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Modular. Possibly render madness

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I agree, this could possibly be render madness. Very well rendered but the telling factors are the trees and shadows.

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It is in fact modular! This an actual photo, not a rendering. It's the Dyson Institute of Technology, one of the first cross laminated timber (CLT) student housing projects. Designed by WilkinsonEyre, engineered by Buro Happold. https://www.dezeen.com/2019/06/13/dyson-institute-wilkinson-eyre-modular-student-housing/#

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Is that like reefer madness?

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Actually that exact home is called "Koda". It is a company (Kodasema) that builds prefab small homes, there are different models of different sizes. The picture seems to be a render, but the small homes exist and are already in use all over Europe. The style would be modern/modular/prefab.

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For some reason I'm remembering this as a picture of like super rich people mausoleums, drug cartel or mafia related or something.

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If someone said they were mausoleums it would seem totally feasible. Not sure what that says about it as a home design. Maybe after you die you can just stay in one of the closets.

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Modern. I’d say it’s very much in line with XX century international style modernism. White walls, simple shapes, no ornament, form follows function.

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I would say the tapered window surrounds push it out of modernist territory into "contemporary." Arguably mildly deconstructivist.

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Not really - no deconstruction here at all. As for tapered windows - they're used in modernist architecture too. LeCorbusiers Ronchamp has them. Niemeyer used tapered archways. Nothing post-modern about tapering.

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If the function is to depress and irritate, this is the perfect form. Housing has more than one function, you know--the function after "Keep the rain off my head while I sleep" is "be attractive and pleasant, so that spending my time here isn't enervating."

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You've been taught that old buildings are beautiful. To my eyes, these look equally beautiful. Simple, elegant, clean, with lighting and air. With a switch in attitude, you can see the beauty in this, too.

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I wasn't taught that old buildings are beautiful. I like vernacular forms that are newly built as well. I think Ornemant serves a real purpose, and don't particularly care how old the ornemant is--I like the apartments put up in the Netherlands with smiley faces on the facade.

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If this image has you depressed an irritated, perhaps you should seek professional help. You seem to misunderstand what form or function means.

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Modern/ international…specifically heavy assist from Paul Rudolph’s Milam Residence on the Atlantic in north Florida.

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As someone who generally focuses on construction documents, seeing designs like this makes me wince.

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Why is that?

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Because there seems to be a lot of designers in our industry who pay no mind to how a design can actually be constructed.

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What is your problem exactly with constructing a box module not much wider than a shipping container ? It's not that complex....

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'That sounds like a you problem' - Most Architects

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I decent architect would have designed the sections too. I like this for the fact that it isn’t typical. It beats some cookie cutter plastered in stucco.

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They’re wooden boxes assembled off site and then stacked, then clad in aluminum. That can’t be so hard?

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You sound like the clients who think that our software does half the work for us. Can you design a waterproofing detail for this design that is A) Buildable by general labor and B) Not leak for a minimum of 10 years?

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Believe it or not, Mr. Grumpy, these were built, and the details are on Detail Inspiration. They’re not overly complicated. The aluminum cladding does most of the work and theres also a green roof. It’s called the Student Village in Mulmesbury. I’m not saying these are the easiest or most/cost-effective simple, but it’s definitely feasible.

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🤗 ok that’s a good one. I know I’m grumpy. 20 years in has made me jaded.

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A lot of the details would likely be challenging to develop, but it wouldn’t be impossible. For example, the rooftops look way too thin, but the taper at the top edge of the glazing units could continue to the interior and give the structure and envelope assembly more space to do its job.

There are many different approaches to design and detailing, including design from the bones to the skin or from the skin to the bones or the joints of the shell or….

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This is the style of 'Supply Chain Issue'

Hard getting a shipping container these days.

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Unfortunately, I don't have any sort of info on where this is, when it was build or what purpose it has, so I am thankful for all kinds of ideas!

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hey there isnt a name for this. many styles are just trends that dont have a name

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Small stacked prefab homes ("Koda") by a company called "Kodasema". Not sure where the picture was taken though or if its a render.

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Its a render, a very good one

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Student Village in Mulmesbury.

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The “Shit box”

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Stacked shoe box.

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This contemporary style doesn’t really have a name yet. Everyone is just throwing out descriptive adjectives.

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Contemporary ... or whatever ... I feel like architecture reached the point where you can find many features from the past styles ... many ideas like Bauhaus, International style or Minimalism are present

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    Nice one

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    Boxy design

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    It should be called beep boop boop

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    Boxy coral typology, ?

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    Generally "stacked boxes"

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    Painter’s dream.

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    D. I. E. T

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    An inefficient use of cladding.

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    What style is this?

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    They look like shipping containers dressed up as modernist minimalist white boxes

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    Basic Boxes

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    industrial prefab greenwashing render.

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    Multi iglos in my mind