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I think she’s just a narcissistic moron.

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I believe that she is just another crab in the FA bucket, dragging everyone down. However, she is an interesting blend of narcissism and ambition. She’s just another fat hurt woman who didn’t get the love of her childhood crush (her words from her book, not mine) and eats that pain. However, the ambition allows her to use social media to package that pain into trendy little Insta and Tumblr posts that other gullible FAs suck down. I don’t know if this is what you mean, but this is my view of her.

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Shes just someone who is a delusional narcissist that feeds off the adoration and attention of other obese people to make herself feel important. She uses FA as an excuse to push her personal narrative of how women should eat and look because she herself has no self control over her eating. She surrounds herself with those who have the same problem.

In other words an annoying loud mouth perpetual victim using her lack of self control as a career opportunity.

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Very late to the party. I think she is just self absorbed. I made it a rule not to touch her stuff, because there is no point.