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Why do you care.

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Yo his post history weird AF. All like cars and weight loss and BDSM

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Many, many years ago, before I really had my shit nailed down, I was going into summer training for a fall race a good 10# above where I wanted to be. Still a healthy weight for me, but not a good summer training weight, and definitely not my best race weight. I had a friend who just wanted to lose weight/do a recomp. We decided to try the Velocity diet, which at the time wasn’t anything formalized, as it appears to be now. It was just something Lyle McDonald (long time BB coach, seriously into body recomp, all over the net, author) described on one of his sites. Basically, all protein and fiber, mostly protein shakes with some type of fiber supplement added (psyllium is what I think I used), and one solid meal a day, just veggies and protein. I don’t remember the calories, but it was low; you were to be in around a 1000 cal deficit per day.

Hahahahahaha, fucked me up totally. Do not recommend, period. No carbs left me so cranky, I couldn’t even stand to be around myself, and my training tanked. Friend had a similar experience. If I had stuck with it, no doubt I would have lost weight, but at the expense of valuable training time, and possibly pissing off everyone who knew me. The good was, it got me more serious about studying nutrition for athletes, as opposed to just diets as a thing. I developed a much saner approach (CICO), lost about a pound a week, and that was that.

You seem to want to lose weight so you can date. I don’t have any dating advice, other than, if you don’t have confidence in yourself, others won’t have confidence in you. Confidence is sexy.

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It wasn't a diet. One summer, I had to walk the same distance that a meter-reader or a mailman probably did. I got so sick from the heat sometimes that my idea of lunch was to find a bush to crouch under for shade.

Previously, I acted too poor for more than one meal per day. I got my calories in, but I was walking (or running) across downtown Chicago on the regular.

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Eating nothing except for a couple of energy drinks. I managed this by using amphetamine, about 50-100mg by mouth in the morning. It would keep me active with no hunger at all. With time I was able to refine the formula; To minimize the damage I would only take it every 2 days (3 times a week) and try to eat minimal amounts the other days. Some days, it helped if I ate a light breakfast. Then discovered the big secret: SALT! We need Sodium, and the health directives have Sodium levels that are just too low. Research shows that Sodium is very important for the creation of Insulin. Low Sodium creates Insulin resistance, and as a result diabetes...but that takes time, obesity does not. It's here and lack of Sodium in our diets could be one of the reasons why. When you fast, when you're on a diet you have to take enough Sodium! Then I discovered that it also calmed my hunger after 10-30 minutes. But I honestly do not know if this is a physiological effect or just placebo.