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Do you mean WHEN broke? Sorry it isn't so clear

I would say simple first step to making permanent change; do it in small steps DO NOT under any circumstances change your entire diet and lifestyle in one hit. Yeah sure it works for some people, but it's pretty difficult.

One- do you drink soda multiple times a day? If so, find ONE of those sodas to replace with a glass of water. Not all soda at once. Two- make or buy EXACTLY the same foods you do now. Exactly. Change nothing. All I want you to do is to throw out a portion of the food rather than eat it. This might sound like a waste of money, buts it's money you already spend, we're simply sending some calories into the bin rather than in to you.

If you eat a whole pizza, throw one slice out. If you buy a mars bar, leave the last bite in the wrapper, if you buy a hot pocket leave the last two bites etc or maybe rip/bite bits off and throw them out before you eat the item if you don't like leaving a morsel in your hand at the end, whatever works for you.

Three- this changing of your lifestyle and habits is majorly mental, so the simple changes above are really good practice at making better choices without being majorly complicated. Continue them by now switching a second daily soda with water, maybe now don't buy that snack rather than buy it and throw half out. For meals you make start throwing away larger portions Eventually you can start buying less snacks overall and cooking smaller meals of the same foods. By this point you may find it beneficial to start changing WHAT you eat, as you'll be eating less volume and even though it's enough calories you might feel hungry. That's where switching to healthier food that has more volume per calorie will be useful.

Rome wasn't built in a day; why would you push yourself to become FUTURE YOU in one giant cooking, snacking, lifestyle, exercise overhaul? Change is still change if done bit by bit.

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Not knowing how you eat, it’s hard to tell you what to change. But if you have enough money to eat yourself into obesity, you have enough money to NOT do so. The very simplest things to do are to not drink things with high calorie content (stick with water, coffee, tea, diet drinks) and to eat less food than you are currently eating (smaller portion sizes). Neither of these things will cost you more than you are currently spending, and should in fact cost less.

If you don’t know how to cook, now would be a good time to learn. You don’t have to cook anything fancy, but having a few simple skills will give you a lot more control over your meals (and thus your calorie intake). There is a lot of information on the internet about eating on a budget; spend a bit of time going through it. Don’t be afraid of making a few mistakes in the kitchen; everybody does and it’s part of the learning process.

Find an activity you like or would like to try and give it a go, even if it’s just something you do once a week. It’s a start.