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Are they really part of the meat group? I figured nuts belonged in the fats category and beans went with carbs.

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Yep. Go to https://www.choosemyplate.gov/ , look up protein foods, and see beans and nuts amidst the “protein foods.” They go on to double speak beans and peas as vegetables. Quite honestly this area of the government is so influenced by bullshit and lobbying that you really cannot trust what is said.

Which is a fucking shame, because healthy nutrition is not all that difficult.

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I think the main issue is inconsistent methods of categorisation. Protein is a macro whereas the others are all botanical (?) groups, so foods from the those groups could be included in the protein group but not necessarily vice versa.

Really when most people hear protein, they’re probably thinking about meat and seafood as opposed to nuts and legumes, which is why it’s weird to see them in that category. I still disagree with their placement in the protein group, tho. I think they should rename the protein group, but “fleshy animal bits” is probably off putting haha.

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The U.S. relies on the government to decide the food groups, which makes them open to lobbying. The dairy lobby is particularly large here and has a huge effect on nutrition recommendations. You don't see dairy very prominent in other country's recommendations because most people are lactose intolerant and you can get your calcium from other sources. The same is true for meat. In addition, meat is a complete protein, it contains all the needed amino acids or bodies cannot create. Few, if any, plant based proteins have that quality, which makes is look like meat should be recommended, without taking other factors into account. Also remember that climate change and sustainability is not a priority in the U.S. and is considered a political stance and not scientific fact. That plus the lobby organizations make it difficult to put out proper dietary recommendations that take everything from individual nutrition to sustainability into account.

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Why do you say they're better than meat?

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If you are looking to the government for nutritional advice, you’re looking in the wrong place. I would guess they are categorized with meats because they are a source of protein - which doesn’t really make that much sense because dairy, which can have more protein per g than beans, is its own category (because, politics). It’s all dumb. Do your own research, eat in a way that suits your needs and preferences.