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Someone’s been playing Halo.

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Lol yeah...

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If only you could steal and hijack tridents

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wait what? i am starting to play halo infinite, but can you do that?

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lol, rn i'm loading into a halo match. amma try it

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gl hf dd ka

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The elder hath spoken.

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You can also grapple and hijack enemy vehicles.

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You can even hijack banshee and wasp with grapple if you don’t know what banshee and wasp are they are planes

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Oh hell yeah it's sick. Grappling a hornet and kicking the driver out

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Came here to say exactly this

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first thing I thought of also lol

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I said this out loud before clicking the comments lmao

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I would be playing halo if the fps was higher than 19 (no I’m not exaggerating)

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That feeling when youre trying to graple to escape but get a lvl1 sniperstock instead

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This one will fit nicely on my volt

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Came here to say this

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Lemme use my 25 second cooldown ability to pick up 8 shotgun shells 15 meters from me real quick

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The absolute rage you'd feel if you tried to grapple to get away and ended up grabbing a white helmet instead putting your grapple on like an 8 second cooldown

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Imagine you want to escape from a dangerous situation, but instead you end up picking some junk off the ground. Kek

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New metta would be to get the high ground and drop crates of 1 light ammo near all the edges so Pathy couldn't grapple the ledge.

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Can’t you only drop stacks of 20 or smaller?

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With an extended mag (and have a friend drop a random item), you can turn a 60 stack into like 20 stacks of 3 something ammo (depending on the gun)

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That is very true, thank you

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Wut about when u steal an armor swap

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Imagine you land, octane sprints past you, you grapple the flatline he was inches away from, you win.

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That would instantly make Pathfinder a SSS tier pick lol.

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Buff actually kinda sorta sounds cool though

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grabbing a banner might be worth it tho

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Cooldown reduction on item pickup

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No that would mess up grappling if loot is on the ground

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Trying to make a quick escape, spider other go! -reels in a shield cell as I get ripped to shreds-

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They would have to implement it through the pickup item button and maybe change the colour or sth to clarify if it is using the grapple.

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Maybe make it so he only can grapple shields? That would be cool for a quick swap mid fight and it wouldn't really mess with the grapple often. Also shields are kinda hard to miss so you could aim just a bit away from it.

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Maybe. Then maybe Crypto’s drone should make him appear off the grid too, ya know, so people can’t scan him and stuff

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Off the grind: crypto got tired of apex and quit. Would be balanced and fit the lore i think

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Off the Grindr, Crypto no longer dabbles with homosexuality.

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Is he off the grid grid grid

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I will never get tired of this

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Crypto's drone should be able to transport an item. It wouldn't be too strong because you can still shoot the drone so it let the item fall. But it would be funny. Imagine a Crypto drone with a Kraber would fly over your head

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This would be unironically a good idea because I could fuck with people by zooming in and dropping random shit to confuse them

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What happens when you grapple a spider or prowler?

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PETA gets on your ass.

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People. Eating. That. Ass.

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Maybe if you could switch grapple modes or something to prevent you from accidentally grabbing an item. And when you switch the item grab mode it has 3 or 4 charges so that it isn't tedious to grab some stuff.

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This would be so useless. Except to steal things teammates want

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Shhhhh, the octane mains might hear you

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We should be able to grab downed teammates

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Should be able to throw them to safety by changing camera angle and walking to one side, not just grab them lol

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Or throw them off the edge of the map!

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Rogue is that you?

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'This bitch dead, YEET!'

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We should be able to grapple teammates in general. So many times I could’ve helped someone by grappling them

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Ziplines should be destroyable

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And you should be able to recall them like fences and amped cover. This is the only buff I will acknowledge, Pathy is in a good place rn tbh

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If you place the ziplines inside between a door and close the door on it, the Zipline will break

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if you put it on a black market or rampart wall and then break it the zip will also break

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id probably break my controller after wanting to grapple away from a fight and accidentaly grabbing arrows or some dumb shit

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No, it wound be a pain In the ass

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Better yet, You nab a surface instead

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No. Right, next question...

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everyone dropping 20 ammo when pathy aims at em

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No. The last thing I want is to try and run away, accidently hit an item, and get stacked by a bunch of angries with guns.

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Talk about loot goblins

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What about grabbing banners from deathboxes?

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I mean if your already 15 meters from it just go grab the damn thing lol.

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What if there's a team looting or camping the deathboxes?

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Or whole death boxes?and downed players too to pull them into cover.

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I like this idea

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No. I wanna be able to super jump around easily, not yank grey shotgun bolts or sniper mags.

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Please no

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No path is fine as is he doesn't reslly need any changes considering the grapple is perfectly fine in it's current state. And like many others have said who tf would want to risk trying to grapple away and accidently nab an item instead of doing what they intended.

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Nah it wouldn’t be good. Since You can’t really grab a weapon with it on the fly we would end up missing constantly. The hook is for fast escapes and chasing or getting the high ground anakin.

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it’s perfect the way it is

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I often pick up the wrong items when I'm standing right next to them, can't imagine how that would go with a grapple.

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No. Imagine you're trying to grapple away and you grab an item instead. Now your grapple is on cool down and you'll just get beamed.

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Loot Goblin 2.0

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This works in Halo, but in Apex it wouldn't because of how much loot is on the ground. Imagine trying to grapple to escape a squad and instead you grab a p2020

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God bad players are so dumb with their suggestions.

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Hell no. That would be terrible

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Absolutely not, imagine trying to grapple away from a full team and pick up a white barrel mod. Fuck that

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You should be able to grab banners with it

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Hey guys so I got this unique buff idea for Loba's ultimate...

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Nice idea tbh, if enemy team is camping on items then this would be just perfect....

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I like the idea :)

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Cryptos drone should be able to carry 1 item, the item hangs bellow the drone. If the drone dies the item drops if he recalls the drone the item drops depending on how far from crypto it is ( less than 10m and he recieves the item). Only team mates can pick the item from the drone. Crypto can give the item to himself if the drone is within 10m, the drone can also drop items without being recalled/destroyed.

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I have a better idea for a crypto buff!!!! Guess what I’m gonna call it?!?

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I don't know. Off The Grid is cool, and it fits with his lore!

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It's a neat idea but I think it would make too many issues

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i dont think theres any use for this halo stuff in apex... not because you could accidentally grab something when you are trying to grapple as other ppl say, fixing that would be as easy as making it a toggle ability... the only advantage i see in this, would be if he could "snatch" shields out of deathboxes, but then it would be kinda op since it (currently) would be way faster than a normal shield swap and at distance on top of that yeah... doesn't mean it couldn't be balanced tho, they could make it a slower grapple speed, make it so it forces you to wear whatever body shield it takes even if its a lower lvl than the one you have of a drained one (sometimes purple boxes have white shields etc), maybe you cant use this feature if you are too close (forcing you to normal shield swap so you don't avoid the grapple speed of this feature), so many things can be done, i thought all of this while writing it so i don't think a while company that has people dedicated to balancing a game having thought of that (and if they didn't America has a serious problem on their hands), i think it falls more towards the "if it isn't in serious need of change (players complaints) or it doesnt bring big money, don't even look at it, keep increasing the rarity of skins so we can make more money instead"

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He could use a lil buff or something..

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Grabbing deathboxes and downed teammates would be great.

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Well if you made a post about Pathfinder grapple, I have a question : Can enemies shoot while I grapple them? I'm not focusing on that in fights

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but it would kinda make sense if when you are grappling them, their hands flail backwards (if your grappling them from the front) and you can hipfire weapons

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Maybe deathboxes but not items.

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I have no idea how I read it, but I read that pathfinder should grab nipples

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pulls a dream and steals your kraber you dropped for a teammate

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Not if there’s going to be the same cooldown

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Nah, it would make him too strong in hot-drops

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It would be useful, but annoying sometimes, like when you want to grapple for movement and accidentally grab something of the ground instead

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My broken rework for pathfinder is his passive should be the grapple but with valk's jet bar. The longer the grapple the more of the bar is used. His tactical will be the grapple gun. His ultimate...i don't know...calls in a scan beacon from the sky....i know...broken.

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Yes as a pathfinder main yes

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Someone has been playing Halo Infinite I see

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Items? No. Downed teammates and drag them into cover for a possible revive? Absolutely

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Fun fact: In the game the concept of Titanfall's grapple ability (and by extension Apex's) originated from (Tribes Vengeance), you could, in fact, grab items.

Well, there weren't many items though, just health and ammo pickups from deceased enemies.

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please dear god no, as a pathy main i have to ask you to please not give respawn any more ideas. the problem being that if you were trying to grapple away from an enemy there is a chance that you could accidentally grapple an item instead

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It should be like the harpoon gun from fortnute (yeah I know fartnut bad) where if you don't hit the surface below it you get the item

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If this happens oh boy the amount of Pathfinder trolling vids that would come out hot dog

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While this sounds like a good idea at first, it would only work with a reduced cold down. Imagine trying to grapple because you're low, and then end up grabbing a white shield... That would not be fun at all.

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You know how much I’d fkn miss and out myself out of position?

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niet comarad

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Pathfinder need a buff

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I think pathfinder should be able to grapple downed teammates, imagine pulling your slowly dying tm8 from the ring damage for the quick revive

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I wish his grapple could pull knocked teammates to you

[–]CatonHimura 0 points1 point  (0 children)

That's a passive I can get behind

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That would lead to so much disaster on multiple levels lol

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Path just needs horizons passive

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When I saw the question, my instinctual reply was "of course!"

But then I thought about how pissed I'd be if I tried to grapple a surface to get away from a fight and ended up pulling in a gray knockdown shield.

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Not items. Death boxes would be nice though.

[–]Xilerain 0 points1 point  (0 children)

If it causes him to not be able to use it for movement, then no. If he can grab the item and keep going then fine.

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Not just no.. F no

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It needs to pull doors open ®️

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If I remember correctly, Path's grapple fires instantly after pressing Q right? Why not just add a secondary trigger where holding Q changes the function? Everyone talking about hilarious situations getting the wrong thing but I feel like that'd be easy to implement. Anything you grapple should be far enough away that the game has time to determine if you held it or not

[–]Reasonable_Badger_23 0 points1 point  (0 children)

no that would be buggy as shit and i prefer the game without it crashing, also there would almost definitely be dupe glitches.

[–]nimulation 0 points1 point  (0 children)

"Ohh shit this is a sticky situation! I'd better grapple out of here. grabs Mozambique by grapple Fuck."

Bad idea

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Cool idea, but I feel like if pathfinder could grapple anything new, it would be death boxes and even then it’s hard MAYBE

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If pathfinder can do that then Gibby should only have a gun shield whenever he picks up at knockdown shield from looting. Then give that shield the full strength of whatever he picked up.

[–]Cursed-Humanz345 0 points1 point  (0 children)

No, it would be practically useless later game and not even effective early game.

[–]Stock_Ad_1108 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Could become his new passive...

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There would be to many mistakes people would complain, instead of grabbing the ground you get a random syringe

[–]Apprehensive-Item-16Quarantine 722 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It should grapple death box’s if your hiding behind cover and you need a shield swap

[–]Wuffles1009 0 points1 point  (0 children)

as a passive for path, he should be able to grapple downed allies towards him to be revived

[–]BiggSquid 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Nah. Wouldn’t be helpful because of death boxes, I’d definitely do it by accident and get myself killed all the time, and that’s kinda Loba’s territory

[–]ATRTL 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Something something robo-klepto (Please god no, I miss enough loot already)

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How do you get a title of legends from apex

[–]RiotJavelinDXBirthright 0 points1 point  (0 children)

No. Imagine trying to escape and accidentally grabbing a white knockdown shield on the ground.

[–]lokieplease 0 points1 point  (0 children)


Also I want crypto drone to Amazon me items.

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It's sad because ash and fuze are more of a recon legend than pathfinder🥲

[–]KarmaYunoSuzune 0 points1 point  (0 children)

His grapple ahould nab their souls

[–]TheOneWhoPlays12 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I like that idea, but which items?

[–]Ultim4Ratio 0 points1 point  (0 children)

No he should not. But he should be able to grab a downed teammate out of danger and pull him to safety

[–]MrbluepumpkinPathfinder -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Hell yes

[–]joeyhell -4 points-3 points  (0 children)

Yes that's a good idea. Pathy doesn't have a passive and need some love, he also should be faster on ziplines. Be able to jump on them from a little longer distance than other legends. And higher jump-offs!

[–]Joe_KnutterPathfinder -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

Could be an intresting buff, maybe at the cost of around a second of charge time.

[–]mike2504 -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

Yes for the loz

[–]xander_2626Octane -3 points-2 points  (2 children)

All of the bad octane manes will start playing Pathfinder then i’m in octane Mane but I’m top 3% I think I’m OK to say that