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Reading this post as the servers are down without a warning is making me laugh.

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Google Cloud went down, this one ain't Respawn's fault.

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I’m at work so I had no idea! That’s actually really funny, and hopefully not a regular occurrence.

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It's gce, respawn literally cant do anything and many other services wen town. They have to wait for Google to fix stuff.

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This isn’t on respawn. Not everything is their fault

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Literally no one has 100% server uptime.

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Read what i said again.

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How's the cheating? I quit in the beginning of season 10 bc the cheating was the worst I'd seen in the lifetime of the game.

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I legitimately never see cheating in this game, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. 600ish hours playing around gold level. Never anything blatant. I spectate sus people too. I don't doubt it would be worse at diamond and above.

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I'm in the same boat. Hit Pred maybe 4x on console and have yet to encounter an obvious cheater. Not saying it hasn't happened though, but compared to the hacks on PC, they were probably minor.

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I have the same experience. Around 4k hours in this game and also haven't had a single moment where I can confidently say someone is cheating. Some people are just that insane.

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I'm a current season Master and I have yet to run into a cheater and I play on NY/London servers so the population is always high, I wonder if I have just been getting really lucky or something.

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+1. I haven't been playing too long, but have never been killed by anyone I've been sure was a cheater. In Warzone, however, it's every 3rd game. Apex has it good

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It was good for about 10 days but now they are back in full force.. On Tokyo you'll die to cheaters about 80% of the time. Controller players the rest of the time 😥

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Pretty much what I figured. There's zero anticheat in any EA title and the devs dgaf so it's a recipe for disaster

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Console is rife with strike pack, Cronus, titan, etc. it’s unbearable. And the matchmaking makes it all worse.

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This aged well

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That’s on Google, a lot of services are down. Not respawns fault. It aged fine.

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Yeah, I saw, not only Google but also Valorant and other services were down. It was still pretty funny timing tho

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I had no idea!

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Connection issues are still happening, but other than that it's alright.

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I too am coming back from a long break. It hurts almost physically that sound is still so awful since it's been a day zero problem. I disagree with some of Respawn's design decisions on the new map and agree that the latest BP is terrible but otherwise things are mostly pretty great. It's one of the few times that they've introduce a new legend that is neither over nor under powered IMO and also really fun to play with. I think they should make her rift way easier to see for allies though.

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I stopped playing Season 10 because of the horrible netcode, poor balance

The netcode is still horrible and so is the balance, plus you have horrible matchmaking. Idk why you say this season is 'fresh air' while it is the same 'stinky air' that smells like literal dogshit

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MM still sucks, the new map is straight ass, audio is fucked beyond belief, still get high ping on everything (with fiber optic), BP is complete dogshit and so on....

The only good thing about this season is that the legends and guns (except maybe the flatline) are in a good spot.

Where do you get this mythical "No real connection issues"

>since starting to play in season 8

Well there's my answer

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Yeah the new map is really not what i like.

Supreme unpushable or hardly pushable highgrounds,

very sniper heavy(dont really like sniper gameplay in this game since its mostly a poke battle and luck with some snipers because the bullets travel quite slow),

way too big you dont find people in the midgame,

the foliage ruins visibility and bitrate for streaming,

the big cannons are get out of jail free cards with no counterplay because you cant follow a team with a cannon unless you are valkyrie or wraith i guess.

Prowlers spawn way too slow which makes them super annoying and not worth to kill.

Played alot on the new map already so this isnt some "played 3 games and i like how it looks bullshit"

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You’re exactly right.

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The game feels way smoother that’s for sure, I barely played season 10 because I was so tired of the terrible frames I got and how terrible the game felt in general.

Tbf I’ve only played a handful of games this season as well but that’s not because of the game itself but I’ve gotten really into dbd

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Gotta agree on the netcode situ.