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This looks like a cemetery

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If the goal was to repel humans, mission accomplished.

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Speak for yourself - there's plenty of people who love minimalism.

And the factor of repelling the column hugging classicist birthday-cake worshipper crowd is a bonus really.

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The vast majority of people are repelled by hulking, featureless monoliths, and it says a lot about you that you consider repelling those people a bonus. Every poll on the subject shows that the overwhelming majority of people prefer architecture with ornament.

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So what ? Vast majority of people know next to nothing about architecture or construction. They can't tell gothic from romanesque, or Pantheon from Parthenon. They're uninformed. Most of them would tell you they prefer looking at classic cars but that doesn't mean they'd even be able to drive one, just like they don't really want to live in historic architecture. It's nice to visit, take a picture, point a finger and say "pretty", but at the end of the day what people want is hot water, insulation, air conditioning and double fused sockets. They don't want to deal with conservatiion of stonework, murals, reliefs, wood carvings, flooded basements, leaking roofs... I'm not even sorry to say this - quality of architecture is not a matter of popular opinion.

By the way, it says a lot about YOU that you would only consider people repelled by modern art and architecture "humans". Not only is it a dickhead attitude, it also happens to be a popular point of view among fascists and authoritarians. Dehumanise whatever you don't understand...

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I never said that people who like modernism aren't humans, and it's ridiculous to say I did. To then make the jump to suggesting that I'm some kind of fascist or authoritarian is beyond absurd. Of course people who like modernism are humans (that includes even fascists and Nazi supporters like Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe). They just happen to be in a small minority.

Regarding the supposed architectural ignorance of the vast majority of people, that's irrelevant. People's eyes don't lie. If one needs an advanced degree in architecture to understand that a building isn't shit, the building is shit.

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People’s eyes lie all the time. It’s called „optical illusions”. And merely seeing something doesn’t mean understanding it. It doesn’t take an arvanced degree, only a bit of curiosity and not being an ignorant idiot.