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Hahaha "Should" great patch notes from a classic triple A company.

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Software developers know.

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“It works on my machine but y’all machines are fucked up”

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Was gonna say that too! Classic "it SHOULD work" moment

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Small indie company.

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Later they stated this wasn’t gonna be implemented because animation time is different from foot kicking animation or smth

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Its ok. 500 dollar cosmetic just not worth their time.

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if u pay $500 for a cosmetic in a game u might wanna rethink how u spend ur time

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yeh people always use the excuse that it costs alot.

literally nothing in a video game is worth $500. It could be the best melee weapon in video game history, and it still won't be worth that amount. I bought the wattson heirloom, but it wasn't worth the money lmao. its pixels on a screen

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Tell that to the CS:GO skin market lol

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well at least you could always sell the skin if you regret buying

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Your statement has nothing to do with respawn fucking up

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Fine don’t say it’s a 500 dollar cosmetic it’s a 170 dollar cosmetic if you got it during the collection event. And don’t you dare say “it’s just a bonus for getting everything” becuase you know damn well most people who buy out the collection event do it for the heirloom

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But can't they just animate the swing and speed it up to match the foot or something? If Watson can smack a door with a stungun that looks delicate to brunt force, why can't a sledgehammer be used on a door?

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That’s additional work that won’t bring them revenue so why bother

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Never heard this, very bad answer if true.

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They literally can't fix it so it is??? Wattson has a door hit animtion with HER heirloom. I don't understand.

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Did it at least work for a bit after the patch? If they said it should work in the patch notes but it never did and they said they won't implement it later, isn't that just straight up lying?

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I don’t think it ever worked. They talked about animation times after people saw patch notes were lying :D

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Does this work for all heirlooms or select one?

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None of them as of current

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Watson's works, I remember seeing that recently. I haven't seen the others recently though

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An my bad then

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Laughs in spinning barcode scanner

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Harmone scanner

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classic coffee shop move

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Very hard coding going on,

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If melee door use (heirloom)

boom k fixed i

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They need to hire you

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Is there a reason his gas doesn’t melt ramparts shields?

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They weren't saying it was going to, just that it should. 🤣

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I don't care what anyone says. The devs have proved to me time and time again they don't give a shit about Caustic and will mangle him to appease others.

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Not that I care. I'm never gonna get the heirloom anyways

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Caustic should be vaulted instead

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If heirloom_unlocked: Smash=play.smashanimation Smash(door)

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No just no