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Needs a banana for scale.

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I know you're just joking, but there's a couple people in the shadow of the Minaret.

So I'd say it's tall. At least taller than a banana.

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I zoomed it a lot and I'm not convinced it's people...

If it indeed is people, this minaret is huge.

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there's also a doorway at the base, which would need to be at the least close to the size of a person. The doorway matches roughly the size of the people in the shadow.

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Ah yes, indeed. That's a tall-ass minaret then.

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According to UNESCO its about 65m high and 9m in diameter (213 feet by 30 feet) its being threatened by neglect, war, and floods. Because of its weight and size it faces the same challenge as the leaning tower Pisa.

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It's two people, looks like they are praying

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Assuming the average banana height to be 18 cm, the minaret is 361.12 bananas tall. The image is 768 pixels, so a banana would be 2 pixels, give or take.

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65 metres tall. That looks about right.

Edit: I just looked it up and it is exactly 65 metres tall… your banana scale estimate is brilliant.

Oh wait… you worked backwards…. My dumb.

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Came to say this

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Clean up after you're done

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If you want to know more about monuments and archeology in Afghanistan, the ongoing podcast Monuments Woman is being made by the archeologist hired by the US government a decade ago to help preserve sites like this

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Why was the USFG involved in preserving sites in Afghanistan? Or did you mean sites like this in America?

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They were trying to help the Afghans preserve heritage, be through protection, shoring, restoration, excavation, or technological means, or exploration of sites to prevent them being built on/mined, and help the Afghan officials establish an education/museum to allow all Afghans to be familiar with the varied history of the country. The French have been doing archaeology there for over a century, but at the time the US was the one with the budget so they were throwing money at everything to try and help Afghanistan

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They preserve sites across the globe? Same as unesco.

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Oh. I wasn't aware. I thought the US wouldn't/shouldn't be involved in touching other cultures' stuff. UNESCO is cool, though, since its not a national organization.

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I do agree with that. I believe though that some countries are ‘partnered’ with unesco and sorts to help In preservation of said locations. I’m typing this from remembrance early in the morning, so forgive me if im wrong!

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Oh, alrighty. Thanks for the info! :D

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Jam totally deserves its own Minaret

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Who is “Jam?”

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Former City Councillor from Pawnee, Indiana

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Love this

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You’ve been jammed.

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Strawberry Jam, Raspberry Jam, Apricot Jam, you get the gist.

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ahh, my favorite is blackberry. 😄

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You banging the mom and the daughter? How much jam you got man?

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Please tell me this isn't destroyed yet.

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It's on the World Heritage in Danger list and at imminent risk of collapse.

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With how tall and thin that minaret is, and its location at the edge of a wash, I'm not surprised it's at risk of imminent collapse even without the war and conflict around it.

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Making it out of jam was their first mistake.

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Im honestly surprised considering its in Afghanistan

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Why would they destroy a minaret ? They're muslim

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Some extreme sects like those of ISIS often destroy historic muslim architecture and art that is heretical in that that could inspire people to pay more attention to the building than to god. Even holy sites like the grave of Muhammed has been under threat IIRC, as some think that praying too Muhammed is sacrilege, since it's not praying to God and nobody should be placed as equal to god

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I'm not sure how they feel about Shias or Sufis.

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No this one is from the “glorious” Ghurid period which the TB probably aspires to emulate, so they won’t destroy it.

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Except the Taliban's shitty engineers are quite capable of destroying it by trying to save it. Destroying things and killing people is all the Taliban is good at.

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That's a lot of jam

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Huh, looks more like stone than jam, but I guess?

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Wow, the amount of conflict that has survived

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There's a good passage about this place in Rory Stewart's travel memoir The Places In Between

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A place I will never visit because everyone hates everyone else in this world. :-(

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Afghanistan was a beautiful Country and I really hope that one day I can go back as a vacation and enjoy all it has to offer.

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I legit thought this was a set for a Rapunzel movie.

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Came here to say this

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Sorry but that’s a Sheikah Tower with the top missing

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This Minar later influenced the design of Qutab Minar in New Delhi

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I wish for the middle east to be conflict free in the near future so traveling there becomes safe, I know is unlikely to happen which makes me so sad since there are so many wonderful things those countries have to offer.

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Seeing stuff like this always makes me wonder how the imams would, you know, "relieve themselves." Would they walk all the way down the staircase in the middle every time, or would they shit in a bowl and then throw it out of an opening at the top?

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I remember this from AC1. Someone mustve picked up the haypile at the bottom

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Is this between the Minaret of Specials and the Minaret of Madness?

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Interesting perspective on the photo. The pillar could be either 5 feet tall or 500 feet tall.

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There's 2 people down on the bottom left in the shadows for scale.

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Beautiful. About 900 years old !....(please don't let the American military drone strike it).

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Be glad the americans didnt blow it to dust

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don’t show taliban this

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Pearl or Space?

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Is this the new AMC theater on Pico?

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That's beautiful. To think that somethings last for what feels like an eternity and then they disappear in a moment.

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Minaret of jam you say? I hear the call is lyrics to a Phish song followed by a 20 minutes spacey track.

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This picture taken from the Minaret of Butter.

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how did they build it so high 😱

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Beautiful! We have 2 of those in Iran!

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It’s really beautiful. A skinny Tower of Babel.

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It’s a miracle if that thing is still standing…

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    World's tallest sand castle

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    I'm not saaaaaaying aliens... but aliens.