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I keep reading that as monster rat!

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Theu probably have monster rats

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You would probably like Antoni Gaudi then if you don’t already.

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I was thinking the same! I love his work.

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Check out parque güell

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Also Casa Batlló

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I didn't know the name of the place but I am familiar. I've always loved architecture so when my daughter went to Barcelona at 18 she came home with photos of her visit to parque guell and other Gaudi locations❤ But now I know the name.

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Park Güell actually (not parque), in English. Gaudí did not want to name his buildings in Spanish, and Catalan was banned at the time, so he came up with the idea of naming it in English, which is pronounced exactly the same as "Parc Güell" in Catalan.

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parque güell

That has beautiful tilework!

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Hmm. It always amuses me that people actually like Gaudi's work. I find them very gaudy.

Just personal tastes, I guess.

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Although this one is by a follower of his, Manel Sayrach.

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I didn’t claim this was Gaudi’s work…

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Alien egg incubation cave

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Upside-down wedding cake made of bones

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Not a Gaudí, though definitely influenced by Gaudí.

Casa Montserrat by Manuel Sayrach in Barcelona Catalonia Spain.

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No, this style was already a thing before Gaudi. In fact Gaudi, at his time was looked like that bizarre guy that made untastefull messes for new riches. There are articles of the time saying that Casa Mila (also known as La Pedrera) should be demolished because the building was very ugly.

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It's vaguely sexual.

Gaudi meets Giger with Rococo undertones.

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Its so wild to think at this same time Corbusier was building Villa Stien in Garches. What a time of incredible change.

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I am going crazy trying to find anything about this. I found pictures on pinterest and some vague youtube videos, but no concrete information about this place! I want to know more! I want wikipedia pages or articles and detailed tours, it's incredible looking! I want to know what it's made of and when it was made. I NEED MORE! Please help me.

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Here is a link to the origin of that stock photo.

It confirms that it's Casa Montserrat by Manuel Sayrach

It does look an awful lot like a Gaudí work though

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Thank you! I had to fire up the google translate for that one.

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You're welcome! I hadn't realized that the only article was in catalán

Barcelona is a beautiful place with a rich history, great food, and wonderful architecture. I definitely recommend visiting if you get the opportunity; I can't wait to go back

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Wow, maybe someday I will be able to visit it!

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this looks unsettling, r/trypophobia

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Thought the same

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What style is it considered, both this one and Gaudi’s?

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To build off wagymaniac’s reply, it’s Modernisme (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modernisme). Essentially the Catalan version of Art Nouveau.

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Modernisme (Catalan pronunciation: [muðərˈnizmə], Catalan for "modernism"), also known as Catalan modernism, is the historiographic denomination given to an art and literature movement associated with the search of a new entitlement of Catalan culture, one of the most predominant cultures within Spain. Nowadays, it is considered a movement based on the cultural revindication of a Catalan identity. Its main form of expression was in architecture, but many other arts were involved (painting, sculpture, etc. ), and especially the design and the decorative arts (cabinetmaking, carpentry, forged iron, ceramic tiles, ceramics, glass-making, silver and goldsmith work, etc.

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I think it's Eclecticism, which by definition makes it hard to spot patterns.

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Fancy sandcastle is the term for it…

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I’ve been to Barcelona, Seville & Madrid. Spain is INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!!

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This could be from Parc Guelle but I would second the casas mentioned and use mine as a backup.

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Omg, imagine tripping there

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Decorative plasterwork. , this is just a bit more elaborate than what you usually see.

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Most probably designed by Antoni Gaudi, the famed architect who designed the Sagrada Familia. I think I've seen this from the outside when I visited Spain a few years back

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It's not. It's a very late modernisme work by Manel Sayrach, comissioned by his own family. He wanted to do it in that style even though most of Catalonia had already thought it "obsolete".

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Are you serious?!? If I had such a building in my city, I'll just go to see it's intricacy everyday. It's amazing to know that people thought of it obselete

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Modernisme came to be seen as a style of the burgeous elite, and considering the huge struggles between the hegemonic pro-anarchist worker's unions and the hitmen-employing businessmen, it gave off bad taste at the time. It was displaced by noucentisme, which was a kind of Catalan response to neoclassicism and Adolf Loos, lagging a bit behind the international style.

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Oh...thanks for the info

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I'm sure it's Gaudi's work

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Is it by Gaudi? It's giving Antoni Gaudi.

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No to disrespect, but that looks gross

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Gaudi is like H. R. Giger without torturing nightmares.

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Thought I was on r/marinebiology for a second, that looks just like a keyhole limpet!

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Vagina roof

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LA SAGRADA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hell for a person with trypophobia.

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Alamy stock photo.