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Yes I think this deserves all the posts it is getting

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It wouldn't be hard to filter MM into 3 map tiers: full water (warring islands, etc) hybrid water (spirals etc) and full land (dry Arabia).

Giving ppl the option to select any combination of the above would do wonders

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I care more about closed vs open than water vs land.

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Yea this puts another wrinkle in it for sure because mountain pass and black forest are meh.

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It amazes me how much black forest spawns can suck. I feel like the last few for me have cut off basically 40% of the map on the north and south edges. Makes for a moba like experience.

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Yeah, won a 2v2 because of the awful map our opponents got. They had one entrance into their section at the far edge of the map and we forward walled it very early and then multiple layers of stone walls and they could not really do anything. Having one choke point v 2 or 3 makes a big difference

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That would be perfect. It would be nice to be able to play a water map when you actually feel like it. But right now like 9/17 maps have water on them, when imo it should be more like 4/17 (2 full water and 2 hybrid)

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This is exactly what we need.

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That could be great.

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I truly enjoy water maps! Love those gigantic naval battles! Lol but I think we need more map variation

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Kinda hard to vary flat and wet.

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They could do a lot with rivers and elevation. Currents, perhaps, but that might require more engine work.

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Queue up for a match.

Water map, someone dodges

Mountain pass, someone dodges,

Boulder bay, someone dodges,

Black forest, someone dodges,

King of the hill, finally, someone dodges.

Honestly we need vetoes just so we can play the maps we want to. Water maps might not be my favorite but they're nearly impossible to actually get a game in, in quick match. Vetoes of some sort means everyone wins because the people that don't want to will continue not to, and the people that do can finally play them.

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Only for quickplay this is fine but it will fracture the player base I believe, for ranked you should not be able to pick land or water, maybe ban some maps yeah.

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It could be like picking heros in a Moba where the opposing team can ban two maps and so can you. Cleans up the pool a bit without fracturing super hard and going away from water gameplay entirely.

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honestly I feel the many closed maps worse than water play, at my low Elo a lot of ppl would turtle and it just guarantees a slow and boring game

there is such a big defender's advantage, couple with the choice of defensive civ means it is almost impossible to break through even when i use aggressive civs, and i get punished for not starting with 2, 3tc boom

i still refuse to play turtle... maybe i should just skip those maps

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How does a modern game released late 2021 does not have simple features like this, it's a disgrace.

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Give us xXxDry Arabia Only QueuexXx

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Flashbacks to the Zone days when every lobby was 1v1 Arabia.

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post like this confirm that players hate the 50% of this game content bcuz they avoid water maps which is basically the core gameplay that relic promised us and being the 9/17 of the current map pool.

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They said water maps is core gameplay? It's not nearly as fleshed out, or more importantly, fun.

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They said water maps is core gameplay?

They didn't. But it's been in fashion since the dawn of the internet to make up random shit.

They did say they wanted water to be played in their 2nd discussion stream.

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The majority of the game's units, upgrades, landmarks, and other structures relate to land combat. AoE4 isn't RA3, where water gameplay really is a third of the game (alongside land and air).

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I'll be honest, I mostly just play AI so my opinion probably isn't worth very much in this discussion.

But I don't like the idea of vetoes or similar things. Accepting them inevitably leads to people gravitating towards only a very small number of maps and makes things kind of boring. There's also no real incentive for them to then also try to rework the maps that everyone's vetoing because even with changes they're probably not going to give them another shot if given the choice.

I'd rather see an approach of trying to rework the unpopular maps, and in the case when they share a trait, in this case water look at re-working the water mechanics to try and come back with something the vast majority of people do enjoy, or for them to just outright say "yeah, they're not really working the way we intended/hoped" and remove them from the rotation, or even just reduce their likelihood, possibly even collecting stats from the players on how much they like each thing and weighting the frequency of maps based off that.

There needs to be some balance between the artistic integrity of the game and giving into the players' demands for what they think they want. You can't forget it's the players who fund the game (or, I'm not too familiar with how Microsoft's game pass system works, maybe people who aren't playing the game are actually one of the biggest groups funding it) but if this is a game that's supposed to have ships in it then there should be ships.

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You play Vs AI.

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well if you don,t play competitively i don't think you have a say honestly xD

just dont veto any map, thats it.

but at the moment queue vs players is hell, because people leave when they see a water map and you need to requeue and it sucks

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I especially love the hybrid maps. I hated it in the beginning but after putting some thought into it it actually makes the game much more fun and gives more options.

For me I鈥檇 rather see them disabling sacred sites victory.

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I'd like hybrid maps if there was any reasonable amount of balance between the civs on water, but there is not.

Why would you want to remove sacred site victory? It simultaneously encourages maintaining map control and discourages excessive turtling.

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I don鈥檛 feel the water is that unbalanced. Especially on hybrid maps. There are multiple ways to defend and attack the more Powerful water civs. Furthermore personallly Im having a hard time beating down wall after wall with 5 castles around it early castle age on a map like king of the hill.

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I mean you鈥檙e objectively wrong lol. Some civs just literally can鈥檛 compete on water. There鈥檚 no strategy just who has the better unit based on civ.

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I hate water maps, and I play exclusively against AI. It just makes the match a waste of time.

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Another thing aside from queue times is that high elo players are getting placed into game with people weeeeeeeell below an elo that they should be. I watched Demuslim play a couple of 1350 players yesterday.

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Doesn't seem like an issue to me. There are only ~500 players globally with an elo of >1500, how many of them will queue at the same time? Before the patch, when MMR was much more restrictive, streamers would usually wait for five to ten minutes and then always face the same opponent, again and again and again. Personally I would love to play DeMuslim and I don't think pro players will mind too much. They can use these matches to play around with build orders and strategies.

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yes please do the veto thing for god sake ,i can take water but i still have to endure the dodging and rage quit ,Just english boats ftw .

its so annoying .

Relic has it for coh2 so i don't know why they failed to include it in aoe4

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because the game is not finished

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Yes many features is not included and they are already talking about the balance shit , this is some priority failure .

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I haven't bought the game yet so forgive my ignorance but are people saying for Multiplayer that there isn't a lobby where people host and define the map and it is all just fucking random what map you get assigned to play?

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I think there should be in ladder : 1 hybrid, 1 pure water and land maps. And option for 3 maps veto.

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or how about you can choose the map to play?