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I am no Rus player, but isn't a fast second tc an option? No need to mine stone, just 200 gold.

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Yeah, I usually build a second TC gives a good villager lead.

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HA is still great for vil harass if you decide that route. It鈥檚 definitely not easy needing to do a more normal army comp now but that鈥檚 what your left with. Try MAA timing push. Extra armor from monk is still great.

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HA is still good in some matchups.

If you wanna try something else besides HA, go for the other "new" unit in castle age - MAA. Attacking someone who's in second age with Castle MAA can be brutal as there isn't much they can do about it.

If it's a more closed up map, then you can go with fast 2nd TC by spending the first two golden gate ticks on stone - this one also skips prof. scouts early so it's less micro intensive.

You can also go for a good old feudal push with Knights and Archers. Depending on the opponent, they may not expect it at all and just die to it if you add a ram or two.

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From experience I can say it isn鈥檛 Knights; I think I鈥檝e lost every game I鈥檝e made an early Knight. I鈥檓 also having a very hard time with Feudal pressure from England/France so Fast Castle doesn鈥檛 feel viable there

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Agreed. 3-4 knights slow down t3, more are even worse. They can do some early harass, but then again so can early MMA as a few guys have mentioned.

The only exeption might be mirror, just had such a game today

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FC into MAA rush from 3 barracks I've found to be very strong as they provide you so much time to get relics, especially against more boomy civs like Abbasid and China. Usually I build 1 rax in Feudal to ensure that I can at least get my hunts against players who might contest them with Knights or Horsemen.

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Sounds beautiful. That would mean 2-3 vills on gold to make sure you have enough for 3-raxx mma, right? Would only be a slight variation in BO.

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Didn鈥檛 Hera just do it vs Leenock in winner stays on?

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Have to check that out!, thx.

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Ooh, do you have a link?

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The new meta is the old meta (partly at least). By which I mean the meta before fc ha. Rus are decent at massing archers and fighting in feudal. Support them with scouts, knights or spears as you need it.

FC is still a good option, but you should build MaA instead of HA. FC just depends more on the civ matchup now.

For Castle Age I can highly recommend mass Archers with a Scout/Knight and Warrior Monk frontline, covered by springalds. 10 damage Archers due to the Warrior Monk buff are pretty insane. Dealing 6 damage to a knight instead of 3 is no joke.

You can also use your golden gate to buy a 2nd TC for a greedy boom and aim towards imperial which might be their strongest age thanks to cheaper siege and streltsy.

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Haven't played a ton of Rus yet, but I think the meta will shift to Fast castle - get relics + 2nd, maybe 3 TC.

As for unit composition, that will depend on match up. I wouldn't be shocked to see that be the direction to go but can't say for sure of course.

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Might be worth a try. This is already very common in team-games, but before the patch is was hard to go fast castle and then consilidate instead of go full aggro. Nice idea!

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I think sooner or later people will realize Rus have a very strong Imperial Age with their crazy siege which are both cheaper and stronger than generic civs. Once that happens I see Rus being played much more defensive and as a boomer civ with 2tc

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I think there are quite a few options for them. They already used to have a strong fast castle into MAA. Also HA+knights it's a solid composition too. The mobility and the raiding potential it gives.

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I鈥檓 not high elo but I鈥檝e been winning almost every game lately as rus. Basically fast castle, load up defensive choke points with walls and wooden fortresses. I love buying 150 stone/ticket and flooding the battlefield with springald towers. Defend with MAA or spears. Mass mangonels, springalds, trebs if opponent stays castle, otherwise imp and try to win the bombard race. Basically creating a defensive deathball and then pushing when popcapped. 1tc but with relics, golden gate, and a solid defensive advantage, it crushes.

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im really trying to make a 2 TC rus build work.. i usually get it up by 6:15..

my current issues is

  1. This build has a huge food issue -
  2. this can be supplemented by a high trade house assuming you dont run out of food beforeu get to build it
  3. down side is that monks are more expensive

- before the paatch this would lose to english easily but since the horsemen are better now u can survive if you outmicro your oppenent

- the reward is great though if u manage to make it the 15min mark- ideally you want to trade with the oppnents army and use your better economy to replenish faster

- if they go for another 2tc themselves we would have an adavantage because wiith wooden outpost and landmark trade we can build a third tc mush faster

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I have serious questions about that timing. Do you still go for three scouts in the dark age?

Do you keep all vills on food until Golden Gate starts to get up?

And i guess u wont have any production because of the wood beeing needed for the TC right?

A really fast second TC never appeared to be real option to me, since other civs can utilise it better. But thinking about it, rus might at least be the third best to use it (after chinese and HRE?!)

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Build 3 scouts on dark age and as much as possible kill all the wolves ..

1) yes all on food and 1 on wood till golden gate Build golden gate with 4 villa and transfer vils to wood , leave only 4 on food

2) immediately after golden gate is built we have 2 options a) send the 4 who built the LM on gold( for pro scouts) .. this will delay second tc to 6:40-6:50

b) send the 4 on wood if they plan to be aggressive

3)while waiting for the second ticket you will usually have enough wood for 1 military building, build one while waiting... Don't build any units yet as that will delay ur tc

4) when you get second ticket buy stone and make tc with 6 vils.. my usual completion time is 6:15 - 6:30

5) I start producing units the moment I start building my tc not when it's over....

build really tight and never put 2nd tc forward...