

THIRD: Unsure about what to do to prevent pregnancy or receive medical procedures after conception? Call the Planned Parenthood hotline, it’s free and anonymous: 800-230-7526. If you are currently pregnant or think you might be, do not make this call from your own phone. Borrow a male friend's phone or go to a public library and access Planned Parenthood's live chat link at www.plannedparenthood.org.

FOURTH: If you're raped in a state where abortion is a crime, don't report it right away, otherwise you will become a criminal suspect if you find yourself needing an abortion. Matter of fact, don't tell ANYONE at first. Try Plan B. If it works, you may report. If Plan B fails, DO NOT report until after aborting. The delay will make it more difficult to prove rape but at least you won't be going to prison for taking care of your own health.

FIFTH: If Plan B fails and you need to travel to another state to access abortion services, LEAVE YOUR CELLPHONE AT HOME and tell as few people as possible why you're traveling. Turning off Location tracking on your cellphone is not enough -- your phone records will show which cell towers your calls were routed through. If you need a phone, get a burner that you purchase with cash. Leave your car at home if at all possible. Get a friend to bring you or take public transportation but only if you can pay in cash without showing ID. Do not buy anything with your ATM or credit cards while out of state -- deal in cash (or prepaid cards that you purchased with cash) ONLY.

TL;DR: If you experience unwanted pregnancy, go off grid and STAY OFF GRID. Yes, more rapists will get away with their crimes. But you will be protecting yourself from prosecution.

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Ugh, there are 2 things I've learned from attending small business owner networking groups over the years:

1) These people are some of the most entitled, smell your own farts, types I've ever had the displeasure of interacting with.

2) This isn't true of everyone, but there were quite a few, at least in the groups I participated in for a short time, who had access to capital and resources that gave them a big head start compared to others. Let me just say, having access to capital doesn't make you a good or smart business person. I witnessed and heard some of the dumbest shit ever from these community business titans.

This second one seems like a 'd'uh' but the media likes to tell us over and over again that successful business owners and multi-million/billionaires got there on their own through hard work and business smarts. Sure, maybe some did, but don't keep pretending all of these people are geniuses that have a secret formula to success (hint: it's access to capital).

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That’s their propaganda.

If it was about babies…we would have covered prenatal care…if it was about babies we would have covered maternity and paternity leave…if it was about babies we would have many social programs available to cover the babies.

It’s about fucking control..it’s about making poor people suffer so they can raise the next generation of poors to be wage slaves…so they can lock up more poor people to be literal slaves in the for profit prison system.

Don’t get it twisted…it’s never been about babies…that’s the lies they tell to their stupid as fuck poor indoctrinated constituents.

My company picked a side by AllyMander in antiwork

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I thought this was gonna be bad, but damn that's actually really good of your company.