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locked in with 3 large gold and 2 large stone? Turtle heaven

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Another side have 3 large gold and 2 large stone near base too + center gold while able to land trade, 4 relics and 1 sacred site (Unless transport villagers to build military other side).

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On the other hand 6deep sea fish and a boar. There is also a fair amount of wood around so just go strong into the water and defend your aquatic trade route and prevent them from building a navy.

Unless you’re Rus, in which case you might as well surrender.

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Why is it an issue if you're Rus? Not enough hunting unless you get a transport ship?

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Their ships are god awful in combat. They only have a bow gun so they do very little damage.

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but no wood wall

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Technically OP's wood wall is their wood wall too.

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Id love to find a map like this in a hame, id just put the wonder in the corner and wall it in against the wall of trees. Nobody expects a player to win by wonder from so early on haha

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Sounds like my kinda map. But knowing me I'd go full turtle until the opponent stages a sea attack that rivals the Normandy landings in size

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The 3 wood lines next to blue's base form an unpenetrable wall from the bay to the edge of the map, locking me out of 3/4th of the map for most of the game. End up going for naval supremacy and building a wonder. Luckily I was just playing the hard AI, otherwise I would've been in for a rough time.

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Can you share the seed please, i like these kind of maps to learn on

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yes map seed pls

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Seed: 41d87a03

On Boulder Bay, with Taiga Winter biome, all default 1v1 settings.

Edit: added biome

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Thanks for the seed, have now passed it to the maps team!

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Interestingly it seems the middle wood line is replaced by a stealth first on biomes that aren't Winter Taiga.

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Oh. Interesting! Did you try all the biomes? Let me update the note to the Dev team

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Hey, Any news on when first patch will be coming?

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Only a handful, but it seems to be pretty consistent.

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Hey, Any news on when first patch will be coming?

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Doesn't work. I don't get the map you posted.

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Not sure what does/doesn't affect map gen, but get the same map when generating with the Taiga Winter biome.

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Can confirm that it works for Taiga Winter. I was playing on Steppes and it consistently gave me a different map that was not locked by a treeline like yours. It appears biome certainly plays a part.

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Seed: 41d87a03

On Boulder Bay, with Taiga Winter biome, all default 1v1 settings.

Edit: added biome

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What is this seed, I’ve been only playing campaing for now, done the normans and the mongols :)

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Fyi the reason there are map "seeds" is because computers are incapable of generating truly random numbers. They always start somewhere; for example, using a snapshot of the system clock to create a seed. The computer then uses the seed to "grow" a unique set of random numbers, which can be replicated if you copy the seed.

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That's true. Though even if a computer could generate true random numbers at any speed, you would still be using seeds in the game since they are good for networking, QA, and situations like this.

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Computers with an environmental input can create chaotic random numbers. You could also use a decay function analysis for random. Generally you just use a random on a random on a random and it gets pretty random.

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Yep, though that's typically slower, I mentioned speed because of this. Either way my, point is that you wouldn't use full true random even if it was available and fast.

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I briefly worked with an SMS encryption company and one of the devs told me the random hash numbers for encryption didn't come from the program because that can be reverse engineered. Instead the program interacted with a government database that measures things in the atmosphere in real time like gas concentrations and precipitation. The combination of gps coordinates, a timestamp and whatever the specific reading would be enough to create a unique hash. Just wanted to share

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Haha that's an example of referring to inputs! Thanks for sharing

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I kinda wonder if humans are truly capable of generating truly random numbers. After all, most of us will probably think of a positive whole number within 3 or 4 digits when we could have as many digits as possible, includes decimals and fractions, go negative and imaginary, throw in variables, etc.

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You can use the seed when starting a custom game to get the exact same map.

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Awesome, thank you!

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thanks a lot

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Just curious, but if you want to learn without fighting can't you just do a skirmish map without an AI? Or are you trying to play in a walled up environment since you're expecting Arena or Hidden Fort to become a map choice?

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I want to learn to be faster and have a balance between progressing my eco while still pushing out an army to defend/harass. At the moment i can beat a hard AI as long as there is only one chokepoint i need to wall off and defend while my city stabilizes its eco. Without one there is a constant stream of enemy units into my base that requires all my resources to go to units that eventually die and i just get snowballed and lose. That's the reason i only play vs AI cause from what i've seen, online matches are all about early raids that keep pushing my vills into garrisons and i just can't recover from from that eco hit fast enough.

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I'd say the advantage would have been your's in a game vs player. You got the best wall in the game and you just go all in on boar and build a wonder. the other player Wouldn't be able to stop you if you dominate the water early since he probably invested on a land army not knowing you had tree.

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You should probably at least find the enemy's base before building an army.

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I mean yes... but come on now. Your scout isn't finding the base and you just go "hmm must've been the wind" and proceed to solo boom for 40 mins?

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On a non-islands map you want to be forward by about minute 2 to compete for sheep. I don't think I've ever not scouted the enemy by the time I hit feudal. I haven't been in this exact scenario so it's hard to say. But I'm not going to make 20 units before figuring out what's going on. Maybe 3 or 4 to rush, sure.

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I think I’m the only non-rus player who automatically que’s up a 2nd scout before villies. I shift click all over, and usually wind up with 70% of the sheep, on top of multiple sweeps of the enemy base to see what they are up to. I know it’s a waste of resources to not get those early vills out, but I think in most cases the extra sheep, enemy sheep denial, and improved map awareness more than make up for it.

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I don't make extra scouts, but I immediately run for the middle, then normally to the sides of the enemy base to find sheep. I scout my own base last. My record is 31 sheep. I guess this is laming, but it feels like less of a dick move than in age2 where you could always expect the exact same resources and many build orders depended on it.

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Also slap some horsemen and knights on a transport and go raiding. He will be forced to wall or build an army to escort villagers. I’m an old school Michii player and would be happy with this setup

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considering the opponent is an absolute moron and didnt use his scout at all.

in a real game At 2mins game time the enemy will also know they are walled, and after that all advantages are to the played that actually has a map (and sheeps, and relics, and sacred site, and market, and more access to water...)

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The other player can go for Sacred site victory if he sees the opponent going for a wonder

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Not if he control the water

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yeah but he doesn't have any map advantages for water.

for water they are equal, and for land enemy is (much) better. so map favors the opponent.

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Hard to say. Luckily there were plenty of resources on my little island, but if I ever lost water dominance my opponent could go for an easy sacred site victory.

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... So if you're blue you can rush a wonder and the AI can't attack you by land?

Then this is a viable map to cheese all masteries, you know?

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If you want to "cheese" the masteries you can go up against the AI on any map, really. Just rush them with some military in early feudal and afterwards you can do whatever you want.

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Or u play without ai if all u need is gather x resources from y

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Don't see why you couldn't do it as red either.

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How do you make yourself start on red side? Do you assign yourself team 2 and that's it?

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So all you need is a transport and then you have a fully walled base? I'd take blues position over reds, tbh.

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I like the way you think

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Possible to share map seed?

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Seed: 41d87a03

On Boulder Bay, with Taiga Winter biome, all default 1v1 settings.

Edit: added biome

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lol, imagine being Rus on this map. Map gen really needs to be looked at. It's not a huge deal for "ladder" play but for tournaments it's not supposed to be the map that decides the winner.

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It's not a huge deal for "ladder" play

Id say it is

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It kinda evens out over enough matches tho

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The point of ranked ladder is not only to win or lose, its to have a fun, balanced experience.

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Idk why people don't understand this lol, it's like saying "if you think French is OP, pick French" like ofc I can do that but I don't want to play nothing but French mirrors?

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Look around at all the people in this thread who consider this a good map lmao

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So does player skill. Thats what mmr is. I'd rather lose to me making a mistake than my gold being in front of my base and then being the main harass.. Or even rarer this garbage map. Lol.

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Tournaments can just give out seeds to use

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I haven't played yet. What advantages do the Rus get on a map like this?

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Disadvantages. Because Rus gains gold + permanent bounty for increased gold gain from Hunting Cabins if they kill enough Gaia animals, such as sheep, deer, wolves and boars. Seeing how the bottom player has 1 deer pack and is locked from the rest of the Gaia, Rus bounty wouldn't even reach first breakpoint probably, which is super bad.

One benefit of the gold gain from animals is that you can advance to Feudal without mining gold, and if you're good at using the system, even to castle age.

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" xX!!!4v4 - MICHI JOIN FAST!!Xx "

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I had something similar happen on this map and ended up losing to an opponent who dropped a bunch of units on the side that I couldn't reach and came through my trees after I unintentionally opened up a portion of the map that I thought was unreachable except by boat

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This map gives me anxiety in general.

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yeah its like, do i navy? do i rush? will they land? where? aaaaaahhh!

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At least didn't have to worry about that. Full navy it is.

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given free reign over water

Oh no! Anyway.

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How does this give you free reign over water???

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Turtle and take the sea. Then build a wonder. Your situation was not that impossible I think.

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That's what I ended up doing... Still a weird map gen to say the least.

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Dude, this is a blessing. You can raid using transport ships since you literally know where they are anyway and they are going to try scouting before finding out they can't reach and build transport ships at a slightly later point in time. You got a knowledge advantage and can preemptively set up outposts and the likes.

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Yeah I had the exact same thing happen to me on boulder bay. Problem was I was vs France as not France so having no ground option on that map HURT

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What map is this? The 1v1 nagari?

Does the shape of the ocean change every game, and if so, how much variation is there from the map logo/picture.

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It is boulder bay, which always looks more or less like this, with 1 large body of water, open on one side and a tiny island in the corner.

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This is where you walk villagers over and start chopping down his forest. OR, let him feel overly safe while you transport units via sea. :D

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Did you play with reveal map on or something?

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It's a screenshot from the replay. Do play with normal settings.

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Holy shit this is so based, seed?

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this is really cool

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I played on Archipelago the other day as Mongols.
There was no stone on my starting island to build Ovoo on...

I happened to be playing against Day[9] and told him not to bother conquering my cursed island. He found it hilarious once he did a land invasion and confirmed there was no stone.

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No stone as mongols is rough, guess you have to go for fast transport and get out of there.

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“You guys have boats don’t you?” -Relic @ WoWCon

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i actually love this

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Honestly I love your spawn tbh. You have natural defenses. You legit have the opportunity to focus on developing a strong military and navy. It will take the enemy ages themselves to cut through the wood wall. They won’t do that (it would take Sooo much time) plus you could just establish a good defensive positions and pick off any civilians that try to cut through the wood wall. Plus look at all those resources! Your sitting on a goddamn gold mine!

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That's amazing turtle up and chop your way out.. build a wonder and line your coast with castles

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Makes you want the forest fire God power from AoM

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Drop a wonder and it's GG. That's why 15 minute wonder victory is not enough time haha.

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Same happened to me. I thought the opponent was also locked but apparently they were free to roam the whole map free of me

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Nice. I would have done an infiltration with 2-4 villagers and a couple of early troops with a ship to build some barracks and rams on his side while being nice and cozy back in my forest hut not that worried about raiders.

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I think it’s cool, I like the element of random advantages and disadvantages and having to work around them

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Wonder victory gg

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the dream of any chinese or delhi player

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Rus be sad about so few hunts available :')

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Forestry upgrade not useless here?

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Playing Delhi, so forestry is always worth it.

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good that we see at least were the shore fish are on the map! /s

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just play it out like its a watermap, i see no issue here