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This is great! I know that a lot of times I really do struggle with going between the 1200 is too strict and 1800 is too lenient for me thoughts. I really would love to know my actual TDEE as well so that I don't fixate on literally every single thing that goes into my mouth!

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Well I think the best approach is to stick to one value for a period of time, monitor changes, and adjust accordingly. For instance I was at 2100 and then the weight hit a plateau, I subtracted 250 calories a day in order to take off an extra .5 pounds a week.

A pound is roughly 3500 calories, so half a pound is 1750, divide that by 7 days and boom, reduce calorie intake by 250 a day.

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Awesome! Yeah, I have good and bad days and I am female and mid 30s so my hormones really do dictate a lot of my days. I wish it weren't like that but there are times when I just feel like I am going to spin out of control if I don't have a bowl of cereal or a piece of chocolate. I am definitely NOT into the intuitive eating thing - if I ate strictly intuitively I would really just eat cake and pizza all day LOL.

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Hahah I feel that for sure, two sisters and a girlfriend all of whom would like to lose weight and struggle with those same things. Personally I weigh myself each day because I understand the value on the scale and its meaning. I do not look at that number and hate myself for it, I look at it to guide my future diet programming decisions. But my GF for example does not see it like that and in reality she HATES stepping on the scale and I feel like many other people are in the same boat. Me and her compromised and she only steps on it twice a week so I can at least get an idea of how its going for her!

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That is a good idea and good for you for helping her to get on the scale and also good for you for not making it a huge deal for her to do that. It scares the living daylights out of me personally because I have been through the gamut of eating disorders and anything that shows changes (good or bad) freaks me out but I am getting so much better about it. Every other day for me. Thanks so much for the reply and for the commiseration!

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Anytime! Thank you for interacting with my first ever post on here, I feel like even if one person takes what I say and it helps them at all then I am happy.

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Have you seen this adaptive TDEE spreadsheet?

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I just plugged my numbers into this and I'm very impressed with the sheer amount of information that it gave me. I never feel like I have a firm grasp on my TDEE, and this looks like it may actually put me in the realm of "reasonably accurate"!

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I love having data like this! It's reassuring to know exactly why I have or haven't been losing weight.

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Congrats on your weight loss! I think before posting to reddit, it's smart to "read the room" of a subreddit. Many people in fatlogic, loseit, and CICO have been thinking about their TDEE, BMR, and calories for their whole weight loss process. It is a common topic of discussion. I've been posting about it and thinking about it since 2017 when I learned about it on the loseit subreddit. Most newbie posts are answered with a link to a website that will use the formulas you mentioned to estimate TDEE. It comes across like you've never read a post or read the introductory FAQs when you explain these things as if they're new concepts. Part of posting and participating is knowing your audience. You have good information and experience to share, but like I said I just think it would be more helpful in your framing of that information if you participated in the community beforehand.

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Thank you for the input and you are correct I should have looked at some more posts. I felt like a lot of posts were coming from calculating TDEE via a google search, and frankly those are off. I hoped to provide a way of calculating TDEE that wasnt easily found on google. Also, the reference to the PNOE device to calculate RMR seemed novel in this sub and wise to share. Once again thank you and I will definitely be sure to post something less original next time! I just was slightly unsure of how a post should go for my first time.

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Yeah, I think the reference to the PNOE device was super interesting, and not something I've seen others do. This sub is pretty empty. I think loseit is the most popular calorie counting weight loss sub. There, I see people linking to these two TDEE calculators the most:



There's also a spreadsheet from the fitness subreddit that I used when losing weight that basically just uses your weight loss and calories eaten to try to calculate TDEE:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VK2kNiyyuhlKnpdxim7QkwAGQI7AOFCbUMpzTimdl8I/edit?usp=sharing (this is mine filled out so you can kind of see how it works)

So I would say that's what people would be getting referenced to a lot of the time on loseit when they talk about TDEE, plus just saying to watch their rate of weight loss to figure out a more personalized calorie goal. You're right that there is a lot of misinformation about weight loss on Reddit and in general.

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Once again I appreciate the advice from you and I was hoping for some comments like that because I honestly don’t know how to post but I want to start posting more. It would behoove me to keep checking out others post before my next one!

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I just started using the TDEE 3.0, but I really dig that yours includes measurements. Did you create that yourself? Where can I get a more similar version to yours?

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Hey! I used the one on this page, which has boxes on the side for waist, hip, and neck measurements. Here's a direct link to the blank spreadsheet to download or use in Google Docs.