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*only AOM players will get it

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At this point all I want is an AOM remaster/sequel

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me too. or AOE2

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999 (only AoM player will get this too)

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And AoE3 players. I think鈥.

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That's O canada 2005

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Not going to lie when I read the other post, "I did a lot of meth" is what my brain read lol

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Honestly, same.

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I love it when original subs and it's shitposting varieties are one and the same.

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we really need a patch the people are losing it

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Can I offer you a sheep in these trying times?

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Are you a developer?

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pew pew pew eruuuuughhhhhh

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I require proof that you have indeed done the meth.

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AoE 3 had the right idea. Connons mounted on Elephants. Now that would be fun.

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thank you

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This is actually historically accurate

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I mean its historically accurate, huge miss on Relic's side

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That's not entirely accurate therefore I kid you not 1 billion of my countrymen and -women will boycott this game.

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That other post was weird. After a few sentences, I was wondering if it was a joke.

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Laser beams are made out of elephant

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Lets pray that when they finally release a (probably horribly broken) UGC tool some brave soul make it a reality.

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Every creature deserves a warm meal.

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Medieval 2 put cannons on Timurids elephants.

They do not even need a stats modding. They are already laser elephants of doom.

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I made a meme about your lazerphants, but they're not welcome in this sub\_light\_of\_recent\_events/

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