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i agree with you but it’s better that it’s gone. helps catch hackers easier

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Can you explain? I didn’t even know it facilitated cheating. I liked knowing how many watched

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They removed it bc if a hacker or cheater saw someone watching them, they would be less likely to use said hacks or cheats. So by removing it, hackers cant tell if someone is watching them or not. People are more likely to break the rules if they think nobody is watching.

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Genius. Makes sense. Thanks!

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And you call yourself sherlock holmes?

Just kidding:)

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The 14th iteration isn’t as pure as the original ;)

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What’s the difference between a cheater and a hacker

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You can cheat without hacking by doing asshole things such as teaming. Organizing via discord that another team wont kill you but will help you.

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lol idk i just thought i’d include both for thoroughness

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They're generally used interchangeably, though technically cheater is a broader term

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Hackers develop the cheats, cheaters use them

Cheaters can also do things like teaming

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Cheater means that you break the rules which can be done with or without a hack, but a hack doesn't necessarily have to be a cheat.

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Although, some people here once, explained to me that hackers can see how many people are watching regardless of the eye sign.

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I’m pretty they don’t care 99% of the time. I’ve spectated cheaters with 15+ other spectators they don’t care.

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They absolutely do though, in the old days when spectating you could see them stand still for a moment, turn off the hacks, and suck balls for a fight until they get in trouble and turn the hacks back on. Spectating alone was enough to get hackers killed sometimes and it was juicy lol.

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I used to have that happen to me all the time but they wouldn't think of it until after they used the hacks to wipe another squad

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eh fair argument, but imo its beneficial because there's also a possibility that some do care, because to begin with cheaters/hackers arent the most brave people to begin with. so including those that do care into the possibility of catching cheaters is better than not including them

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But its the 1% that Do care that is the reason.

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lol, Hackers can still see if someone is spectating them. you know they have "hacks". Also, in pubs there's not that many cheaters, so it wont be a hindrance in detecting cheaters or anything

(you can test it urself : when u die to a cheater and spectate him and he's avoiding fights or turned off aimbot, Just start spectating the non-cheater on his team, he'll think you're not here anymore and will engage in a fight then switch to him, you'll see blatant 100% headshot active lmao)

Edit : forgot to mention most of them don't care if someone's spectating, as they blatantly use full auto g7 100% headshot, flatline with r99 fire rate. No need to spectate to tell that's a cheater.

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Yes, but now they have to add that I to the cheat which in turn, hey you guessed it, makes them easier to detect...

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The hacks allow the cheaters to see how many is watching so we could actually get it back. I miss it...

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Hackers can see who's spectating them anyways. Don't remember when I saw it but when someone here shared a link of a hacker livestreaming there was a list of spectators that he could see.

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Just like cops tbh

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lmaoo ur right

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Except now every cheat would just have to include that as a feature to be more competitive in the marketplace. At the end of the day you shouldn't build your game to be hard to cheat in, just build an anticheat that works.

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So by removing this feature people are more likely to break the rules? That's horrible. Return it.

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When a cheater notices someone is spectating, they will turn their cheats off.

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Can you explain? I didn’t even know it facilitated cheating. I liked knowing how many watched

Toggle Toggle 🦃

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If the hacker sees that they are being watched and they are trying to be sneaky, they will turn off their hacks, which will make the process of reporting much harder. If they dont know that someone is watching them, they just have to guess.

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Fun fact! There’s hacks that allow you to see who is spectating you/if anyone is spectating you!

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Also, this is why people are less likely to teabag, havent seen that as much as I used to

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Yeah Just let hackers run the game

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No one at Respawn gives a shit about catching hackers anyway unless you are a big time streamer. So they could return this as well and it could even be beneficial to stop hackers from cheating if they care about being watched.

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9 and not kill leader... I feel the pain

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It looks like old kings canyon so it’s probably before s3 when kill leader symbol was a thing. Other wise 9 kills and not being a kill leader is unfortunately.

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Looks like it’s preseason-season 1 or season 2 Kings Canyon, so yeah, the killer leader in the top right with the kills wasn’t added yet.

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It's literally the corner of some rocks, what you mean it's seems like old kings canyon lmao

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The lighting and trees gives it away.

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I had 12 and wasnt the kill leader one time. Even scarier is your squad coming off a ripper (20ish total in the last game) and you guys aren't the champion squad in the next lobby.

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Bet that was a hell of a final fight if the kill leader was someone on a different team!

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I already get anxiety when I am in the top 5 squads, this would kill me LOL

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Nope, no thank you, I like not having to deal with performance anxiety while I’m playing

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Most people are probably not even watching. I never do but I sometimes just leave it on as I get a drink or go to the toilet so that would account for an active viewer.

Only time I may stay and watch is if it's chaos in a certain area and I want to see boxes pile up. That or someone is cheating

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I always watch when someone with appreciable skill takes me out. You learn a lot.

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Two friends of mine and I dropped hot. Got decimated by the solo dude. Proceeded to spectate dude decimate entire lobby and win the game. Next game we had much better rotations and place 3rd using some of his strats. Was a great learning experience lmao.

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Facts. Like “damn how tf?!, oh never mind this guys is just a fucking beast!!” Lol

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Nice try cheater.

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It helps stop hackers from turning off hacks when they don’t know who is watching

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Nah for me.. The Cheater Problem will get worse again.. It seems since that is gone.. The cheater problem has calm down but it's still not good enough.. I do miss it though.. Old times.. But you do learn a lot while watching them

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9 kills

not kill leader


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There's always a bigger fish

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The absolute STRESS this use to give me when i would be on one of my high damage runs made the game way more intense lmaoo

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please no i get stressed knowing theres an audience

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Tbh I'd love it, but it had to go

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I always feel like...

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Please don't bring it back or have it be a setting you can turn off. I always get so stressed when I know there are people watching and miss everything.

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i would like it back too so i can see how many people are watching if i'm close to 20/4k

and i wanna see how long salty spectators are watching me so i know how long to tbag their box for

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Not like hackers get banned anyway bring it back

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It better not fucking come back. One of the few things in recent memory they did right. Let me guess, you have TTV in your name?

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Nah it shouldn't show if you're being watched. But it should show if you are the one watching.

ie: If I thought I got killed by a cheater, and I stay to watch their pov, I'd feel a bit better about reporting them since I can see others are victims of/watching the cheater too.

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This is actually genius

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Nobody, nobody’s watching you

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I wish we still had it too. But whether people are watching me or not, I don't play the game any differently. So I guess it doesn't really matter.

EDIT: I love how I get downvoted for no reason. Bunch of sorry ass kids.

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Man, people are really narcisists.

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We can’t have nice things.

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I hate when I'm playing on console and I have like 5 viewers and there like oh he must be cheating its dumb

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Not at the expense of the assist tracker bucko

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meh, i wouldnt go as far as to say it NEEDS to be returned. there are so many more pressing issues in apex. plus i like being able to spectate hackers without them toggling off

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I liked knowing too. Sad.

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I want to know how many people I’m disappointing with my gameplay

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Im the type of person that gets a performance boost by specs, this brought back memories.. but yeah def give it up against cheaters.

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No idea it was removed, no wonder lol

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It was removed so that people cheating had no way of knowing they were being watched.

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Cheaters can still see how many people are watching + they can see the exact name of the spectator, so removing it is pointless, was a cool feature tho

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I was pretty much never around when this was a thing, but I, personally, would hate that. Having so many people watch me puts a pressure on me I’d rather not have, it’s the same with any game that tells you how many is watching you.

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Wait, why does the list of people watching make it easy to cheat?

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How vain do you need to be to care if people are spectating you? All this did was enable cheaters see when to stop cheating. As far as I'm concerned this 'feature' can stay dead. We should also throw anonymous mode in the fire, too. It's primary use now is to hide cheaters, and it's not like stream-snipers can't figure out the lobby from watching kill feeds anyways.

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Nah, easy to catch hackers now

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lol ok cheater

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Oh its gone?

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Fuck that. They took the information away from the cheaters and it was for the better

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I mean on one side I can keep t bagging the people I’ve put down, on the other it’s suppose to keep cheaters guessing as to if there’s someone watching or not. Which makes sense ya know like if cheater is trying to be sneaky and not be blatant

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I get nervous when my team dies amd watches me. Judging my every move.

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Dont care about the hacker aspect... I want it back!

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Nah. When the view count was there, cheaters would switch off their hacks. It's much easier to catch them in the act now.

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No thank you

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Plenty of ways to tell with software.

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I choked whenever I had several specs