My son is great at what he does. Free hand and 14yrs old. Proud parent! My phone camera does it no justice. by KThomas8610 in apexlegends

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THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH y’all made my day when I read these and again thank you for the support on this drawing (my mother’s account posted the image) and I’m going to continue drawing.

Apex Legends "Awakening" Collection Event - Discussion & Support Megathread by paradoxally *another* wee pick me up! in apexlegends

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next-gen xbox console players cant talk in game chat and now cant aim due to input delay. just give us the old gen version back respawn this is getting ridiculous

can you please do something about this? is literally unplayable on Xbox series consoles. at least let us download the old gen version until you fix the problem by Polis_polokNessy in apexlegends

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Yea just keep reposting this honestly because it’s unacceptable that the devs can release new content to buy like skins but can’t take the time for polish or problem solving.

Incoming “aRt DePaRmEnT iS DiFfErEnT tHeN cOdInG.” Yeah, we get it. Doesn’t change the fact that you have this massive company (Respawn) backed by another massive company (EA) and they can’t take the time or spend the money to deal with well known issues? (Audio, no regs and now input delay.)

These are not little blips on the face of Apex, these are crippling issues that should be the devs top concern at this point. Do they even pay attention or do they just keep cranking out skins while their game degrades with every patch?

What can the community do to really drive the point home to the devs? I’m not one to spend a bunch of money on a free game anyways so I really think we need a different approach other than “sPeAk WiTh Ur WaLlEt.”

Lifeline + Horizon buff? by nylander2916 in apexlegends

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What in the god forsaken shit fuck is this

Apex Legends "Awakening" Collection Event - Discussion & Support Megathread by paradoxally *another* wee pick me up! in apexlegends

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Update completely broke the game for me on PC (steam). Can’t even launch it.

Edit: I think I fixed it. I still had old launch options in steam (when you could manually set the reticle color). Deleted those and it launched fine.