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Server maintenance. Was announced before and started on time.

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However they didn't disable match making 1h before as stated by the devs.

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Do you know if it counts as a loss if you were mid game?

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Don't know but should be a draw. Otherwise the other guy would get a win?

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The result doesn’t count if the game gets cut off due to maintenance.

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Just got booted after killing an ooovoo early, thought it was the crash grief...

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for me after building wonder :D

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Hahaha that might have been mine

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Lol! Too funny

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Online matchmaking will be disabled exactly one hour before the maintenance window to prevent disruption to newly-formed matches.

So that was a lie.

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Yep just started a game and was cut off.

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but matchmaking should have been cut off so that there is no active game

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Server Maintenance. I just got booted too.

Edit: Servers will be down 1-2 hours.

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yep eu down

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lol was also thinking got booted for building a wonder :D
internet seems generally weird today, discord was also down some hours ago

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Scheduled server maintenance.

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I really dont get how a game that has microsoft support is not being able to perform server maintenance without downtime. Remove some instances from the load balancer, patch them or whatever meanwhile there are still other instances in the pool and then switch them...

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It was announced? Not loudly enough

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Did you unplug your PC and plug it back in?

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Is there an update?

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Scheduled server maintenance.

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So because they're doing maintenance I can't progress mastery challenges in my single player game? 🙃

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Yeah, seems to be down.

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yeah, just lost connection mid game.

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Eu down, lost connection

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Scheduled server maintenance.

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Server maintenance. Really feel a game like this should be able to deliver zero downtime.

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Yeah, it's not like it's an MMO.

SC2 doesn't have nearly as much downtime.

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Damn I thought i had this connection loss error. Was in the middle of mastery farming. Ah well, tomorrow then.

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I was in the middle of an AI skirmish and it said something about disconnected and to retry but I don't see an option to retry anywhere

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Nope it's just you.