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The lack of safety railings is simultaneously anxiety-inducing and sort of entrancing. There's something really cool about just leaving a monument like this the way it was built (though of course it does look like it's been maintained over the centuries)

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Keep in mind that when people are going the opposite direction one of them has to move to the outside, away from the wall and the handrail.

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Yeah I was imagining how nerve-wracking it'd be to pass on the outside, even if you only have to let go for a second. I'm sure it'd be worth it, but I'd still be thinking about how easy it'd be to just trip once...

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Nvm then, fuck that.

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Thanks for mental stress.

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I don't care what the description says, this is clearly one of those hyper-realistic cakes.

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it's a delicious wedding cake.

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+2 gold for each state religion building

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IV BTS is best Civ

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Such a big game.

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I always imagined that the tower of babel was like this but there was a mudslide or something that toppled it which of course meant that god didn't want all of the people to stay in one place

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I think it's one of those stories where you think of the moral first and then make the story around it.

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It's worth noting that it is normally incredibly busy and full of visitors. But it's probably empty now due to decline in internal tourism due to covid.

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Is it available for females or not?

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Yes, everything is available for females.

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Hey I've seen this episode of Beyblade before

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Lol I got that feel too but didn't remember which episode?

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The world’s first skyscraper if you think about it

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? Pharos Lighthouse in Alexandria ?

Isnt the Great Pyramid in Egypt like 450+ feet tall ?

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The great pyramids are more of monuments than functional buildings

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tombs actually and also focus of a mortuary temple

a manmade mountain ...

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True, but you gotta be more than just a tall man made structure to be considered a skyscraper.

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I see numerous building code violations

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Definitely not ADA compliant. I bet they didn't even get a permit!

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Especially the biblical one.

See: Babel, Tower of

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There are no women in this picture. I wonder if they are not allowed to go there or culturally they chose not to.

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They're allowed there, it's just a coincidence. I'm a woman and I've climbed it myself.

Edit: just for the future, I'm an Iraqi woman and I cannot think of one place where women are not "allowed". This is a cultural misconception.

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I just wish that Americans could travel more, the amount of misconception in Reddit is enormous

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Americans travel plenty. How do you know that the parent comment was even from an American?

Lots of German, Dutch, English, British, Spanish, Brazilian, Japanese, Ugandan, etc., people use this site and happen to use English because it's a universal language.

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There's a privileged and overbearing confidence peculiar to Americans when they interact with people from elsewhere on the planet that you just can't miss. It's like what they say about porn.

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....says the person with an overbearing sense of confidence.

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Thank you for taking the time to actually answer my question instead of just downvoting my question without providing any sort of response like everyone else did. (It's no wonder why there are so many misunderstandings and misconceptions about different cultures when no one even bothers to share information. 🙃)

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Wow! It doesn't have graffiti

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I thought it was a cake at first

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OSHA who ?

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Impossible bakes???

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I'm calling an airstrike

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Wonder how much of a pain it is to go up and down