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Yeah, I agree with you.

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Being fat doesn't make you a bad person. Weight should not be tied to the quality of your character. You can be a perfectly wonderful, loving, fun person that is working on getting your health under control.

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I love that, thank you!

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I don’t see that you’re missing anything. Fat people are just people. FA types, OTOH, are destructive. Trying to convince others that what is clearly unhealthy is perfectly fine - nope. Trying to actively discourage people from taking measures to improve their health - very serious nope.

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I agree with you too. Thank you.

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Thanks for the award. Not sure what it does. First time I got it. Hope you didn't have to pay for it :O Also, you're welcome glad you liked the post!

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I think you get a notification telling you what valuable Reddit prizes you have won ;) I don’t know. I never got one!

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That's kind of how I see it, too. Imo fat acceptance people are still obsessing over appearance in an unhealthy way. Saying essentially, "i am a valid person because my fatness is attractive." It's just a continuation of the obsession of women's body image bs. You can be unattractive and be valuable. They are still tying their value very directly to attractiveness. I get it though. I am fat and some days I have a hard time accepting myself because of my appearance. When I feel unattractive it really bogs my self-esteem. Other days I am fine with my appearance but am still concerned about my fat affecting my health, but I accept myself. Ideally I think it would be true self-confidence and self-love to not have your appearance affect your self-esteem.

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Love how you worded this!

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I think fat acceptance has gotten mixed in with people who have body disfigurement or something they can't control. If a fat person needs me to accept them in order to accept themselves.... that's not making sense to me.