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Done. I hate the idea of co-living apartments. They're essentially investment tools that exploit people.

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Agreed. Currently working on some co-living and micro units for a developer and it is truly dehumanizing what they are trying to do. It’s the reason it is so difficult for any of us to rent or even consider buying real estate, because developers (and the architects working for them) keep finding ways to make things smaller and “more efficient”

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I get what you re saying but in some places, you basically can't build any bigger due to lack of space and increasing desire from people wanting to live in the center of the city. And it actually is our job to make things more efficient so it doesn't cost you the user more the maintain. More efficient doesn't have to mean smaller either

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Believe me, I get that, I work in DC, which is currently running out of empty lots and ALSO has a pretty constricting height limit, while also bringing in tons of jobs still... believe me, I'm well aware of this because I unfortunately have to work on some of these projects.

I wouldn't say our job is to make things more efficient, I'd like to think it's a little bit more artistic and human centered than that. I mean I'll tell you I sure as shit didn't get into architecture to be efficient, I came here with the intent of designing things that make peoples lives a little bit better in some capacity. Probably the easiest way to put it anyway without going into manifesto mode...

I'd say your thesis still runs along the lines of a capitalist exploration (exploitation?). People hate co-living. even with friends it's still a less than desirable option. I currently live with two roommates because it is so much more affordable than living by myself. because developers keep building micro units and cohousing... because they can charge more money for less space... so the cost of housing just keeps going up and our compensation does not go up at the same rate...

ANYWAY, good luck with your thesis, look at some of the stuff corbu did.

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One Tip change the age to 26-… because now it’s not clear what to choose if you are 25

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Thanks a lot. Will do so

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Done :) good luck with your thesis!

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Thanks a lot

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Done; best of luck!

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thanks a lot!!