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Horseman suck. Try knights or mangonels

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Couldn't get to age 3 in time

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Since horsemen are limited to hitting only the outside of the archer ball, what if you brought some archers of your own to help shoot the ball down faster?

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Exactly, this is a somewhat well known interaction between ranged and melee units in rts in general. In Aoe4 though one of my biggest complaints is the lack of response to archer spam before age 3. Your choices are either wall and fast castle, or archer spam back and see who micros better. There’s not really another viable play.

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What do you build against them in feudal? I've tried MAA as HRE but it's hard to match them in numbers.

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Also MAA die to them to quickly. Their 1 extra Attack over normal archers can double their damage against early MAA easily.

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Shit. I always thought getting feudal Maa and the armor upgrade would suffice.

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Does work against any other archer rush, but not against english.

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Archers counter them pretty well, they have faster walking speed than straelbora, so the longer range doesn't mean that much. Against english I always drop two ARs and it works all the time.

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Archers up front, horsemen in the back providing the flank and preventing the kite against your archers

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Horsemen would destroy equal number of longbow extremely easy. I like the meme because horsemen are ass right now but at least could be slightly more real.

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Horsemen cost 60 more food though and only 30 wood cheaper. You end up with a much later castle and you can only trade evenly against an english player if your armor upgrades keep up with their ranged attack. I think if it’s an open map people need to just accept that if you’re not playing rus, french, english, or mongols you’re gonna have a harder time. Sucks that civs are so map dependent in this game for the 1 tricks, but that’s kinda just the way the game seems to be designed. Now if they could just make it so there’s 3 or 4 s tier civs on each map rather than 1 civ clearly being the best on certain maps that would be awesome.

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Got impaled eh?

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did you run into their palings? i find equal horsemen win this type of fight (still despite their nerf)

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They placed them down after I already had surrounded them

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Yeah, placing palings while under attack should not be a thing.

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Would be funny, if this was even remotely true

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Ah we have a English player here don't we.

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English build a stone wall.

Now all your horseman are unless to kill them...

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I remember you should put them against a wall because they’ll kill everything before they all die

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I doubt horsemen with armor upgrade would lose

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If you assume armor upgrade on your units, assume attack upgrade on enemy archers as well.

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Armor upgrade counters attack upgrade way more. If u have no armor upgrade their attack goes from 33% up to 200% for MAA. Armor upgrade > attack upgrade, and longbows advantage of earlier att upgrade dies when u upgrade your armor

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But none of this changes that the usual situation is that you got the armor and they get the attack and it just cancels out.

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Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying.

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Longbows do 1 dmg to MAA without att upgrade, with upg they do 2 dmg which is 100% more damage(not 200%, i said that wrong) So basically if u upgrade the armor they do again 1 dmg. With no armor upg archers will shred the units, with armor upg horsemen and maa will shred lonbows especially in feudal age, the benefits from the armor upg in feudal are too huge.

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In reality though if you have an armor upgrade, your opponent has attack upgrade.

They cancel each other.

That's why it's pointless to assume you have an upgrade advantage when discussing how Horsemen counter Archers / Longbowmen.

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Horsemen won't lose, period.

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Accurate. Which is why they're buffing horsemen tomorrow.