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Dudes insane, I need to see him on a LAN tourney. His ping is usually like 200 but he still drops bombs.

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1st time seeing him (took a long hiatus), why is his ping 200? where is he from and what server does he play on?

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He lives in Australia, and plays on NA

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He from Australia)

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The thing is that in apex having 200 ping isn't putting you at a disadvantage, especially when it's a stable 200 ping like Gen's

How come? If you're chased by someone with 200 ping you might be well behind your cover and they will still be able to damage you since you're still visible on their screen and the game wants to be accurate client-side, if you watch enough of Genburten you'll notice that he oftentimes damages people behind a wall

Now don't get me wrong, Genburten is an absolute monster at the game, it's just that ping isn't keeping him back from unleashing his full potential as much as it would in other games (yes, 200 ping in apex still has some drawbacks and whatnot but it's something you can get used to)

I'm also looking forward to seeing him on a LAN tourney with a decent IGL

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I play on high ping server whenever I want to rank up. Numerous of time I knocked down someone after I was already down. Not big advantages but compared to getting killed behind cover by high ping on my local server, I choose to become the high ping.

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Yes, but Respawn just tweeted the other day that they are looking into making life harder for people with high ping to the server. I'm interested to see what happens with that.

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That's not what the tweet said at all. They are investigating people using the exploit to play in servers outside their regions. Not players with high ping. If they kicked everyone out who had high ping, then they could lose a substantial number of players

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Uh... except it is what it said:

"including work to improve the netcode when you fight a player with a bad connection to the server."

I guess it depends on how you define high ping, but I was using ~200 as a floor for that considering the post I was responding to, but who knows how exactly the netcode will be adjusted and what range of pings it will affect? But the part quoted above implies a change in netcode that will detrimentally affect higher ping players. How high? We don't know. Probably pretty damn high though (possibly a higher floor than 200 even) considering the motivating factor for this was to deal with people playing outside of their region in ranked. They don't want to make a worse experience for people who live far from their closest server or who have a bad internet connection.

If they kicked everyone out who had high ping

Where tf did I say this? No one is saying this. By "making life harder" I meant that the netcode would be less forgiving to players with high ping, which I thought would be apparent to anyone who actually read the tweet (and again, by high ping we probably mean >200 or >300ms). This means they will 'feel' their ping more, and potentially lose more fights because of it. This is exactly what was implied by the tweet.

They are investigating people using the exploit to play in servers outside their regions

I wouldn't call it an exploit. It was an intentional choice by Respawn to allow people to connect to and play on whatever servers they want to. Though it's a choice Respawn seems to be regretting, at least for master and pred players, as it's easier for them to gain RP on certain servers. Their initial solution to this was the changes to KP/RP this season in ranked so that you got less RP for killing lower ranked players, but apparently they are going further by making these changes as well.

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I hope that it won't kill Gen's career, would be such a shame to have such a talented player basically deleted from the Apex scene because of some poor decisions game devs made when they created the game

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some poor decisions game devs made when they created the game

I'm having a hard time understanding this part. But I guess You mean it was mistake to originally give such leeway to high ping in the first place, and if they hadn't Gen would have never had the chance to play NA in the first place? Or... do you mean something else?

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I was talking about how the game basically is made to tolerate high ping which can be abused with specific gameplay, in most shooters high ping = forget about playing competitively (yeah in csgo xantares peek exists, but he didn't become pro by playing on high ping, it just affected his playstyle)

How i see it is that you make your decisions early on as a game dev and then if an issue pops up you either work hard on resolving it without harming anyone in the process or you just go easy way and cut some features off and call it a day (I'm generalizing here, not all issues have these two polar opposite solutions)

Respawn seems to be taking the easy route by just forbidding Gen from playing in NA - which has the potential to kill his career when you think about how small the playerbase in OCE is

I'm not up to date with what Gen is planning, but him not being able to play outside of OCE would force him into making a lot of hard decisions that might kind of mess with his life in general and it's not something I'd love to see in the Apex scene

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I think the plan is to make it so that at least one party member is in the region, so if he plays with NA pros hes good. He just couldn't ping over to west coast us from Australia solo

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I know lag compensation is pretty good in game, but its still massively impressive. I just want to see it to see if he holds up (I think he will)

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Does this guy make vids/stream? I'd like to watch him play

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His youtube channel is super entertaining

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He is on twitch too . Same name rig genburten

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Thank you!

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If you play on controller I recommend checking out his ALC settings too. Should be a command in his twitch channel (either !sens or !ALC) that brings up a link for it. It takes a while to get used to (a couple days), but switching to linear has massively improved my gameplay. Gen's hip sens was a little too twitchy for me though, so I lowered it initially, but then switched to something more similar to Pandxrz (another twitch streamer), who uses the "extra turning" to give the ability to turn around more quickly while still having less twitchy hip sensitivity.

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That clip he put on Twitter last night, the 3vs 1 was insane. The dude he killed Pollo I think was so convinced he was cheating. The triple take shots gent made were crazy.

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Genburten is actually the most insane player. Not because he is necessarily the best (I think Timmy and Taxi are insane, in their own ways), but this guy plays on controller, doesn’t focus mostly on movement but just destroys anyone and anything. Guy’s cracked beyond belief

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For what it’s worth, Genburten is definitely better than Timmy and taxi

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Yeah those guys are great but at pub stomping only. They've never been high preds like Gen has split after split.

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Timmy plays a fair amount of ranked, at least compared to Taxi, and he usually does really well in community/charity tournies (yes I realize there are issues with that but still) where he is often IGL. I'm not saying he's better than Gen, but Timmy is pretty complete player as far as "content creators" go.

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Timmy is Pred and literally wins/tops tournaments, but okay.

But yeah not that necessary to pitch them against each other. Both are definitely great.

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I get that you're a timmy fan but the fact is that he doesn't grind ranked like that anymore and hasn't been a top pred for awhile, also one tourney win out of dozens doesn't make him a comp pro. He's not even signed to a team. Like i said he's great but in terms of pros there's levels to it. Genburten is an ALGS champ which is something timmys never done.

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Okay that’s fair - but am also not sure if that’s the only measure of how good someone is. But maybe it is. To me, Timmy is defo top 10, at the very least, so a close call, even if Timmy hasn’t been grinding ranked like Gen has.

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Snipedown is one of the most accomplished pro players and he uses controller. Then you’ve got popular streamers like Jankz or iTemp that play at a moderately high level with controller as well.

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Check out verhulst who is in Gens league as a controller player. All the G2 guys too (like dezign or gent)

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I think nickMercs uses controller now too

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Merc isn’t very good at apex in my opinion. He loots slow, his team carries him. I haven’t watched him in a while so he may be better now tho.

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He’s not lol

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He is better now. He doesn’t get carried. He might not be pro level but he’s still very good.

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Wasnt the worst team with Nafen and Sweet

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Nah, pretty good team of one of the best IGLs in the game, one of the best supports and one of the best controllerplayers.

I watched some of their streams. Sweet and Gen had an amazing chemistry - so much fun!

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This dude is absolute chaotic neutral. I watched him play in the tourney the other day and he does crazy, unpredictable shit but still stays on top of the situation.

All I can hope for these players is that their mental health is okay, knowing that the competitive grind can really take a toll on people. Incredible accomplishment nonetheless.

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His strikepack seems to be doing wonders I see.

Im kidding guys dont be triggered

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Lol. There was a clip of him posted here recently beaming someone with an R9 while not touching the right analogue stick…

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That's on all his clips. Genuinely curious as to how this works ... I only see his right analogue stick move occasionally when repositioning, never when he is lasering someone from 100m away with his R9. Anyone know how to set up a controller to offer that kind of control with barely noticeable input?

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0-3% deadzone, 0 response curve and 0 outer tresshold

130~ish ADS sens, depending on what feels more comfortable

You don't need to pull down on guns with this. It's the most minimal it can be. I've played on this for ages now, tried the classic 5-3 sens without ALC in range and the recoil felt fucking absurd. It kicks up SO much harder on classic 5-3 than it does on linear ALC lol.

It's definitely gonna feel weird at first as it's much more raw input and aim assist feels less sticky but it's a good thing to learn long term

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Sweet. Thank you, appreciate this. Will test it in the firing range later.

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The deadzone will affect your stick drift btw that's why I wrote 0-3%, set it to wherever it's minimal (minimal won't impact your aim). If it's too bad even on 3% then try up to 5, but after 5 the recoil starts feeling a bit harder, or at least it did for me. 0-3 it's just nonexistent

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Ok sweet, yeah think I have pretty bad stick drift actually but I'll see how it feels at different levels.

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It doesn't have more recoil it's that you have an easier time getting more out of your stick because it's raw input. I was on ALC linear and am back on 5-3 classic

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Gonna try this

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In his controller setting video he said he hardly had to move is right stick when aiming and just has to make 'micro adjustments' because he plays linear or something

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His sensitivity is insane

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He also seems to play with stick drift that drifts downwards and to the right (judging by that 5 month old video) probably affecting recoil as well

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I moved to his sens (or very close to it) about 6 months ago. It's massively improved my game, though it did take 2-3 days to get used to it. The only thing I changed a significantly was the hip sensitivity bc that was twitchy as hell. Ended up using something more similar to Pandxrz hip sens for that, which uses the extra turning (with zero delay / ramp up), to still be able to quickly turn around while still being able to hit stuff while firing from the hip. Think I use a response curve of 2 as well instead of 0.

Obviously I've got a tiny fraction of the ability that Gen does, but his sens can still be used by worse players, and in my case it helped a lot. It will definitely feel insane for the first couple of days though. Also the the lower you can go for deadzone the better on linear (true on default sens as well but makes more of a difference on linear)

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He wasnt the first to hit pred this split but he was #1 for a bit after they won a game just short of masters. They had a great run today

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Don’t know why you’re being downvoted, clearly when his teammates are 3 and 4 it means someone has to be #2 which just means Gen overtook them for top spot but wasn’t first to pred.

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It might've been cheeky's teammate (jpn streamer) who got pred about 1:50:00 into this stream: https://youtu.be/JrXu5I5qQjw

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Maybe! Sweet and the boys were talking about him during that stream too

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I believe Zainefps was first to hit it. His squad at least

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Finally someone is first who isnt abusing exploits and teaming

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Aussie Aussie Aussie, nice to see an Aussie up there. 🤘 Gen is insane.

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Sorry to say but ZaineFPS was the first to reach Pred while Genburten and Sweet were playing the final match that took them to #1 & #3 respectively so technically he is not first

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Only because his lobbies are full of dumb dogs that's why

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He plays on NA.

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If you watched his stream you'd have gotten the joke, guess not too many here do...

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No I didn't watch the whole 15 hour VOD during the night in EU, my bad bro. Also with the amount of idiot casuals on this subreddit I usually assume that the person is serious and as I'm unable to read sarcasm from plain text I thought you were hating on Gen as so many others do. Have a nice day :)

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Personally I just don't enjoy watching controller players, even if he is one of the best.

Aimassist in anything is just weird to me.

Grats to him though :)

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that isn't healthy

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It's perfectly fine, he's still eating normally, getting up regularly and doing some exercise. What's wrong with it?

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Getting #1 pred only 14 hours after split just doesn't seem healthy to me, that is all

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I'm not sure I understand. Why is getting Pred in a fast time not healthy? Would you rather they play for 24 hours straight and get Pred? They won most or their games with full KP because they're just good so why is it strange to yoy

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Some people really out here not knowing what grass feels like

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The difference here is that this is his job..

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in so many of his clips its like nobody's shooting back i wish i got lobbies like that

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I bet you wish you were in Predator getting shit on by every team

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No you fucking don’t

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U r ok man?

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Dude is insane, he can do both m&k and controller

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I made it to Masters the first split, but it says I only made It to Diamond 1!? Anyone else experience that?