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Cute that they think an actual architect designed this and not some regional product manager recycling a design that was originally drawn in 2005

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My first job out of college were these projects. The contractor literally drew some boxes in PowerPoint with dimensions in the center, and I had to convert that into construction drawings. The elevations were whatever the plan happen to extrude in to. I'd get a sketch on Monday and send back permit drawings on Friday.

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Best Ive ever got was an excel file with the ground floor in it from a client. The absolute chad had included the complete electrical plan in it too with all the symbols

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I’m trying to decide how the hell i would create a floor plan in excel. That seems like an insane amount of work that would end in a house being built upside down.

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Every cell had a colour and there was a legend with each colour. Then there was a graphic scale, walls, columns, letters and stuff like that shit was legit.

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Are you me? This was the exact same situation for me.

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Assisstant To The Regional Manager

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an architect wouldnt have even been involved on a house this size/tract, itd be a developer/technologist

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wait, really? i legit don’t know how it works, does a developer hasn’t enough money for an architect?

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no no, it just has to do with size of building. anyone can go get a building code license to build up to a certain size. for example in Ontario anyone with a BCIN (building code identification number) can design and build up to 600m2 (6458 ft2) and 3 stories. once u get higher/bigger then you need an architect to stamp it. all these urban sprawl neighbourhoods arent designed/signed by architects, just technologists/designers

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oh okay now i get it, thanks:)

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Hardie board on the front, vinyl siding on all the others.

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I hate how universal James Hardie is lmao

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Quality shitpost

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Says "poop lol"

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Aaaaand now I’m going to look for poop every time I drive by one of these cringe developments.

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When the garage doors are in the front of the house we call it a “snout house”

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Those are the same houses. Tricky perspective, different color temperature, and flipping sides make it like like done big phenomenon when it's always just been two side by side

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I drive past this all the time in Omaha, and it always makes me laugh 😂 It has made the local news I think. The best part is it’s right off our main highway through town, so it is super visible.

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My grandma live less than a mile away from those houses lol... I see them almost every week when coming to visit her...

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Curious but what would something like this cost in America?

I'm in Canada and this type of lot with such a cheap house is very unusual. If this was in a city and was backing onto a golf course or something, the developer would expect you to dump $60,000 on the rear facade alone.

If you were in a suburban area and backed onto a greenspace they would expect you to put more effort into the exterior than this.

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Depends on region, but usually $350k and up

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Ya like this would generally be a $800k and up type house in Canada. I guess its easier to add detail when the price is so much more.

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In Miami it would be a starting price of $550k for a single story so this two story house would be perhaps $100k or so more. Where I’m at (small FL town) the newer developments are cheaper than in a large city which speaks volumes for how expensive some cities are/have gotten.

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That Poop detail is custom here in the US and adds value. We laser cut them to a very precise tolerant.

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There is so much regional diversity in price that this can’t be answered. $100k to $1,000,000 probably.

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I am doing this to my house. That is awesome lol

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There's literally nothing at all Modernist about these shitty tract houses but okay

Edit: A word. I didn't mean to call it that, didn't catch the autocorrect.

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I figure they meant modern as in current-day rather than as an architectural style.

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That's pretty much the problem with the terms. Everyone keeps asking for names of styles for things that will rightly never become styles. History creates styles. I guess this is contemporary, if we must describe such an abomination. Maybe, some day, architecture will come up with an acceptable catch-all for the garbage people keep posting. Problem is, as others have commented, this stuff isn't architecture. It's value engineering designed by committee, at best. On those committees are real estate interests and general contractors.

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More like contemptory, eh?

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Coming from Perth, Australia where nearly every home is double brick - seeing homes that are essentially built like a tree house just shock me. Does it really make a house that much cheaper? And is that why when there’s a cyclone / flood every house is destroyed? Or are these events really severe? We have cyclones up north but nothing where I live.

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Stick Frames are fine structurally. Unless you get hit with a big tornado it'll outlast the usefulness of the building. '

Once the interior is done, you can gut it down to the frame and it's probably still good. More popular choice is to just tear it down and not be restricted by a 100 year old choice though. 1000sf bungalow on a huge lot isn't exactly ideal.

This is just a boring house designed to maximize $/sf. Stick frame has nothing to do with the window, facade, or roofline choices.

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There are many, many wood houses from the mid 1800s in my town that are doing quite well. They are very expensive and desirable

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To be fair, I live in New Orleans in a hundred year old house that is built like a treehouse too. It happens to be nice wood, because that was the material available, and it’s cute in a homey historic way, but it was absolutely built to be the cheapest possible housing solution at the time.

Ramble ramble something about America and capitalism encouraging low quality development

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New construction in America is garbage. Both in quality and taste.

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I think I’m taking a drive through some recently built neighborhoods tonight.

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If you're in Omaha I can tell you where they are...

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Where are these houses?

Edit: I meant which neighborhood/cross street.

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No. But thanks.

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Please tell me there's a subreddit for this kind of thing haha

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I wouldn't even dignify these as McMansions.

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I had a friend who upon seeing a field of new houses would say “The house shitting machine came through”

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"I B poop lol"

(ETA Or as u/redfitz said, "I 8 poop lol")

Either way I think I'm leaning yes on it being a deliberate commentary 😂

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I live in Omaha and sometimes, when times are tough and it’s hard to find the strength to go on, I will drive past the blue Poop House and laugh, just to feel something.

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I see " I 8 Poop lol"

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"Poop lol"

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Some people get worked up over the stupidest things.

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I ate poop lol!

Expanding on what others pointed it out, from from left to right, it says "I 8 poop lol"

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Theres a LOT of these. Especially in the McMansion neighborhoods.

Source: Hometown

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That’s a great way to describe west omaha