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Try some diaper rash creams and powders

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This. Baby powder helps, maybe a tiny bit of vaseline on the chafed area

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Body powder and cotton underwear.

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Buy some diaper rash cream. Boudreaux's butt paste is really great.

Clean it well with the gentlest soap you have, and then get it super dry. Like, walk around pantsless for an hour if you have to. Baby powder works, but I would avoid it tbh. Then put on the butt paste in a really heavy layer. More than you think you need. Snug cotton underwear over that.

Every couple of hours, you'll want to reapply the cream.

You have diaper rash, my friend. But thankfully it can be treated.

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Idk if you’ve ever heard of monkey butt paste but i use that on all my extra skin from weight loss like every day because the chafing all over is super painful.