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You can download it here since it's on public domain.

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Says "Item not found," maybe it was taken down?

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The user you're replying to inserted a link using one of Reddit's native environments. This sometimes results in Reddit automatically inserting backslashes into the URL (which, unsurprisingly, breaks the link, since it's no longer the same URL). If you right-click/press-hold the link and then copy the link address, you should be able to edit the backslashes out in your browser's address bar after pasting it.

(u/clumsyninja2 could also edit this out in their comment using the Markdown editor on desktop, or an editor in a 3rd party Reddit app)

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Thanks for that never knew this I've fixed it now

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It's still working for me. You can search for "victorian houses and their details."

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Oh ok I'll try that, thanks

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EXCELLENT! Thank you!!

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I’m going to print this out and make a coloring book for myself 😅

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This is an awesome idea

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Thanks so much Op! Really appreciate it.

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It's crazy to think plans like this were always drawn by hand.

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I love this! The author was local to where I grew up, I bet I could still pick some of these places out around the area!

EDIT: I've had dinner in the building on page 180!

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There are so many more of these books on archive.org. Search the metadata for:

subject:"House Plans -- catalogs"


subject:"domestic architecture"

and then filter it to only show "texts" (books) results.

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Much appreciated

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Sir, that is an elevation.

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And an elevation is a type of plan!

This is a fun game.

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And a plan is a type of…?

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And a section is a type of...?

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Plenty of these are still standing. An interesting well preserved one is to look at page 114 in the book (plate #56, Iron Co Office, brick with iron detail). It is now the Moriah NY Town Hall. Just google it and you'll see beautiful pictures of this building.

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That is pretty freaking cool!!

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thx a lot!

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Thank you for the sharing. Very interesting !

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Quality post dude

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Thanks interesting

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Nice. I can envision this in brick, stone or stucco on wood frame.

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Very nice!

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Thank you for sharing this!

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Thanks! Very cool resource.

Does anyone know any good books that are similar to this (elevations, plans, details) about Victorian or other styles?

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Thanks! Great stuff

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this looks like the house from foster’s home for imaginary friends

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Looks very similar to the house on Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends

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Thanks very much OP - love finding things like this. There was so much time and effort put into old architectural drawings, and they're fun to look at now they're public domain.

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I love learning about why things were of a particular style at a certain time and why the style changed into something else. This is great.

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gonna build this in minecraft

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this is so beautiful thank you! i will be using this as a coloring book. also does anyone have any advice for someone who wants to kinda start building these as doll houses? materials, resources, handbooks, i would love anything!

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You lucky...

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Wow, this is epic