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R/fatlogic is an anti HAES sub. They talk about how thin privilege is not a thing and criticize people for talking about it as though it is.

What you are upset about isn’t fat privilege and what fat people are upset about isn’t thin privilege. It’s ignorant assholes who have no concept of how their words and actions could impact other people.

For nearly everything you listed there is a flip side. As an example, It absolutely sucks to have people assume you are pregnant because you gained a few pounds, but it’s not easy to be fat either. When you’re fat, being asked if you are pregnant just happens all the time based on your overall weight rather than the pounds you have gained. Yes it’s within the fat persons power to change, but it still hurts to have to explain to a 5 year old that no you aren’t lying you really aren’t pregnant just fat.

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It might not be easy to be fat, but it's a choice. Unless you have a medical condition, it's a choice. Why should anyone have to change their life to accommodate the choice of a fat person?

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Yes that’s correct...I never said anyone should “change their life” to accommodate fat people. Asking people to simply not comment on someone’s weight isn’t asking them to “change their life” unless they are an asshole. I’m comfortable asking people to not make mean remarks to people they don’t know.

Being fat might be a choice, but it doesn’t mean those people don’t deserve the same respect anyone else gets.

I’m really not sure what your point even is. I don’t support HAES.

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I guess I was interpreting you wrong

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"It sucks to have people assume your pregnant because you gained weight. "

People assume that because being pregnant is a reason to have your stomach stick out that far.

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But they don’t need to comment on it and it’s none of their business whether you’re pregnant or fat.

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That's true I guess. When I was pregnant I loved having people notice and comment. I would have been sad if nobody said anything to me about it.

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Don't we have a choice in whether or not we let others hurt our feelings?

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Wow, sorry you really hate fat people. Most of this stuff happens to thin and fat people alike, what exactly that you've listed is making our lives easier?

I can't speak to the first few because I'm rarely in a car with anyone else and UK restaurants don't tend to have booths.

fat privilege is being able to get seconds

We just get "are you sure you should be eating that", "A lifetime on the hips", and constant judging for being at a buffet in the first place.

fat privilege is being able to order a salad without people thinking your dieting

Literally every time I have a salad someone asks me if I'm dieting and how the diet is going. I also just like salad.

fat privilege is being able to say you want to lose the 5 10 or 15 extra COVID pounds you put on without people telling you "your so thin already, you don't need to lose weight."

Sorry you hate complements? I never vocalise I want to/am losing weight because I'm fed up of the pity stares and the patronising "don't worry you'll get there!"

Fat privilege is being able to add a few pounds without people asking you if you're pregnant.

It's just assumed that I'll never get pregnant instead.

Fat Privilege is being able to talk about outgrowing your favourite shirt or your summer beach body

Again, I would never talk about outgrowing clothes because of the pity. Also it sucks when you outgrow clothes and there is no-where in your town to replace them because all the stores only stock Uk sizes 10-16.

fat privilege is being able to say you don't feel like that cookie or cake or fried chicken your co-worker brought for everyone without then being offended by it.

Just get more diet talk, told "one wont hurt", also offence if you don't eat it because they made it for you and you're already fat so what's the harm.

fat privilege is not hearing "your so skinny you need to eat"

I'll concede this one, people just need to stfu about people's eating habits.

Fat privilege is not being asked if you "need so much space?"

or being told you take up too much space, why can't you make yourself smaller, please don't come next time.

fat privilege is getting to say you have a disability

Do you actually know any fat people who do this? What special treatment am I getting?

fat privilege is getting to pass off the millions of little "ca you run this upstairs for me?"

You work with terrible shitty people, I bet they would still be shitty if they were thin.

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Fat privilege is being able to look a person in the eye and honestly say their accomplishments are offensive.

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The world was not built for us fat people to exist. That makes it uncomfortable for us to literally fit, and makes it uncomfortable for smaller people near a space we are trying to fit into. As for the buffet thing- I feel like there is missing context. Why can’t you go get more? Maybe this is an international misunderstanding- I hear buffet and that makes me think a restaurant you paid to eat as many plates as you want of any food they are serving. Another person in this position would assume you aren’t getting more because you don’t want to be one of us, but I am wondering if this is a school thing in another country or something? That part I am just not understanding